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Nihon Characteristics


Japanese people are really polite. They bow when they greet you and they smile when they talk to you. Even the shopkeepers respect you. Every time, someone purchases something, they bow and say thank-you cheerfully over and over again. But look at us, so thin-lipped and hardly looking up at the customers.


They are extremely hygienic people. You will never see rubbish on the street, no graffiti on the walls, and no unflushed toilets. I want to point out a memorable incident. One day, I and some friends went to get some ice cones in the market place. They told us to finish our ice-creams while standing/sitting near the ice-cream shop. Walking around while eating was prohibited. And I didn’t see anyone walking around with their cones. There was a trash can near the shop as well. How wonderful are they? They take cleanliness really seriously, don’t they? That is how it should be here as well. It’s indeed what Islaamdheen ask us to do.DSC06976


No robbers, no muggers! I saw expensive jewelries displayed on the street shops, the shopkeeper unattended! Will we dare to keep our phone on a restaurant table for one second? How trusting are they! Crime rates are pretty low there. Do we hear a Japanese bank getting robbed? Buildings getting torched or girls getting raped? That’s because crime rate have been decreasing year after year. Yep they should teach discipline to the youth of this country.



They strictly stop at red lights. I saw a man who was waiting for the lights to turn green. He was on the other side, while we were on the opposite. There were no vehicles in sight, yet he stood patiently! But we went on walking since the road was vacant. Suddenly a bus turned the corner which nearly hit us. It was so silent, so we didn’t even hear it approach (damn their super tech vehicles). It was of course our fault, because we should have obeyed the traffic rules. In Maldives however, its about speeding up, no color whatsoever.


If you look carefully enough, you would notice they walk pretty fast. Because they get to their destinations on time. You can count on them not to be late for any event! Our tour guides were really punctual as well. They will be waiting sharp at the promised hour, and will be really upset if we were late. So do you know the secret of their rapid development? Punctuality. DSC07347

2 thoughts on “Nihon Characteristics

  1. This is a very good post indeed
    You have captured most of the thing people talk about japanese and what important is it all has been observed by yourself not a research dho. Good job girl. And this is what I said you need to go out to see thing and discover it.
    I just laugh at the last part : Punctual! Haha imagine how a maldivian hangs out with japanese. War World 3 may occurs. No offense dho but Maldivian is not really good at this. I have heard “im coming” or “10 minutes” and seeing me waiting for hrS!!

    1. You also taught me a lot about Japanese culture before I went there. I remember you saying they were very punctual and they walk really fast. Also the fact that they were very polite and clean. And I’m glad I observed all these things! 😀

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