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Lovely Morning- Part 1

lovely mornin p1Early morning has always been my favourite time of the day. Normally it’s always the same peaceful routine. First a refreshing shower followed by the fajr prayer. Then a hot steaming cup of milo while watching a movie makes my morning a bliss. However, today, there’s going to be a slight change in the schedule.

I, Maya and her parents and my brother were planning to go to the Artificial Beach. Along with us, my niece Zai, and her brother Zayaan tagged along. We reached our destination by car.

The Artificial Beach was not yet crowded as usual. First we headed to the buffet restaurant to get breakfast. Since that place was a bit expensive, we decided to try another place which was down a couple of blocks. ‘Lily’ is also a buffet restaurant owned by foreign people. They offered a whole variety of foods. The sight of sausages, mashuni baked beans, scrambled eggs, chicken curry and roshi made my mouth water. There were bread and jam, cornflakes and milk as alternate options as well. Pineapple slices and papayas were included for dessert. I took delight in red grape juice very much.

We hung out outside the restaurant, enjoying the sun and the breeze. Maya chased around the pigeons while Zai and Zayaan ran around clicking pictures from their iPad. We all took a group picture to cherish that moment. It was an incredible memory, even though it wasn’t my usual daily routine.


*This was in December 2013 when we were in Male’

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2 thoughts on “Lovely Morning- Part 1

  1. Most of the time incredible memory take place out of usual routine. Look for more of unusual routine time to fill ur life with incredible memory :)

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