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Just A Memory

I like treasure maps. On my niece’s 10th B’ day I made her a treasure map which leads to another treasure map and which finally leads to her present. I think it was in the washing machine haha. And years ago, I made a treasure map with Silver. I remember drawing the “blue prints” of the house. But that memory is a little fussy. I also stuffed an envelope with some old photographs and hid it under a carpet. I wrote on the envelope “..” aah, I forgot. I actually hoped that someone would find it years after that. Unfortunately, they wanted to renew that carpet a year or two after. It had been a ‘million’ year old carpet, so I never thought anyone would change it that soon! So bummer! My brother found it and it was a little embarrassing cause it was found too soon. now I’m thinking of making a treasure map again.

PS: this whole post was triggered by a grade 1 photograph of me I just found. It was in an envelope and the memory just kicked in.

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