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Farewell Party


the names used in here are not their real names

Our classmates had been dreaming about the end of school class party since ages ago. 18th November 2012 was the big day we had been preparing for. We put our hearts together and joined our hands for an incredible night which will be stored in our memories for the rest of our lives. Let the party begin!

The first guest to arrive was our Dhivehi teacher and his wife who was our English teacher. They brought their little daughter along. Katy and some other classmates stood with the fancy lemonade drinks at the door. Along with the welcome drink, each of them got a badge. They had to find the identical badge which was attached to their seats. In every exam we have to find our number from the seats, so why shouldn’t we give them a taste of their own medicine. Haha! Anyway it was pretty fun.

When all the guests were seated, the hosts of our party, Minnie and Harry greeted everyone. Most of the teachers were wearing Maldivian traditional dresses since that was the theme. They looked really lovely. The first item of the party was to wish our teacher’s daughter a happy birth day. After that it was time for a drama.

The drama was based on a Parent Teacher meeting. We played it in a very funny way showing various types of scenarios. In one scene, there was a parent who took the child’s side and argued at the whole meeting. Like that we showed different scenes.

After the drama, it was time for dinner. We had ordered, fried rice, fruit juice and fruit cocktail salad for dessert. We thought of including “bondi bai” for dessert since the theme was a bit traditional, but I think due to budget problem the idea was revised. Anyway the food part was a hit. Everyone enjoyed it. During the meal and in between events, we gave out feedback comments about teachers.


Next was the fun and games part, which was the biggest hit of the night. The first game was called “catch the gonu” A gonu (an object made from coconut palm leaves) was placed in the center of the circle and each teacher in the circle was given a name. When a name is called out, the teachers with the same names had to run around the circle and take the gonu. Whoever picks the gonu first wins! Well, it’s similar to that game we used to play as kids, “mother, father, and baby bear”. We used a gonu in order to relate to the party theme.

The next game was dancing to the rythm of traditional music. Each teacher was given a traditional dancing gear called, “maagandu”. When the music is played, they have to dance with their pair. It was so hilarious. Everyone had a blast!

Then everyone was seated once again for the next event to be announced. It was a stage show musical. It was awesome! Especially the boys! We never saw them practice for it but somehow they managed to blow everyone’s mind. The star of the show was our classmate Ned. He is a quiet kid but he was unbelievably wild on stage! Most of us requested him to dance once more.P1120169

The next number was an Admin surprise from the Head organizers of the party. They called it “Ehadhaaannuga Solo” Each of the Admin sang a nursery rhyme and all the teachers also had to sing one song each. I reckon they did it to remind everyone of their childhood.

The last event of the party was a special Thank You song by another classmate, Sierra. Most of the classmates joined in the song on the stage. But I was a little disappointed when some did not join. Also we couldn’t practice the song that much.

After the song it was time to depart. Before that we tried to take as many pictures as possible with our friends and teachers. We made a background for taking pictures. (there’s the pic!)P1120165

Since it was late and everyone was tired after a bittersweet memorable party, it was decided that everyone returns the next day to clean the place up. As I took my final step out of my school, the last verse of the song replayed in my mind.

“We may be far apart

but you’ll always be,

right here in my heart

until the very end, the very end, the very end”

The End

Btw, I wrote the first draft that year, but recently edited this

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