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Malayventure: Day 1

12022998_892940807461009_1868496660_nDay 1

So we arrived at the airport at around 8. As we were making our way through the airport, the first thing that came to my mind was  “multi culture”. Because I saw so many different types of people just like according to the articles I had read about. So after all the immigration stuff and baggage claim, we went to the parking lot. It was almost an hour long drive from airport to home. I remember seeing lots of magenta coloured flowers on the middle of the road. Just like japan, the traffic wasn’t that heavy at first. I saw a few motorcyclists, all wearing helmets. I have always thought that wearing helmet is not so dumb, but Maldives people is far from realizing that.

I saw greenish places that made me want to take a stroll right then. The drive and the scenery reminded me of Need For Speed a bit.



After taking a nap in the afternoon we got ready to go for a road trip! Well , mainly just shopping. I’m glad I’m not one of those people who get car sick. I really enjoy long drives. What is there to be bored about when your mind is too busy exploring the world.

The Mall

Gosh! It was fantastic. All the cloths looked so beautiful that I wanted to buy the whole shop! I tried a few but didn’t buy any from there cause I couldn’t simply choose! I saw a gorgeous pair of shoes and nearly bought it, but it was too expensive. It would be so fun to go shopping with MOSAC one day! #goals Cause then that would be level 1 excitement. (you know what level 1 is from the last post).

Then I saw the bookshop! Oh my god! It was an all you can eat buffet! My mouth watered as I saw the juicy covers. After roaming around a bit I bought two books that really captured my interest. “The Alchemist” and  “Book Of Tomorrow”. Cant wait to write a review about it! But first I have to finish the “love story” I am currently reading.

12016540_892940787461011_989376432_nNandos break

The little gang is crazy about this place because of the 24 hour marinated chicken that happens to be extremely delicious. It really was. But honestly, my mom’s homemade chicken curry is way better. Oh and I ate the real garlic bread which was tastier than the packaged ones.

So here I am at midnight, with my sister’s laptop because of the irresistible urge to write about the whole day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned!12021784_892940784127678_646501066_n