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Special Thanks To…..

10501762_377370309140256_6982108126047837867_nIf life is a movie, well, if my school life was a movie, then the main actors and actresses were my parents and teachers who appeared in almost every scene. But there are extras in every movie who appears in the background. Without them the movie wouldn’t be complete. Similarly, I had extras in my life who popped in several scenes and without them this movie wouldn’t have been such a blockbuster. So I took a moment or two to think about them and appreciate all their efforts in the past years ( especially A’ level ). I am thankful for all the teachers who taught me up to the 12th grade, however this post is dedicated to several extras who played a vital role in my movie.

  1. The Book Lenders

Thank you everyone who have lent me books and other materials. You are awesome. Thank you, especially, my two friends H and N for letting me borrow your Stafford and Shirly books. Not to mention, some of your past papers, notes, and test papers as well. It would have cost me a fortune to buy all that if you hadn’t given me. So thank you SO MUCH!


  1. The doubt clearers

You may have thought you were disturbing me with your text messages full of doubts. But NO! You were helping me to revise. My top three doubt clearers, A, M and A, you had helped me understand some topics more and help me identify parts that even I do not understand. NMR spectroscopy was tough at first but, because I tried to explain that question (in a very confusing manner) I managed to explore that topic. Thank you A.  ^_^.


  1. The food supplier

How can I ever thank you. I have probably eaten a lot of your money during those days, but it was worth it. If you hadn’t bought me those chocolate wafers, I would have drowned in that rough exam stress. So thank you! And I’m so sorry for being so cranky and mean those day. It wasn’t me, it was that devil who was brewing up stress inside of me. So forgive me mister!


  1. Professor Leenaz

Oh you math genius! If it hadn’t been for your extraordinary, intelligent brain, I wouldn’t have been able to get ready for C34. I’m sure the rest of the group study gang will feel the same as me about this. You inspired us so much. Thank you for helping me solve those monstrous questions countless times. I’m sure going to miss you. Please keep in touch!


  1. The human alarm clocks

Oh you life saviors! I would have probably overslept and wasted so much of my precious time if you hadn’t woken me up. You people are better than the alarm in my phone. Thank you so much. I owe you!


  1. The geniuses who cleared my doubts patiently

Especially you my friend N! I sent you so many doubts and you explained it to me and even called me to explain it even more! And thank you for all the useful links you had sent me. That was really helpful, especially the answers of those Dhivehi story’s questions.


Thank you precious people!! Thank you for making this movie a hit! And I’m sorry if any name has been slipped out from this list. Anyone who had supported, encouraged and helped me in any way, be it big or small, I will always be grateful for you.

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