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Hollow Tree


“Young Adventures- Hollow Tree” by Enid Blyton. This is a story my sister, A, gave me when I was a kid. Those are the times I was so addicted to reading stories. I am really sad I don’t get time to read a good book now.

This book is about three children; a brother and a sister and their friend Laura who find a Hollow tree in the woods. The two siblings have an aunt who is very mean. She got really mad when they went to the school trip without her knowledge. Who could blame them? They are kids, of course they would want to go on a trip just like their classmates. They had to go in secret because their cruel aunt refused to pay for the trip. I love the part where they earned the money. They weaved baskets and filled them with raspberries and their friend helped them to sell those in her mother’s yard sale. How sweet!

Main plot:  Their heartless aunt decides to give them away to foster care, so they run away from their home and take shelter in the tree house.

So about the hollow tree. The three kids go to the woods to play very often. And one day they see this huge oak tree in the middle of the woods. They bring candles along with some pictures of them and transform that tree into a lovely home to live in. Rugs and cushions were used to cover the floor of the tree and to make them feel at home. And what’s more? They take cookies and candies to eat, Stories to read while lying on the grass. They take a small kettle to boil water so that they could make hot chocolate! They have their evening tea up in a big branch. Just imagine! How wonderful would that be? The fresh breeze and the picturesque view. There’s a pond near the tree where they go to swimming once in a while. I love when they have picnics with the delicious short eats. Once they had sandwiches, cherry cakes, jam tarts, chocolates and lemonades. *sigh* such delicious words eh?

The whole description is so amazing. It made me want to live with them. Enid Blyton’s stories are fantastic when you are a kid. She makes you want to get inside the pages of the book!

So this wonderful book. It was so interesting that I finished it within days! I read it a couple of times back then, and I still have it. Should I give it to some other kid so that he/she could experience the joy I did?



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