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Sweetest Valley Ever

SVU coverI read the first book in Grade 6 and ever since then I loved this series. It was a story book that my sister, N, brought me from the school library. I think most of you had probably heard about it. It’s about two twin sisters who look identical on the outside but who has very different personalities.

Jessica Wakefield is all about partying, shopping and gossiping while Elizabeth indulges in reading good novels, and long conversations with her best friend Amy Sutton. She takes life seriously and doesn’t like wasting her time gossiping. She also writes for her school newspaper. She is indeed a likable person. It was as if she was my fictional best friend. On the other hand, Jessica is part of a social club in school called “The Unicorns”. All they do is gossip and throw expensive parties. Jessica enjoys Lila Fowler’s  (her bff) company only because she is super rich and she gets to meet other rich hot guys. Well at least that’s what her twin says.

So during middle school I read Sweet Valley ‘Twins and friends’ and when I went to Grade 8 I started reading Sweet Valley University. I skipped Sweet Valley High because suddenly SVH felt a bit childish somehow. When I was reading Sweet Valley University it felt like it was the best series I ever read. It was so realistic. I mean it’s not always about a happy ending. It consisted of romance, humor, academic stuff, and even deadly parts that brings chills. Really scary because William White who was Elizabeth’s boyfriend turned out to be a cold-blooded killer! And guess what? Jessica actually got married during freshmen year! Without telling her parents! Crazy girl huh? Moreover you learn a lot from their lives. The ups and down they face in campus and with their friends etc.

Well the first chapter describes their departure from their homes to the University. I could relate to the story so much because I also started a whole new chapter of my life, that is, secondary studies. So it was pretty awesome.

It was truly amazing to get lost in the world of Sweet Valley. Thank you Francine Pascal.

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