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dltgbigt0oyayt3nywbbI have recently started watching a new series. “izombies”. If you haven’t watched it, I’m afraid there’s going to be some gruesome spoilers in this. Yeah gruesome, ‘cause they eat brains. Why do zombies always love the brain? Zombies in walking dead also ate brains right. I don’t know, never watched it. It didn’t really appeal to me. But now I’m thinking of watching it this holiday.

So this izombie is mainly about this girl Liv, who was a resident at the hospital who happened to go to a boat party that went Kaboom. That was where she was scratched and turned into a zombie. Since then her life capsized completely. She broke off her engagement, went all pale and withdrew herself from people and transferred to a morgue. Yeah a morgue! Free brain buffet pretty much all the time. She worked as a forensic analyst and helped her cop boss solve crimes. Here’s the interesting part. When she eat the brains, she gets their character and see memories of them. Pretty cool power for a zombie huh. I have a feeling everyone’s going to know about her little secret pretty soon.

So about the bad guys. The big bad one is scratching everyone and turning them into zombies. So that he could get big bucks buy selling brain food to them. His main food supply is kids from a foster home who he’s kidnaping. The biggest shock was when I found out that the Head of Police is Team Zee too. Haha, you should totally watch this. It’s so zombifying! ( that’s not a real word)

I really want to see a real morgue now.

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