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Types Of Invigillators

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Alright, so you are all set to go for an exam huh? Revised thoroughly, got ready on time, got all the materials needed and there you go! All prepped and ready to kick that bundle of stapled sheets. But as you start your exam, you are faced with a much bigger challenge. I’m sure we all went through the “torture” of the Exam Police.

Please note that this post is not meant to hurt anyone. But hey, it could help improve your invigilating skills.

The “silent” whisperers

You really think we can’t hear you guys, don’t ya?

Okay, so you are whispering to your fellow colleague right in front of the students. It bothers us alright? Some invigilators talk non stop, all throughout the exam. The poor victims are normally at the very front or at the very back.

Jingle Bells

The bracelets with bells or the shoes with tip-tap sound is also such a pain. They walk and walk and soon that rythym will be fixed in your brain. The numbers will start to read off like a beat. Please don’t do that. Wear some silent shoes or don’t walk unnecessarily too much.

300 dpi John Alvin color illustration of parent hovering like a helicopter over child at school desk. Ran with story about parents who are overly involved in their children's education may actually be setting them up for failure in college. The Fresno Bee 2007 KEYWORDS: hovering parent illustration overbearing overinvolved hyperparenting school child children homework helicopter parenting, 05008000, 05010001, krtteacher teacher, learning, pupil, student, teaching, upbringing, 05000000, EDU, krteducation education, 2007, krt2007, krtnational national, krt, mctillustration, fr contributed alvin fr contributor coddington mct mct2007 2007

The hover-ers

Don’t you just hate it when they come and stare at your exam paper while you try very hard to crack a tough equation? Or when you are writing an essay don’t you feel embarrassed to write what you are going to write about. So please, dear invigilators, don’t hover over the students. Just keep your distance and observe us from afar okay?  If you sense something suspicious you can fly over there.


The type who cannot stop walking! I mean from beginning to end, especially when you are doing your exam in a small classroom, just imagine how difficult it would be when he paces up and down the aisle non-stop. It’s as if he’s in a world of his own and is completely oblivion to his surroundings. Exercise is important, we get it. But get a gym will ya?

The Ghosts

When you really are in need of them, they are nowhere to be seen sometimes. And you just sit there craning your neck to see if he is there or not. Or even when he is there right outside the classroom we don’t have the nerve to call out to him. Instead you just stay with one arm raised, hoping that he will look up and notice you. And pray to god that he will see you before the time is up.

Absent Minded

So you are there standing in front of the students doing god knows what.


The Crunchers

Enjoying your little snacks over there, aren’t you? Its ok, but please don’t make loud crunching noise when you eat your “Bubbly” or “fehi mugu”.  We won’t mind if you share some though.


Why am I complaining? So peaceful without them walking and talking and jingling right? Yeah, but hello! You are here to make sure no one cheats. So eyes on the hall people!


My hero

When our papers fly away and the pencils start rolling down the desk, we really appreciate you coming to get it.


Anything else you want to add to the list? What type irritates you the most?