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Korean Times

imagesI still remember someone saying Korean dramas are awesome and now I have to agree with that. I once watched Blazing teens from POGO. It was about Yoyo competition. And I think it was Korean. Other than that, the first Korean series I watched is Heirs. I will try to be discrete as possible, so I could not to spoil it for anyone who is planning to watch it


PinocchioIt’s about extremely wealthy families and how people are discriminating against each other. Eun Sang and Kim Tan’s love story unfolds as the series move along. It was not long before Young Do enters into that love triangle. Rachel continues her grudge against Eun Sang for she was the reason her engagement broke.

So in summary let’s say:

  •     Kim Tan and Eun Sang forever love,
  •     Young Do got mommy issues,
  •     Rachel’s grudge against the lower class Eun Sang,
  •     a mime of a mother and
  •     a “mother in house arrest”.


So then there is Pinocchio, the next Korean series I watched. I recently watched the 10th episode and I have to admit it was better than Heirs. The first episode was enough to make you fall in love with that. The storyline is completely marvelous! With the addition of humor, and sprinkle of romance here and there made it absolutely perfect!

I really like how they invented this Pinocchio Syndrome. It’s really fascinating. Without this syndrome the series would have worked but it would be have been raw and bland. This series got all the ingredients in the correct proportions. Curious? Why don’t you see for yourself?

However, I just don’t get why Choi Dalpo ( oh my god he’s so cute) wasn’t curious to solve the Mystery of his brother right at the instant they meet. The fact that he let the mystery hung in midair seems just…..well I didn’t expect that. I think. :3dfg

4 thoughts on “Korean Times

  1. woohooo Did i just got a K partner ? =)) consider Maldives is heavy influenced with Bollywood and Hindi drama I really did a good job hahha

    Ok your question, put it that way. Choi Dal Po knows the fact that he s still with In Ha and her family is totally wrong after what In Ha mother had done to his family. He should have left the family and got rid of specially feeling toward her. However that family loves him so much and his feeling of her is too strong which hold him back. He has been fighting up and down in between the conflicts. He gives himself an excuse to stay back after all

    Once he figures out his brother identity and it seems like there is no other to do than leaving the family and In Ha which again never easy for him to do. Also he is scared. He scares that once he goes further with the investigation he cant ignore the truth of his brother sins

    It likes the same scenario that you didnt do well in your exam. You can feel that bad mark would come. However as long as the paper has not return from teacher it is all just “feel” and you can somehow ignoring the fact that you did not do well in your exam. The day your paper return you would be damn scare to open and face it. you would tried to not to see it till no other choice. *btw im not sure if you would do that but I did liek that in high school* =))

    So this is Chol Da Po facing the moment of “accepting” the truth and no way to hide from it.

    One of the best thing about this drama is the writer has put 2 main character in a very conflict story. In Ha due to her syndrome has to tell the truth even though i bet sometime she would die to tell just a small lie. Her life would be very easy if she can lie for once. But she can’t

    Choi Dal Po on the other hand is a victim of lies. His family tragedy is all about how people ignoring the fact and truth and following lies. However since then his life is full of lying and he has no choice but to keep lying to people he loves. He has to fake his own ID. and there are time to time to make In Ha happy or his adopting family happy he has to tell lies and again and again and now he again has to face whether or not to tell the truth

    Unlike THe Heirs, love is not the main story and the speed of this K is very tense. At half of the series what unfold has been folded. In HA already knows the story of Dal Po so..what s next?

    The same writer had made another nice K drama is I can hear your voice (this Dal Po guy plays in that drama too) I will pass it to you =))

    1. i saw the comment last night but i fell asleep,,,
      So you are saying its like ignorance is a bliss huh?
      Choi Dal Po yay! i want the series! but I have exams on 7th :'( and 8th :'(
      oh yeah and i dont want to know the marks unless its the day of test paper showing day. humph why bother, dho.

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