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A Flash Back

I am bored and I really want to write about something. So here are some stories that I once read.

fearstreeFear Street

When I was in primary school I always see my brothers reading this book which they got from the Library. So when I was in grade 8 I started to read this series which was written by R.L. Stine. It was pretty exciting at first but later, after one year or so, it became a little bit childish for me. Because it was the same thing over and over again. In every part, there would be the bad guy who will appear in the first few pages of the book. He will be the last person you would expect. But it will be kinda predictable. There would be some “psyco killing spree”. Like I said, it was exciting at first and I really enjoyed it but it got outdated for me.

Goosebumps was also written by that author but I didn’t find that book that much interesting as it was written for much younger kids. However I do remember reading a book from that series. It was fun, since there were clues written at the bottom of the page and you have to choose the next page according to the instructions given.

3 investigatorsThree Investigators

This was a brilliant series. Maybe because the protagonist was intelligent as anyone can ever be. I had the first part of the series at home and my brother got me the other books from the Library. This series is about three friends who start an investigating club of some sort. It was really interesting as they each has a secret symbol to draw on walls when they go exploring different areas. Each of them draws a different coloured Question Mark as their symbol, indicating that they had been there. This was really helpful as one of them got lost and others were able to find him because of it. (forgive me for my memory is a bit fudged.)

Nancy Drew small version

*sigh* love the days I read this. I remember going through this series in the AEC library. It was on the first shelf, right next to the windows on the corridor side. Don’t know how the place is rearranged now. It was well,, how do I put it….hmm..a cute series. I still remember the author! Carolyn Keene. I read some elder version parts as well.


Then there are the Lizzie Mcguire and Michelle series too. Oh and lets not forget the glitter girls’ secret password “GG”. Haha miss you my glitter girl fan, S. Just love those stories as well. I love the reading time where we take the stories from the reading box and read for 10 minutes every day before the class starts.


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The Fault in ‘their’ Stars

perex_navineFinally, I read it and it was amazing. (10th October)

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I opened the package and there it was! The book I hear a lot about. I took it out and immediately sent a thank you to my sister E. I haven’t read a novel in a long time and with the familiar book-ish smell it felt so good to hold one in my hand. However I kept the book for a few days until I got a peaceful good day to read it.

Maybe I had my hopes up. At first, the book didn’t strike me as fabulous as I have thought it would. Or maybe it could be because of the school days. Anyway, I started to fall in love when they were about to leave Indianapolis. Amsterdam is magical indeed. I really love that trip. Even the flight part.

images (4)

I could picture Amsterdam so well. It felt as if I went back in time into this peaceful, beautiful, wonderful place. The elm trees, its seed falling through the air, the beautiful canals, and the view from the outdoor restaurant was so breathtaking. ( yeah i saw :P) I just loved those scenes. Their silly yet so meaningful conversations included.

Can u relate? I just love this!!

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

When Peter Van Houten said this, I didn’t get it. Even after I thought about it later, still couldn’t get it. It was when Hazel read her eulogy I understood what it meant. And it was a beautiful quote indeed. Plus this is my favourite one as well.

Speaking of Van Houten, he was nothing like I expected either. I imagined a very decent man in a suit who would be really glad to meet them. I don’t think anyone would have imagined him as a drunk. Hats off to John Green!

So many things crossed my mind as I was reading it. I wondered how my life would be if I were blind. Poor Isaac. It must be so hard for him even with user-friendly computer systems.

“When the scientists of the future show up at my house with robot eyes and they tell me to try them on , I will tell the scientists to screw off, because I do not want to see a world without him (Augustus)” That was my favourite and most touching line from him.

This is interesting, don't you agree?
This is interesting, don’t you agree?

As Augustus was getting sicker and sicker, I was unable put the book down. I was bracing myself for a massive tragedy with each turning page. When he was at the gas station, losing consciousness, I thought that was it. I thought he was going to be admitted in hospital and die right away. What a relief it was when he didn’t die! However it came as a sudden shock in Chapter 21 when I read the first sentence. I re-read it unable to believe that he actually died.

The world’s not a wish granting factory indeed.

I am going to watch the movie soon. And the best part about watching the movie after reading the story is, finding out if the characters you had dressed in mind appear the same or different.

download (1)

PS: Cool bookmarks. Okay? At first I couldn’t figure out what this was about. I thought the bookmark was saying “Ok, you wanna stop reading for now and place it here? Okay… “Even after Gus says, “Maybe Okay will be our ‘Always’”, I still couldn’t figure it out. It was actually much later. Actually when an FB friend upload her PP with this “Okay, Okay?” it finally HIT me. I was like, “wow, how could I have been so stupid. It was right there the whole time!”

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Hollow Tree


“Young Adventures- Hollow Tree” by Enid Blyton. This is a story my sister, A, gave me when I was a kid. Those are the times I was so addicted to reading stories. I am really sad I don’t get time to read a good book now.

This book is about three children; a brother and a sister and their friend Laura who find a Hollow tree in the woods. The two siblings have an aunt who is very mean. She got really mad when they went to the school trip without her knowledge. Who could blame them? They are kids, of course they would want to go on a trip just like their classmates. They had to go in secret because their cruel aunt refused to pay for the trip. I love the part where they earned the money. They weaved baskets and filled them with raspberries and their friend helped them to sell those in her mother’s yard sale. How sweet!

Main plot:  Their heartless aunt decides to give them away to foster care, so they run away from their home and take shelter in the tree house.

So about the hollow tree. The three kids go to the woods to play very often. And one day they see this huge oak tree in the middle of the woods. They bring candles along with some pictures of them and transform that tree into a lovely home to live in. Rugs and cushions were used to cover the floor of the tree and to make them feel at home. And what’s more? They take cookies and candies to eat, Stories to read while lying on the grass. They take a small kettle to boil water so that they could make hot chocolate! They have their evening tea up in a big branch. Just imagine! How wonderful would that be? The fresh breeze and the picturesque view. There’s a pond near the tree where they go to swimming once in a while. I love when they have picnics with the delicious short eats. Once they had sandwiches, cherry cakes, jam tarts, chocolates and lemonades. *sigh* such delicious words eh?

The whole description is so amazing. It made me want to live with them. Enid Blyton’s stories are fantastic when you are a kid. She makes you want to get inside the pages of the book!

So this wonderful book. It was so interesting that I finished it within days! I read it a couple of times back then, and I still have it. Should I give it to some other kid so that he/she could experience the joy I did?