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Dream On!

daydreaming_2406219bOkay, so I’m searching for my study mood, and this came along the way. Well a girl can dream cant she?


Not the edible one. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to go down there and see the colorful marine environment? It would be so fun to go with a group of friends or your family members.


Dangerous yeah. And I’m not so jumpy at this idea either. But it would be an experience. If I get a chance to go to Moon or some planet, will I take it? I don’t know.

London eye

Not necessarily the London. My physics teacher told us to take the opportunity to be in a London eye if we ever get one. Of course we would. Who wouldn’t? London eye, roller coasters, ferris wheel, you name it. A holiday park or Disney Land I would go for sure no matter how old I get.

Operating Room

Yeah, a bit nerdy. And of all the coolest places on earth I’m choosing this? Yeah, before becoming a Doctor I would like to see how they operate on a patient. I could view in the gallery room. It would be so awesome to see all that in action.

A Prison

Wouldn’t you wanna go? It would be epic! Just to see how much ‘Prison Break’ exist in real life.

Some place Snowy

We all love snow don’t we? And I have watched enough snow films and cartoons. Now I wanna make my own snowman and throw some snowballs at you.


One thought on “Dream On!

  1. Submarine = lets go when you are in Male next time. I thought you had visited it earlier
    Space = nah, go by urself dnt drag me there. I am not comfortable with a place that my body could be upside down
    London eye = ya you should totally been there for once. Not just because London eye but HP right. I have some pics to show you
    Operating Room : being in hospital is no fun for me. I have been there not as patient but just visitor as my father working there. but still, this too, you can enjoy it by yourself =))
    A Prison: uhmm
    Some place Snowy : it is freaking cold to get the snow down 🙂

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