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Mathsella- A Twist In Tale

Differentiated Version Of Cinderella


I was in ELA in grade 9 and we had to play a drama. And I kinda planned this drama. It was fun rehearsing it and playing it. Thank you everyone who took part in it. :) I didnt write it back then, just planned it. But now its written so hope you like it!
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Main characters:

  • Mathsella
  • 2 stepsister, Accountella and Parabola
  • Stepmother
  • Prince Algebra
  • King (father of the prince)

Additional characters

  • Royal guard
  • Assistant of Kings who goes to the houses with invitation



Since her father’s death, Mathsella leads a very busy life. Juggling house works along with her stepsisters and step mothers office work she hardly gets any time to herself. But when she does, she loves to indulge in reading about business topics from the newspapers and do mathematical sums.

The Kingdom’s Prince a single man, in his early thirties devote his time in doing experiments and solving equations and such. Recently he discovered a new formula and started to solve a very important yet difficult equation. But he couldn’t do it so far.

The King’s worried about the prince for he fears that his only son might not settle down soon. So he arranges a Ball, inviting all the single women in the Kingdom. The prince however, shows no interests. He says “Father, I have no time for such things. I have to solve this vital equation which might lead me to invent a masterpiece to humanity.”

But the Ball was arranged and all the women gets an invitation. So as just like the old version of the story, the stepsisters jets overjoyed about the idea of meeting the prince and starts to get ready.

Mathsella asks permission to go. Stepmother who is jealous of her beauty and intelligence whip out an excuse.  “ You have got a countless amount of work to do, you haven’t finished my report that is due next Friday”

Mathsella: But I’ve already finished___

Stepmom: But there’s still a presentation that’s due tomorrow.

Parabola: And my cover letter. You promised to write that!!!

Accountella: And you still haven’t started on the balance sheet!


(Arguments continue for a few minutes)

Stepmom: You can only go IF u managed to finish all these works.

Accountella: Even if you finish there’s no way the Prince is going to fall for you with those ugly dresses you wear

Mathsella: Why are you going? You already have a boyfriend.

Accountella: Oh do I? Well, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him right?

(Both the step sisters break into fits of giggles)

Mathsella was forced to help them prepare for the ball and after they had left she started to finish all the works. She had dreamed of meeting the prince and now she’s heart broken and she cries and tell herself about how unlucky she is and how unfair it is.

Meanwhile at the ball, Prince Algebra was no where to be seen. He’s busy at his lab which is situated at the back of castle. His father comes and beg him to go to the ball just for this night. So he goes.

Miraculously, Mathsella manages to finish all the works she has. It was 2 hours past the ball opening time, but she still wanted to glimpse the prince in a really close distance so she goes to the ball wearing the best dress she has got.

But the guards won’t let her in because she was under dressed. Again, with a broken heart she turns back from her dream and walks away. Then she thought” this is a rare opportunity”

So she quietly went to the back of the castle and decided to enter the ball from the back. However, when she enters the lab she was quite awestruck. She never thought the prince was so into science and mathematics. She thought it would be horse riding and hunting and such activities. She was quite fascinated and looks around and saw the unsolved equation. She frowns and thought hard about the answer.

Meanwhile, the price got bored and decides to sneak out of the room. Since his father was nowhere to be seen, he took his chance. He walked towards the lab.

Mathsella heard footsteps and drop the marker she was holding and ran out just as the prince comes in.

He only manages to see the back of the girl. He noticed that the dropped marker and saw the equation solved!!! He was so happy!

“I should find this girl. She is a genius. Brilliant mind! I must meet her!

He talked to his father about this and when he sees how happy he is he decides to find the girl.

The next day, the palace men visits all the houses with the equation to find who can solve it.

Mathsella was the only one who could, so she solves it and marries the prince and live Mathilly Ever After!!!   : P


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