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Expelled is a different movie I have watched quite recently. First I thought that this movie will mislead the mischievous teenagers of this century. They are already sharp witted and daring enough that they don’t need any more brilliant ideas about getting expelled. Indeed the Protagonist is an intelligent prankster who manage to get him suspended and expelled without even letting his parents know about it. So there I was sitting, wondering what good will come out of a movie that shows these types of behaviors. Then I realized that this is a remarkable film for the parents and teachers. Most of the parents are naïve. They think their children are too innocent to break the rules. Maybe because of this film their minds will broaden and make them think about their children more seriously. And for all the students who think that school is not cool and studying is a waste of time, Felix has something to tell you. “I don’t want to spend my whole life behind a desk, nor do I want to spend it in jail”


The Right Kind Of Wrong

This movie is mainly based on the wife who writes a blog about the annoying habits of her husband. She named it “Why You Suck”. It was quite interesting. I was like, wow, how is this going to turn out. Well the very first interesting thing that gripped my attention was the way the names of the cast were shown. It was very unique compared to other movies I have seen.

About the movie, well, the film starts with a divorce and the wife continues to pursue her writing career by writing a book about the reasons why her husband suck. It was quite a challenge for this husband to go out in public surrounded by hushed tones and judgmental looks. Imagine how you would feel if someone broadcasted all your negative traits in the very negative way. Unlike us, he was courageous to go out there. So this film depicts the path taken by the dishwasher after he falls in love with a bride at a wedding. According to him his marriage didn’t work because the wrong between them wasn’t the right kind of wrong.


Safe Haven

Unlike the other two movies, I didn’t watch this one out of boredom. Ever since I saw the ending of this movie (the part where she reads the letter) I have searched for it. It was really beautiful. It was the type of movie that is peaceful and romantic and a bit mysterious. This movie reminded me of “The Lucky One”. This is about a women who finds a safe haven after she runs away from a “nightmare”. There, she falls in love with this man who fathers two children. But will she be able to hide her deep dark secret? The fact that his wife fought cancer adds the emotion to this movie. I have to admit it’s a bit frustrating when cancer is always involved in most love stories. Later I found out that Nicholas Sparks wrote it. Oh of course, I should have known, no surprise there! By the way, in case you are interested, Robin from “How I Met Your Mother” starred in this movie!

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