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Lovely Morning-Part 2

family,,,,Not wanting to go home, we strolled back to Artificial Beach. On arrival, Maya ran to the swing set, followed by Zai and Zayaan. I sat with my sister on a bench and enjoyed the scenery. Maya’s dad took pictures while she tried the slides, the rocking horses and the see-saw. It was indeed a lovely place for a family hangout.

Then we decided to drink Jugo. I chose blueberry flavor as did everyone else except my sister who loved vanilla. Normally I chose chocolate but this time I had a change of heart. I looked after Maya while her parents went to buy the Jugos. She tried one slide after the other without getting tired. She even wanted me to slide with her.

As we relished our Jugo, we wished we had brought a ball to play. After a while Zai insisted on racing. I, my sister, and she drew a line and got ready to run. On the count of three, we ran. It was so fun! Running like that after a long time felt so refreshing. Zai won of course, since she is an athlete and all.

After that it was time to go home. We waited for a bus, but then decided to take a cab. Even though I was exhausted from all the fun, I was content. On the way home, I sat looking out the window, rewinding the happy events of the morning.

The End ;)


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