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Korean Times

imagesI still remember someone saying Korean dramas are awesome and now I have to agree with that. I once watched Blazing teens from POGO. It was about Yoyo competition. And I think it was Korean. Other than that, the first Korean series I watched is Heirs. I will try to be discrete as possible, so I could not to spoil it for anyone who is planning to watch it


PinocchioIt’s about extremely wealthy families and how people are discriminating against each other. Eun Sang and Kim Tan’s love story unfolds as the series move along. It was not long before Young Do enters into that love triangle. Rachel continues her grudge against Eun Sang for she was the reason her engagement broke.

So in summary let’s say:

  •     Kim Tan and Eun Sang forever love,
  •     Young Do got mommy issues,
  •     Rachel’s grudge against the lower class Eun Sang,
  •     a mime of a mother and
  •     a “mother in house arrest”.


So then there is Pinocchio, the next Korean series I watched. I recently watched the 10th episode and I have to admit it was better than Heirs. The first episode was enough to make you fall in love with that. The storyline is completely marvelous! With the addition of humor, and sprinkle of romance here and there made it absolutely perfect!

I really like how they invented this Pinocchio Syndrome. It’s really fascinating. Without this syndrome the series would have worked but it would be have been raw and bland. This series got all the ingredients in the correct proportions. Curious? Why don’t you see for yourself?

However, I just don’t get why Choi Dalpo ( oh my god he’s so cute) wasn’t curious to solve the Mystery of his brother right at the instant they meet. The fact that he let the mystery hung in midair seems just…..well I didn’t expect that. I think. :3dfg