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Tea Ceremony


I think it was tDSC07477he 5th day on which we visited Sankein Garden. I remember the tour guide saying that there are two parts in the garden: the outer garden and inner garden. It was such a huge place with beautiful trees. I don’t remember seeing so much green in one place before. We followed the tour guide taking pictures along the way. Let me cut to the chase. The tea ceremony. (Which is in the inner garden I think)

I have heard about it before and I was excited to experience it. Take a sneak peek at my Japan Journal.






The way in which she prepared the tea was so methodical. It made me respect Japan’s culture even more.

Along with the tea, they served us 2 square shaped sweets. It was a good combination with the bitter tea. One thing you should remember.

  • Make a slurping sound when you are drinking the tea. They find it as a good manner. I’m not kidding.










Here are some other useful tips (from the handbook) to keep in mind if you are taking part in the ceremony.

  1. Sweets are eaten before drinking tea
  2. Bow when you receive the cup of tea, which is called a chawan.
  3. Take the chawan with your right hand and place it in your left palm.
  4. Turn the chawan clockwise a few times to turn the front side of the chawan aside, and take a drink.
  5. Wipe the part of the chawan your lips touched with your right fingers.
  6. Turn the chawan counter clockwise and return to the host.




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