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She Sells Seashells Down The Seashore

*This is the story of that tongue-twister you hear a lot about 😉 *

shell girlKimiko lives in the East side of the beach in Chang-Ho, a small village in China. For the past fourteen years this orphan girl was raised by her caring mother. Although they were poor, they get along pretty well, by selling shells up and down the beach.

The area is a picturesque place, which consists of the rocky blue sea and white sands. Back of their cottage was covered in lush. The area wasn’t exactly cut out for swimming, so people only strolled down to take pictures and hanging around. But what Kimiko likes best is that, it wasn’t crowded, and it makes it more private for her.

There were no such things as TV, computer and stereo in her cottage. Instead, she finds it more relaxing to watch and hear the waves crashing on the rocks and the birds singing melodious songs. Also, she doesn’t feel disappointed by her life, by selling sea shells until one day……

As soon as the sun has shown its face over the horizon, Kimiko set down the beach towards the early swimmers who were not so far away. She skipped along; basket in one hand while the other straightened her wind swept black hair from her face.

It wasn’t even 7am yet, but still, people were bustling around, trying to get a good spot to spread their beach towels. Already, colourful umbrellas and volley nets were set up and Frisbees were zooming in the air. Several beach vendors, selling hot dogs and ice-creams were set up as well.

Kimiko walked up to Chinese couple sitting on a bench. She sold a few shells and earned a few Yuan. The day was going smoothly yet. Then, two English teenage boys came to see what she was selling. “Oh, I thought you are selling some goodies. Not pieces of rock!” One of them said rather impolitely. “I didn’t know they could earn a living by selling junk.” The other one also said scornfully.

They both thought she couldn’t understand what they were saying. Kimiko was so insulted and hurt by their rudeness that she ran all the way to her cottage. She thought about what they said and felt rather embarrassed. This type of incident never happened to her before.

She entered the kitchen where she found her mother preparing lunch. She couldn’t hold back the anger which was boiling up inside of her.

“How could you do this to me, mother!” She blurted out. “How could you give me such a stupid boring life? I don’t even have any friends. I would love to be a teacher but I am stuck here selling pieces of rock in a – she gestured around the room- in a pathetic little cottage with no electricity!”  Her mother stood there gaping at her, her eyes wide open. Because her daughter had never spoken like that before. Kimiko stormed out, tears in her eyes.

She sat down on a nearby rock to think. “I have got the most boring and stupid job in the whole world. Even dust man is better than this, I bet.” Kimiko started talking to herself. She looked down at the basket of shells and started throwing them one by one.

“How can I get another job? I’m not even an educated person. I won’t even be expected as a waitress.” By the time she took out the last shell, her hand brushed something else. It was hard and smooth. She looked at it and gasped. It was a beautiful pearl! She must have put it there unknowingly. “Wow, I’m such a lucky person” her anger had completely vanished.

“Yes, indeed you are very lucky, my dear.” Kimiko’s mother had come own to see her.

“I’m sorry mom, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” She apologized.

“It’s ok.” Her mother smiled. “You were upset, I know u didn’t mean any of it” She sat down beside her daughter. “How many girls out there will ever find a pearl like you did? See, our life is not bad as it looks. Something good will come out of everything.”

“Yeah, I have learned to appreciate what I have. Life is beautiful.”

“We could sell it and buy a better house, you know”

“Well, we could sell it and spend some for my education. But I love my life just the way it is. I don’t care what people say about what I do. Because I am content about what I have.  I want to live here and sell seashells.” Kimiko said happily

Moral: Appreciate what you have


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