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Life On Mars

By Noor
Photo By Noor

This is something I wrote in my English book when I was in grade 8. Enjoy 😉

I left Earth with my friends for the first time. We were heading to planet Mars. My friend’s father had arranged the trip for us.

I was really excited when the ship landed in the space station. We stayed in the station’s hotel to rest. The room was very unusual.

There were robots to serve us and a big screen TV that covered one side of the room’s wall. 200 different alien channels were available.

After a while we headed towards the mall to buy some souvenirs to take home. I noticed that it was raining. When I looked around, I saw Mars chocolate bars everywhere. I ate one and it was very tasty. When we reached the mall, there were so many aliens out shopping. There were very unusual clothes too.

There were six sleeved shirts, five legged trousers and even half meter shoes! But there was a special shop for visitors from other planets.

After we dumped our shopping in our room in the hotel, we decided to go to the stadium. I heard an Inter-Planet Basketball Competition was being held.

The game was Mercury verses Venus and the score was 10 to 0, Venus on the lead. Mercury was losing because they had a very bad sun burn. They should have applied some sun lotion.

After the game ended we ran off to get their autographs. It was really fun and exciting.

We decided to go to a restaurant because we were starving. We haven’t eaten a thing since we came here.

We went to a cheap restaurant because we had little money. There were delicious and extraordinary food, including dinosaur curry, slug salad and many more. I asked the waiter how they get dinosaurs. He said that they had a time machine which goes back to Jurassic period. I also learned that dinosaurs were extinct because these aliens had taken them to make food.

After a very delicious dinner we decided to go to the museum. But we got a letter from Earth telling that we have to come very soon. It didn’t mention a reason.

So went to the space station to go back to the Earth. One of our alien friends gave us a mobile phone that can contact Mars aliens. We were really happy and promised to come back soon.


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