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Malayventures: Day 2

mallIt was pretty much the same thing as day 1. Malls, shopping, window shopping and drooling over expensive yet adorable outfits, cute shoes, glamorous accessories, beautiful bags and much more. There was this make-up shops where they put make up on you and take a picture for free. I almost agreed to do that, ‘cause it sounded fun and cool.  And gawd! Let me tell you, their marketing skills are excellent. They are so convincing and if you are not careful you will end up emptying your wallet. So be careful ;). They are very friendly and fun to talk to as well.

Then we went to the burugaa market, where colorful shawls were available at such an affordable price. I deeply regret not taking a handful. Or perhaps, the cart was full but the heart wasn’t . Ha-ha! I ain’t kidding. There were pretty good shawls almost all below 10 MR. And that is as cheap anything can ever get.   12055243_897231740365249_1098593600_o

$1=  4 Riggits =15 MRF (approx)
They charge you 20 to 30 cents if you want to use some toilets in the malls. Well, at least, your poop is worth a few cents.

I couldn’t take so many pictures that day because my phone was taken to a little surgery that day in IT land. So these were taken from someone else’s.

Ooh ooh and there was this cool staircase that acted like a piano. As you walk on the stairs it makes the sound of the piano. It makes you want to run up and down the stairs like an idiot. But this wasn’t the mall we went on the second day.

12033763_897231803698576_663615097_n mLL2


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