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DSC07019Guess where this is taken! A museum? Public Park? Or some tourist attraction site? Well, no. Its actually a school. A marine high school in Japan. I don’t quite remember the name now. And guess whats engraved on it. Their school song! Pretty awesome, isn’t it. I thought it was pretty cool and wish my school would do that.

The tour guide sang it for us. Well, she didn’t actually sing but translated it for us. Some part of it described the nature, including the sea since it’s a marine school. I couldn’t capture a good video of that moment to get the translation.


well i dont remember what the writings of this sone are but this was just below the school song stone.



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  1. it’s the Kanagawa Prefectural Marine Science High School. the song was about them catching whales in the nearby blue seas and how the mount fuji is in the waters reflected looking down at them. good that you remember.

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