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Edo-Tokyo Museum

Did you know? Edo was the former name of Tokyo!

3rd day was the day we went to this Museum. It was near a sumo wrestling stadium! I wanted to go in there pretty badly. But sadly, it wasn’t included in our tour. So lets tip toe into the Museum.


I don’t remember how many escalators we had to climb. After what seemed like ages, we finally saw the exhibits. It felt like we were at ground floor but frankly we were far from the ground.

Simple facts:

  • The Edo Tokyo Museum was founded on March, 28 1993.
  • Shows Tokyo’s history and culture
  • Edo Period in Japan is between 1603 and 1868
  • As you move from the 6th floor to the 5th you can view display portraying the lifestyle, the economic system and culture of the Edo Era.
  • The Tokyo zone starts from the 5th floor

Here are some interesting scenes from the Museum.


I was so shocked when i saw this, the carpenter looked so real


Tour guide told me that this is a birth giving process
some swords
some swords

















When I saw this, it reminded me of an episode of Mr. Bean.




you can get some additional info from here
you can get some additional info from here









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