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MalayVentures: Day 6

20150923_224029Highlight: Bowling

In the morning as usual we head out and went to places.

There was a mouth-watering bookshop full of delicious books. I gawked around drooling wondering what I should buy. In the end I took J.K Rowling’s “Beedle and the Bard” and two other books.

So it was malls, malls malls until sunset.

After breaking the fast at home, it was time to get ready to do some major strikes at the bowling alley…or some gutter balls if you are lucky.

20150923_210656We wore sneakers and divided into two teams. Let’s call it beginners luck as I knocked out a lot of pins at the first try. It was really fun and frustrating too at the same time. Because you may aim well and the ball may go straight towards the pins but at the last moment it just takes a stupid turn and roll down the gutter. But it was awesome. So let’s cross it off from the bucket list shall we?

The bowling alley
at the bookshop

So after popcorn and playing billiard for a while it was time to head home. Damn, how I miss the car rides though.20150923_172059

A freaking cool ceiling