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Grade 6 Moments

IMG_2138The other day I found my grade 6 English notebook. I have always loved my English notebooks. Never have I wanted to throw those away. All the funny sentences, letters and crazy stories I had written were too valuable of a memory to be discarded. So every time I clear spaces up I just put these book somewhere else. I found this funny letter I wrote to my awesome classmate.

see my crazy signature back then
see my crazy signature back then

And here’s a song from it. I still remember singing this and the tone.











Grade 6 was a crazy year, an eventful one. I had an awesome bunch of friends who threw me a surprise B’ day party in my tuition class. I had never expected so many presents, let alone a cake! Thank you my very special friend. No B’ day have ever topped that one because it was kind of a pure surprise. I remember Anoo making me a card in PA class, just for me.IMG_2146









The summary of grade 6:

  • the terrible parent teacher meeting
  • that “weird coincidental day”
  • best b day
  • An awesome science exhibition
  • Campaigned for becoming ELA vice president and I got elected as well!
  • The Embarrassing day
  • The year a bond started to weaken :’/
  • An awesome drama in children’s day
  • An awesome social studies teacher
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley fan was born! 😀
  • Started reading Sweet Valley!! 😀
  • The secret hand gesture to let others know that the supervisor was near the class
  • The crazy Ashfaq and Oppo fans. It was the year Maldives won 1st from SAFF championship so the level of excitement was quite high.
  • We hear the neighbours’ loud voices. By neighbours I mean, the Jalaluddin ‘big kids’ right next to our school
  • I remember the Islam teacher’s fun little song
  • I remember making the Dhivehi teacher’s Impossible Pie.
  • I remember being  a class monitor


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