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Star World

gtdLet me say the two Eras you have to know if you are reading this: Song-Addiction-Era and StarWorld- Addiction-Era. I used to love American Idol during the Song-Addiction-Era. After that I wasn’t so enthusiastic about that show. But I have to admit some auditions were still fun to watch. Plus Ryan Seacrest is so hot, you never get bored by looking at him.

I don’t get a lot of time to watch TV nowadays because A level pretty much eat up most of my time. I used to watch Star World so much that the commercials got stuck to mind. I think it was my brother who (unintentionally) created this interest in me. Let’s say the Star World Addiction Era was when “Jane and design” was shown. Wow, was that 2 years ago? Time really flies. So, basically, my most favourite shows were/are Master Chef and Got to Dance UK.

I loved MasterChef Australia more than US, because it was more vibrant and people were so cheery, optimistic and they never cursed as far as I remember. I hated MC US because Gordon Ramsay yelled at the contestants and I felt like he lowered their self-esteem. But later I stated to like MC US because it started to get interesting. The way Ramsay trained the chefs like soldiers for an army was so entertaining. Moreover, the group challenges were awesome too. It was so full of drama and it has this thrilling effect and you just had to stay glued to your seat until the end. (the same thrill sensation comes during ‘Apartment Style edition too’ haha )I enjoyed the MC Australia kids season as well.

love this totally defines their voting personality :3
love this totally defines their voting personality :3

Speaking of food, do you like cupcakes? DC cupcakes? Because I enjoyed watching that show. I love how they start from scratch and complete a giant cupcake model. No matter how many times they screw up, they always get it right in the end.

Got to Dance UK is epic! I’m sure anyone who has seen it won’t agree to disagree with me on this. I just loved those dance moves, especially the talented kids somersaulting wildly. I love street dance, hip hop and sometimes tap dance and ballet as well. But pole dance? Pffff no thanks. I love the Judges too, they are so fun to watch.

Among the series, I loved Jane and Design, How I met your mother and friends. Before I started to watch the latter two from computer, I got to know them from TV. Switched at Birth was also first seen from TV. I thought I would like Cougar town because Monica from ‘friends’ starred from it, but I didn’t find it that entertaining. Back then I didn’t know what ‘Private Practice’ was all about and I thought it was a weird name to give to a series. It was only this year I found out that it’s a little bit related to Grey’s Anatomy.NICK ROUX, ERICA DASHER

Glee was a really popular show, but I didn’t find it that amusing. However, I did like Glee Auditions a bit. But that was also during the Era of Song-Addiction.

All in all, my favourite TV show genre is food and dance. That’s why I like ‘Street food’ from Natgio too. From the NG channels, I love Natgio People. It is….oh well it’s a whole new story..later ;)

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  1. I love Star World till Mishy born and bing! no time for tv and if there is tv would be used for baby tv =))

    I love Gordon. He is so entertained and talented. THere is a show of him visit my country for food discovery. I will find link and share it with you. He is something very “bang” to my face at first. I pictured a chef is someone look very artistic (professional chef, celebrity chef i mean not the …kadah chef =)) ) But yes, artistic, friendly and kind hear people (people who love food are kind!) But Gordon came and bang! there is a chef totally opposite. I love his passion while cooking. His training method is something to debate but I myself had been in restaurant kitchen it is tough. Maybe he just wants to give them idea how real world is =)) You should look for Hell Kitchen too. That is his own show and hell ya! he makes their life as hell in that =))

    Not so much for DC Cupcake as it came later while i was busy with mishy, remember. SEries: uhm not so much. Most of the time i watch series from other not star world becuz i can’t wait to watch 1 eps / week T_T

    About american idol..uhm it has been a gone case till now. You should try The Voice (in AXN though). Very nice and ADAM is much more hot than Ryan Secret =))

    God..while writing this i remember that it has been a quite I haven’t watch tv..

    1. I have seen a bit of Hell’s Kitchen and ya its way hell-ish than masterchef! Hmm,,,never seen The Voice, I should check it out sometimes. But i lost the love for songs now. I just listen to it once in a blue moon.

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