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Something like… Deja Vu?

clock_25It’s amazing how you remember a word you have learnt so many years ago right? Confused? Well “enthusiastic” is a word I learnt in 2008 from a story series called “Sweet Valley”. Every time I hear that word I remember where I was sitting when I read that page of the book. Amazing how brain works right? I’m sure you also have words like that.

The other day, I took out “Sherlock Holmes” story book and opened it to the first part. Suddenly I remembered reading that very book in a Friday afternoon after lunch….while eating a chocolate…hmmm was that a ‘tango’?

Sometimes the fragrance of a perfume send you a million miles away too. There is a perfume which reminds me of the extra classes I attended in grade 7. It’s like the moment you smell it, you sink to that moment and you are overcome with mixed feelings.

Then there’s the time slipping moments where you think that specific thing already happened. That happens quite a lot….well not frequently. You know, when you are in class and suddenly you get that feeling that the teacher already taught the exact lesson some other time. But you are unsure whether it really happened or it’s just your imagination. And also, when you are walking on a new road you suddenly feel like you have been there. You are so sure you haven’t been on that road, yet you get that strong feeling that you have. Drives you crazy huh?

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