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reclaimThe name didn’t scream much detail. Reclaiming what? A house? Money? It was just a word. I didn’t think about it. The movie started when the couple drove up to this city where they were meeting the foster kid. After paying what seemed like to be a fortune, they got the kid. I was wondering, what could possibly happen in this movie. They got a kid and now they are a happy little family. I looked at the cursor which has moved an inch from the screen and thought woah, something awesome will surely happen. So they were almost set to go to start a new beginning at their country. But, since they had to wait for the kid’s passport, they couldn’t just go.

The movie started taking shape when the kid disappeared from their apartment. Apparently she was reclaimed. That’s what the police told them.

See it was this “game” where fake group of people claiming to be important people make a fake, real looking website and gets money when the kids are “adopted”. The poor innocent kids are kidnapped and brainwashed to play the “game”. The movie portrays the couples’s struggles in getting back the child. Why don’t you watch it to get a better explanation. The ending is really cool. When you think all the chaos is over, it starts all over again and the bad guy keeps on coming, chasing after you. Seriously, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overall it’s a good watch. It opens your eyes to this horrible world even more and keep you pondering about the poor little kids that are kidnapped all over the world for all kinds of purposes. Just think about it. If its shown in movies, how awful would it be in real life.reclaim_deponline_6

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dltgbigt0oyayt3nywbbI have recently started watching a new series. “izombies”. If you haven’t watched it, I’m afraid there’s going to be some gruesome spoilers in this. Yeah gruesome, ‘cause they eat brains. Why do zombies always love the brain? Zombies in walking dead also ate brains right. I don’t know, never watched it. It didn’t really appeal to me. But now I’m thinking of watching it this holiday.

So this izombie is mainly about this girl Liv, who was a resident at the hospital who happened to go to a boat party that went Kaboom. That was where she was scratched and turned into a zombie. Since then her life capsized completely. She broke off her engagement, went all pale and withdrew herself from people and transferred to a morgue. Yeah a morgue! Free brain buffet pretty much all the time. She worked as a forensic analyst and helped her cop boss solve crimes. Here’s the interesting part. When she eat the brains, she gets their character and see memories of them. Pretty cool power for a zombie huh. I have a feeling everyone’s going to know about her little secret pretty soon.

So about the bad guys. The big bad one is scratching everyone and turning them into zombies. So that he could get big bucks buy selling brain food to them. His main food supply is kids from a foster home who he’s kidnaping. The biggest shock was when I found out that the Head of Police is Team Zee too. Haha, you should totally watch this. It’s so zombifying! ( that’s not a real word)

I really want to see a real morgue now.

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Triple Reviews


Expelled is a different movie I have watched quite recently. First I thought that this movie will mislead the mischievous teenagers of this century. They are already sharp witted and daring enough that they don’t need any more brilliant ideas about getting expelled. Indeed the Protagonist is an intelligent prankster who manage to get him suspended and expelled without even letting his parents know about it. So there I was sitting, wondering what good will come out of a movie that shows these types of behaviors. Then I realized that this is a remarkable film for the parents and teachers. Most of the parents are naïve. They think their children are too innocent to break the rules. Maybe because of this film their minds will broaden and make them think about their children more seriously. And for all the students who think that school is not cool and studying is a waste of time, Felix has something to tell you. “I don’t want to spend my whole life behind a desk, nor do I want to spend it in jail”


The Right Kind Of Wrong

This movie is mainly based on the wife who writes a blog about the annoying habits of her husband. She named it “Why You Suck”. It was quite interesting. I was like, wow, how is this going to turn out. Well the very first interesting thing that gripped my attention was the way the names of the cast were shown. It was very unique compared to other movies I have seen.

About the movie, well, the film starts with a divorce and the wife continues to pursue her writing career by writing a book about the reasons why her husband suck. It was quite a challenge for this husband to go out in public surrounded by hushed tones and judgmental looks. Imagine how you would feel if someone broadcasted all your negative traits in the very negative way. Unlike us, he was courageous to go out there. So this film depicts the path taken by the dishwasher after he falls in love with a bride at a wedding. According to him his marriage didn’t work because the wrong between them wasn’t the right kind of wrong.


Safe Haven

Unlike the other two movies, I didn’t watch this one out of boredom. Ever since I saw the ending of this movie (the part where she reads the letter) I have searched for it. It was really beautiful. It was the type of movie that is peaceful and romantic and a bit mysterious. This movie reminded me of “The Lucky One”. This is about a women who finds a safe haven after she runs away from a “nightmare”. There, she falls in love with this man who fathers two children. But will she be able to hide her deep dark secret? The fact that his wife fought cancer adds the emotion to this movie. I have to admit it’s a bit frustrating when cancer is always involved in most love stories. Later I found out that Nicholas Sparks wrote it. Oh of course, I should have known, no surprise there! By the way, in case you are interested, Robin from “How I Met Your Mother” starred in this movie!

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Korean Times

imagesI still remember someone saying Korean dramas are awesome and now I have to agree with that. I once watched Blazing teens from POGO. It was about Yoyo competition. And I think it was Korean. Other than that, the first Korean series I watched is Heirs. I will try to be discrete as possible, so I could not to spoil it for anyone who is planning to watch it


PinocchioIt’s about extremely wealthy families and how people are discriminating against each other. Eun Sang and Kim Tan’s love story unfolds as the series move along. It was not long before Young Do enters into that love triangle. Rachel continues her grudge against Eun Sang for she was the reason her engagement broke.

So in summary let’s say:

  •     Kim Tan and Eun Sang forever love,
  •     Young Do got mommy issues,
  •     Rachel’s grudge against the lower class Eun Sang,
  •     a mime of a mother and
  •     a “mother in house arrest”.


So then there is Pinocchio, the next Korean series I watched. I recently watched the 10th episode and I have to admit it was better than Heirs. The first episode was enough to make you fall in love with that. The storyline is completely marvelous! With the addition of humor, and sprinkle of romance here and there made it absolutely perfect!

I really like how they invented this Pinocchio Syndrome. It’s really fascinating. Without this syndrome the series would have worked but it would be have been raw and bland. This series got all the ingredients in the correct proportions. Curious? Why don’t you see for yourself?

However, I just don’t get why Choi Dalpo ( oh my god he’s so cute) wasn’t curious to solve the Mystery of his brother right at the instant they meet. The fact that he let the mystery hung in midair seems just…..well I didn’t expect that. I think. :3dfg