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milesssIt has been a year since I made this blog (31st July 2014). Honestly, I did not aim to post a certain number of posts but so far there are 56 posts and 5 pages. My favourite section is mostly Reviews; film and story reviews. I just love writing about a story I have read or a film I have watched. But not all of them, just the ones with enough juice in it.

“Memorable Events” are kind of similar as it is about a “Live” section of story of my life. You know what I mean? So I love writing those too.

As for stories, there are 7 so far. And I have a couple of unfinished stories that need some Blogarsm to wrap it all up.

So far, there are 4 poems. I love making poems. But the fuel for poem is really expensive so I’m not able to make much.

Making this blog has been one of the very best thing that ever happened in my life. It helped me become a better person and see life more positively.

But I have to say, I cannot keep blogging unless I get inspired and encouraged. So thank you all who have done both of these things for the past year. Thank you my family, my friends, teachers, readers and commenters. Especially Shaha who is one of the most optimistic, encouraging, and inspiring person I have met. Keep inspiring to make me move forward. Thank you MH sir for your support. And thank you Nicholas, (i just thought of a name for you :p) ’cause you read this a lot and almost make fun of it.  Thank you my bros who had helped me set this up. Thank you BluRay for your continues technical help.

My aim is to become a better person each passing day, hopefully, inspiring and encouraging others along the way. And I do dream of doing something significant in this world and making difference in some way.


PS: I am curious, what was your favourite post so far? Inbox me 🙂

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