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Once Upon A Time Part 2: Adventure With Lily

bikee10/11/11 6AM


Dear Diary,

Last few nights, Lily and we played Gandufilla at night. It was really fun. Lily couldn’t stop with her moisty meaty butt theory.

Actually we played Gandufilla after we came from watching The Dhamuhingun . Lilly was too scared come so I went with mom and Lily’s mom. We didn’t stay long because Lily wanted to play.

Ok now, let me tell you about the perfect yesterday evening! I and Lily went for a bicycle ride. We often go for rides near Shonda’s house, The House and Mandy’s house etc. She begs me to go to Veligandu but I’m a chicken because there are a lot of people. But yesterday I didn’t  know what came over me, I didn’t know what changed my mind. Maybe I felt guilty or maybe I wanted to digest all the sugars I ate from the cotton candy. (oh and this Eid I did eat a lot of popcorn too)

When we went to Veligandu, I was surprised to see only a few people. So I breathed in the warm evening air and I let the sun warm the left side of my face. I let my legs do some exercise while we sang along an edited version of Taylor’s “you belong with me”

“She wears Shorty

I wear T-shee,

She’s cheer capty

And I’m on the bleachy”

The veligandu was so big but since, it connected two ends of K.ffushi, the island seemed so small. After we rode along the long road, we turned back and rode a little way near the sea (not so near). Near enough, to see its inviting blue-green colour reflecting the blue sky and the sun.

Lily convinced me to wet our feet. So we went to the shore and waded a little. Then we sat down and just stared across the ocean. The feeling I got when I was riding the bicycle was pure happiness. Before that day, I did not ride bicycles for joyrides like that, especially at the beach. It reminded me of stories and movies. We were like close sisters and we already have secrets to share. It was so fun, I’m so glad she came this time.

I hope we get to go for a swim someday soon. A Hanimaadhoo trip is likely since Zozo and others will come in December. It will be fun.