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Party Or School

* Heads up! I wrote this in 2010. That’s when i was in grade 8, so it might be a little childish or english may not be THAT good *

studyEric is a very good disciplined boy. His parents and teachers are very fond of him. He obeys the school rules and gets good marks in every exam.

Unlike other boys, during interval time, before the next class starts, he usually sits in the class to read a book. Most of the students walk in the corridor or turns the class upside down.

Sam, one of his classmates, came and gave handed him an envelope. Eric opened it and took out a birthday invitation. Sam was the richest boy in his class and Eric heard he was going to celebrate his 15th birthday very brightly. Sam said,”don’t forget to come, I’m planning to show the new episode of ‘Venus Virus’ at my party.” He hi-fived Eric and joined his buddies.

Eric normally does not go out to parties very much. In fact he does not step out of his house much. But this time he decided to go since the exams will be starting next week. It would be nice to clear his head before the exams. Moreover, ‘Venus Virus’ was his favorite Series. Eric was eagerly counting the days until that Thursday. His Physics teacher, Mr. Apple announced that he was going to conduct an extra class that very Saturday.

Other students did not take much interest in the news. Eric heard them making jokes “As if we would go there”.  But Eric felt really disappointed. It wasn’t that he hasn’t studied or anything but he had never missed an extra class before. Also, he almost flunked from Physics last term. He regretfully decided to go for the extra class.

On his way out, he met Sam and said apologetically, “I can’t go to the party because of the class.”  Sam replied,” Oh come on, there’s no harm in missing one single class. You don’t know what you are missing, Rick.”

That Saturday evening, on his way to the school, he passed by his friends. They were dressed in very late fashion style clothes and were heading towards the “Party of the year”.  As he entered his class he tried not to think about the party.” Looks like you are the only one who decided to come.” Mr. Apple said after waiting five minutes for the students. “Don’t look so down Rick, they don’t know what they are missing.”

Eric decided not to look too upset.” I can always enjoy after the exams, can’t I?” he thought. Mr. Apple gave him some worksheets with past paper questions.

Three weeks later…………..Eric found himself in the middle of an applauding crowd. It was after the report giving ceremony. His classmates are congratulating him because he got the highest grade average in the entire grade. And what more, he was the only one who got an A report in Physics from his class.

Eric was glad he came to the extra class because the question paper consisted of similar questions as he did in the extra class. If he hadn’t come, he would have lost so many marks. After school that day, Sam came up to congratulate him. He handed Eric a package,” It’s the new episodes of ‘Venus Virus’. You deserve this.” Eric thanked him. He had the happiest school holidays ever.

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