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Memories Buried In The Mosque

mosqueWhen I was a kid I used to go to the mosque, very often. “Majidul Nasru” was only a couple of blocks away. I got addicted to the mosque after one Eid Prayer. That day an old lady said to me, “Dhen annan vaane komme faharakuves.” It was these words that clicked something in me. So that afternoon I came, so did in the Asuru time as well. I had a “Mosque BFF” too. You are probably wondering it’s a girl as same age as me. No, she was an old lady, my neighbor. And she sat with me every single time in the mosque. She taught me how to pray“Vithuri” . Some nights she kept me between Maqrib and Isha to recite Quran and I remember sometimes fighting hard to keep my eyes open. Hehe yeah, it was a little sleepy. That was since Grade two.

There are no words  sufficient enough to thank her for making me who I am today. She was a great teacher and she is partly responsible for making my Imaan strong at a young age. The memory of me waking up excited to go to the mosque, early in the dawn, even before my mom some days, is still fresh. She taught me good qualities of mosque. Some kids laugh when they are in the mosque, some keep glancing here and there. I grew up being a very obedient person in the mosque and it’s all thanks to her. She used to take me to the front row and encourage me not stay behind in the last rows when there are space up front.

I wish I thanked her, and told her how much she meant to me before it was too late. Hopefully we will meet again someday. Rest In Peace. :/

Going to mosque is an excellent way to make new friends. That time, another girl of same age as me went with me too. We had so much fun together. Fun as in, the feeling of happiness when praying together. In our mosque days, it was very thrilling to go early and clean up the mosque before everyone comes. We opened up the praying mats on the front row too. It was exciting to wash our feet from the well as well. Little did I know that friend of mine will be the closest one today. Heck, she now sits right next to me in class! That is one memory we cherish dearly.

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