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Few Words From Experience


Having completed almost 12 years of education, I have gained considerable amount of experience ( not nearly enough of course) in the learning field. Let me share some of the things that I have learned in this long journey that might be of importance to you. Note that this is not entirely an objective article.

  1. Never Say You Hate It

“I hate this topic” or “I hate these types of questions”. Such statements define what you are capable of accomplishing. It will hold you back from reaching to your fullest. For example, you might have said that you hate the topic “Calculus” or “Vectors”. Each time you turn to that page in your math book, you immediately turn over, with a frown on your face. You tell everyone that it’s very difficult for you and you are never be able to do questions on that topic. You keep saying you hate that topic so much, that eventually you believe your own misconception. Then, that is the time it actually becomes tough for you. You have set a very negative mind towards that. How will you be able to crack the problems if you don’t give yourself a chance?

So the first step, is to set a positive mind towards it. It could be towards a particular subject that you dislike, a particular topic that you find it tough or a particular section in your exam. Once I have thought the Part 2 of CAE Use of English is very difficult. I thought I would not be able to score well in that part. So the first thing I did was changed my perspective about it. I started thinking positive and eventually I noticed the improvement. So I hope from now on you will study with a positive mind.

  1. High Tolerance To Boredom

This is a very important quality one must have to become a successful person. Boredom is inevitable. But tolerating that boredom is very important. When you are in your class and the teacher is explaining something for hours, we often get bored. When a particular teacher enters the class, we immediately switch into hibernate mode. Why? Because our tolerance level to boredom is low. You need to push that feeling aside and concentrate on the task at hand. Remind yourself why you are on the road to success. Advice yourself to work towards your target, so that all the efforts of your parents would not go to waste.


Hope this was useful for you. All the best! 🙂

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