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angle memory boxDo you keep a memory box? Which contains tiny fancy bracelets and dried up roses and such? Well its not only ornaments and attractive objects which store a memory. There are really good memories attached to meaningless things. Well, it may seem meaningless to others but could mean a fortune to you. A candy wrapper, cap of a pen, an empty perfume bottle may appear junk to some people. Its because they are objects. But if a subject is attached to these objects it transforms in to a memory. Like a handkerchief given by your grandma. Well this is the story of my first magnum. Lame? Don’t care.

It was around 2006, and I was a kid of course. There was a pretty young lady who came to my house for a day or two. She asked me where she could find an ice-cream shop. I remember always seeing a shop which has a Mr.bean picture drawing on the wall. I gave her some directions but since she was new she did not understand much. So I went with her (yep a total stranger, but the place wasn’t far). Oh yes, I was wearing a blue dress.

She decided to buy a magnum. I looked at the poster that covered the fridge showing all varieties of magnum and was well….you know how kids are…..I wished I could get one. As if reading my thoughts the kind lady bought me one. I remember it being Rf25 that time.

On the way home she unwrapped it and started eating it and told me nicely, “ go ahead eat”. Somehow I was reluctant to open it. Because I wanted to share with my brother. It felt wrong somehow to gobble it up without giving him some. You know, sometimes no matter how annoying a person is you have a soft spot for them. So after going home we both ate it.

Magnum was a common thing that time of course but I ate it a long  after all the kids got “bored with it” I think thats why it was special.

PS. I still have the magnum stick. Didn’t get around to throw it away.

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  1. I wonder who that brother is =))
    anyway I had (not have …thanks to someone I am not allowed to have such thing in my house now!!!) something like this. It is not a box but a cookie tin. I had so many thing inside mostly useless to other so it looks like a junk box which made my mother tempt to throw away so many time when she cleaned the house =))
    I had in there a bunch of used bus ticket (I went to university by bus as it s quite far from home), then some football match ticket I went with father a lot of paper conversation between me and high school friends. You know we were not allow to talk in class so we just wrote down and pass the paper to the person we wanted to talk to. A lof from those was with my first love – first bf hahah. What else? birthday cards, some gift, a candy cover (dont know why i keep it must be a candy from handsome boy class mate =)) Even when I was at my 20s the box was there fill with love letters with first bf (ahem =)).

    I think it is now must be in corner of the house. I must look for it when I am back. Bingo!!!!

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