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MalayVentures: Day 6

20150923_224029Highlight: Bowling

In the morning as usual we head out and went to places.

There was a mouth-watering bookshop full of delicious books. I gawked around drooling wondering what I should buy. In the end I took J.K Rowling’s “Beedle and the Bard” and two other books.

So it was malls, malls malls until sunset.

After breaking the fast at home, it was time to get ready to do some major strikes at the bowling alley…or some gutter balls if you are lucky.

20150923_210656We wore sneakers and divided into two teams. Let’s call it beginners luck as I knocked out a lot of pins at the first try. It was really fun and frustrating too at the same time. Because you may aim well and the ball may go straight towards the pins but at the last moment it just takes a stupid turn and roll down the gutter. But it was awesome. So let’s cross it off from the bucket list shall we?

The bowling alley
at the bookshop

So after popcorn and playing billiard for a while it was time to head home. Damn, how I miss the car rides though.20150923_172059

A freaking cool ceiling
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MalayVentures Day 5

20150922_152151Highlight: KL tower

We went to the KL tower. Wasn’t at the very best state so couldn’t enjoy as much as I wanted. The tower was so tall! In the elevator as we went up, it didn’t seem as if we were going so high up.

At first they took our picture which we got later in a very pretty glass cover. Bought some postcards which were just 1MR. We looked through some cool binocular thingy which allows you to see the view outside.


After the tower we went to Subway to eat an awesome sandwich. Unfortunately I didn’t have an appetite, thanks to that stupid dizzy Izzy, so I took one home for later that night.

The road trip ended with queasiness and I rested. The midnight however was blissful. I was feeling way better. It was so peaceful and quite and it felt like you got the whole world to yourself. The view outside the semi-lit city was just incredible. It was a perfect time to write something…and I did.

20150922_160353 20150922_160246 20150922_153420


If I recall correctly, the following day was Hajj day and decided to go for the first ”international fast”.









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MalayVentures: Day 4


Here’s the thing. I accidentally deleted my short adventurous notes from my phone so now I’m just recalling the feelings.

So as usual we headed out to the Mall. We checked out some stuffs and bought some cool stuff. Saw a glamorous shoe shop and there were the “shoe models“ trying on different heels. It was so fun to shoe shop. Now I feel really bad for making fun of Jessica Wakefield for being so obsessed with clothes, shoes and shopping.

After a shopping spree we grabbed a bite at KFC. The burger was delicious. So was the compliment meal.

Times Square!

The roller coaster experience was one of the incredible things ever from the whole trip. It was like an opportunity to scream at the top of your lungs and not get arrested for it. Oh and how I missed my physics teacher and the physics gang as Centripetal force started messing around.  It was so stupendous that we went on it twice! And we got our stupid silly expressions captured by the sudden click of the camera as we were hurling down the track.


I was ready to go for 100 rounds on it but then we decided to check out the bumper cars. It was hilarious for the little gang but I couldn’t have much fun as I didn’t know how to drive like a pro 😛 Haha. I kept hitting on the walls and getting stuck while everyone else bumped into each other. But the next round was way better as I chased down kid who was yelling hysterically.

Then we went to Dizzy Izzy. The trouble has begun! The name itself suggest what would happen. So let me make a long story short. Nauseous volcano erupted and ruined the rest of the day. And the car ride made it even worse. Couldn’t even enjoy the Kenny Rogers dinner. Poor me. But that was so worth it haha.

20150921_181046That night I couldn’t sleep after dozing off in the nauseous evening. I remember writing something on blog that midnight. Was that “life is all about being thankful for”. Do you remember?

Oooh gotta stop now as the sun is about to rise on the next day.


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Malayventures: Day 3


A word of advice: Do not space out while you are in an escalator. I mean don’t get too absorbed in taking a picture or something while you are going up on that thing!! Or else….should I elaborate? Or do you want to find out yourself? Haha! Don’t, cause you will end up humiliating yourself like me.

few seconds before the disaster

So day 3 started with the escalator fiasco, as well as…..wait for it…. Shawl Premire! Gawd I love it so much now. It’s so pretty and way better than the squares. What was I thinking all these days? I guess you never know how awesome something is unless you try it. (My friends know what I’m rambling about) There was shoe hunting as well. I bought 3 pairs of shoes that day! Enough to last for….until it breaks :3 I was so sick of my old pair that I wore the new one once I bought it. True story bro!


20150920_172436 20150921_124842






I searched for a pretty bag too, but couldn’t find one that matched my criteria. But I did find some “cool stuff” that day. Shopping is so much fun. But you know what’s even more exciting? Sorting out through the bags of shopped items and trying them out at the end of the day.

parking lot

We had lunch at some place in the mall. I remember the chicken being very delicious.

That day we came home early and went down to the pool. Not everyone, just me and the gang of three.  The water was too cold but it was so jolly. It was my second time in a swimming pool and I had a blast. There is this game we play every time we go to sea /pool. Each of us make Jutsu, you know like, in Naruto. For example, water style-water slice jutsu! And then we send out the attack to the opponent. It was a silly game but we enjoy it a lot. We also went to the baby pool to splash around a bit.

It started to get cold so we decided to go back up. There was the heated discussion about who’s getting the toilet first. So in order to maintain peace I decided to wait until they are done.

Well, that was pretty much that day. At last, we freshened up and ate home-made fried rice that night.


20150922_104015 IMG_20150921_000124

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Malayventures: Day 2

mallIt was pretty much the same thing as day 1. Malls, shopping, window shopping and drooling over expensive yet adorable outfits, cute shoes, glamorous accessories, beautiful bags and much more. There was this make-up shops where they put make up on you and take a picture for free. I almost agreed to do that, ‘cause it sounded fun and cool.  And gawd! Let me tell you, their marketing skills are excellent. They are so convincing and if you are not careful you will end up emptying your wallet. So be careful ;). They are very friendly and fun to talk to as well.

Then we went to the burugaa market, where colorful shawls were available at such an affordable price. I deeply regret not taking a handful. Or perhaps, the cart was full but the heart wasn’t . Ha-ha! I ain’t kidding. There were pretty good shawls almost all below 10 MR. And that is as cheap anything can ever get.   12055243_897231740365249_1098593600_o

$1=  4 Riggits =15 MRF (approx)
They charge you 20 to 30 cents if you want to use some toilets in the malls. Well, at least, your poop is worth a few cents.

I couldn’t take so many pictures that day because my phone was taken to a little surgery that day in IT land. So these were taken from someone else’s.

Ooh ooh and there was this cool staircase that acted like a piano. As you walk on the stairs it makes the sound of the piano. It makes you want to run up and down the stairs like an idiot. But this wasn’t the mall we went on the second day.

12033763_897231803698576_663615097_n mLL2