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Do you know there are different types of excitements?

Level 1

You get excited and get all jumpy and bubbly and run around and scream and turn the place upside down. That is when the excitement threshold level is reached and the meter explodes. The effect lasts very long, maybe a couple of days.  Usually those days you can’t think straight and keep on replaying the excited stuff.

Level 2

You get excited in a large group of people and keep all silent about it until you are a safe distant away to let it all out.

Level 3

You get confused-excited. It’s as if you are in an excited situation, and the neurotransmitters have been released into the synaptic cleft, yet the motor neuron is unable to pick up them. The effect is not visible.

Level 4

Shy-excitement. You are so excited. It has reached your threshold level. You are in crowd of people who is not in the same jumpy-level as you. So you are not able to jump around, scream around and turn the place upside down. So basically you are excited but too shy enough to let it reach level 1.

Level 5

Post excitement syndrome. You are excited. It could be a situation where the excitement threshold is reached. But the effect is visible long after the moment has passed. It’s as if you start clapping when everyone has stopped clapping and everyone will be staring at you.

Level  6

Zero excitement. Well this is just the time when you are subjected to an exciting situation and the excite meniscus haven’t even moved.

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