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Once upon a time Part 1: Adventure with Zozo


So I dug this up from the archives, ’cause I need to harness BlogFuel.

29th November 2012

Almost 5:30 AM

Dear Diary,

I just came from Fajuru prayer with my mom. Today Zozo didn’t come ‘cause she wanted to sleep a little more. She went with me yesterday though.

Yesterday, after we came, we went to ride bicycle. I showed her THE LIGHTPOST. We also rode on the pavement which was pretty exciting.

After riding it for about 10 minutes, we went to eat something. Actually she just drank a Milo packet and listened to R.M talking to a friend. I made a hot Milo and ate an Oreo while watching Switched At Birth.

Today I felt like writing because there is privacy. As I came walking down the road just now, I thought to myself, “wow so peaceful”. I have missed so much all these years. I saw the childhood memories when I saw Little me, walking in front of me with Lavaisdhaath, Shahy and some other kids. I wish I could have kept going to mosque all these years.


Let me tell you an adventure I had with Zozo yesterday. We went to The House. There was a rope hanging from the ceiling. We made it like a swing by putting cardboards and sacks.

It was so fun swinging it and playing there. We took Zozo’s ipod so that I won’t get bored. I played games while she swung.

That house was taking shape. They even started putting tiles. The bathrooms were beautiful. I liked the tile pattern on the ground floor. Suddenly, I remembered about the camera on the ipod. So I started snapping shots of the tile designs to show it to others.

We went to the second floor and sat on the balcony and took photos of me and Zozo. There were no railings so we just sat down with our feet dangling down.

We took photos of ourselves while pretending to fall of from the balcony.

I had a blast. It was so much fun!


Gosh! Good days they were! I’m glad I wrote about it.

PS: I think, back then, the word “selfie” wasn’t so mainstream.

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