Dear Diary,

28th April 2016 00:19

We get so blind sometimes. We get so blind that we lose ourselves. If we lose ourselves then we may not be able to come back to our original self.


18th April 2016 14:08

It really sucks when you have known some people for years and still they feel like strangers to you in some aspects. When you cant be comfortable in your own skin when you are with them and you cant be your true self with them. It totally sucks right?


11th  February 2016 09:28

saw this awesome link about RCT


01st October 2015 23:16

Believing in people. Having faith in them.  Hoping that they would change. Dreaming that they would be better.  Why do we do that? Even when the surface is brimming with doubts and uncertainties, we believe that deep down inside that they are good people. We keep believing in them and we keep giving them second chances. We keep brushing it off even when they treat us like dirt. Why? Is there a thing such as too much empathy?


27th September 2015 18:54

The ironic thing is that when grown-ups  mess things in life its okay. Its funny even. And its not a least bit of a problem. But when you screw up, lo and behold! Its the end of the world!!! But then again, you will be a grown up to someone else. So all is right in the world I guess.



18th August 2015 8:13

You know, I wrote the following paragraph in 25th April 2015 . So since then, my new life resolution had been:
” Be strong and Independent”

There is no one else in this world that will care for you more than you care for yourself. There is no one in this world who will look out for you more than you look out for yourself. No one that will defend you, like you defend yourself. There is no one in this world who you can depend on, like you depend on yourself. You know what they say, you come alone, you go alone. So learn to live without depending to anyone, without anyone’s help. Learn to care for youself. Learn to lift you up when you feel down. Learn to give yourself a shoulder to cry on. Because no one will be there for you, the way you are there for yourself. Cause one day, when everyone turn against you, its you who will be by your side. You will be there to comfort you.



24th April 2015   Monday   23:48


We all die. While we live, we die. As we move along with our life, life eats us alive, piece by piece. And eventually you transform into someone else. Sometimes, someone you dont recogonise. You dont remember who you once was. But sometimes you miss your old self. However it may seem, you have to believe that everything in life, happens for a reason and you have to evolve with changes around you.


23rd March 2015   Monday   1508

So, I just came from the first class of  “Research Training Program”. I am really excited and enthusiastic about this. I have got an overall idea about it and cant wait to find out more.


21st March 2015   Saturday   22:45

So, today I found so many treasures. So many memories were unearthed and yet, so many were discarded and burned. There is this room with this huge shelf, so full of old books, different objects and pictures. And today we got rid of it to renovate the place. I have tried rearranging the shelf lots of times before today but somehow i always end up keeping most of the stuff i find somewhere else. It is so hard to say good bye to the memories. The childhood days were bittersweet indeed.

So the things I found today:

Pinochio Story book i had when i was in grade 7.

Zeenaa ge haaru story book

Grade 7 English notebook

Some cool old pictures

Mary-Kate and Ashley story animated version

The “lab notice” :3

A really cool book about chromatography. I wonder if i will get time to check it out.

and more books…

Good night!


06th February 2015   Friday   20:09

Usually life is such a rush. We fail to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us. That involves, things around us, the incredible nature, ourselves and most importantly the people around us. Its saddening to admit that I havent had a good long, actual conversation with some classmates. Of course we all get along well and Im happy to say that I have worked with various classmates in several group works. But usually its the usual gang that we give much importance. Thats not a problem but my point is once in a while you should look around the people and wait for a few minutes to actually “look” at them. Not just a glance. A smile, with a how are you, and some get to know time.

Last Thursday, I got a free class so I just felt like talking to this friend whom i have never had a “get-to-know’ time. We sat down and just talked. We had a lot in common. English stories, Diaries, same definition of a best friend etc. And I told her to start blogging because, believe me, she has got the blog potential. Trust me, you will definitely want to read her writings.


26nd December 2014   Friday   23:00

Today was eventful. It feels great to be part of MRC.


19th December 2014   Friday   18:08

Yesterday I was a little bored so I went to Shaha’s blog to read something. And there I saw the life’s list. You know, a bucket list. And that was one loooong list! I got so inspired and wanted to make a list of my own. I partially didnt want to read all of it for I feared I may copy it. Anyway, two people can have same interest right? And I saw the link to DYM issue that explains how to make a bucket list. Well, today I started writing it but havent got so far yet.


16th December 2014   Sunday   17:40

I wonder If I’m running out of things to write. Its been a while since a Blogarsm. Yeah, I just made that up. It means the sudden urge to write something in blog. Like a sudden flash of inspiration. Hmm…I have considered becoming a writer. But the fear is, running out of things to write. For example, story writers. What if all the ideas run out? It will be like the end of the world? I thought so. But since I wrote the Empathy story, ideas came raining down. I have half finished stories. The only thing that is keeping me from spending time with the stories are the exams. If I let myself spend too much time writing I might get deviated from studies. So my conclusion about running out of ideas is, NO. If you indulge in writing stories ideas will keep coming.

But blog-post ideas? I cant think of anything to write. The topics I choose dont have enough Chakra. So Im waiting for a Blogarsm.

I wanna go somewhere. An island. A new island. I mean somewhere I havent been before. I have only been to Hanimaadhoo (my fav so far), Nolhivaram, Utheem, Male’ (Hulhumale’, Hulhule, Bandos). Oh wait I just got an idea about the next post!


30th November 2014   Sunday   21:23

Dont you sometimes get awestruck at how the Universe works. It amazes me when ironic things happen. Today, while practicing for my CAE exam I did this exercise in reading paper. It was about bee hunting and a bird associated with it. Then this evening while I was watching Natgeo People, I saw this program about a person who is a bee keeper. It was so similar to the reading extract I read. According to the text the hunters lit a fire beneath the hive in order to drive away the bee so that the honey can be scraped off from the honeycomb. The program depict the same procedures!!

A similar thing happend a few days ago as well. Ironically, I was practicing for the exam by doing a reading paper. It was about Stan Lee who was the founder of Spiderman comics. Then later that day I opened an newspaper which was lying in my room. Surprise Surprise! There it was at the bottom of all the comic strips, Spiderman by Stan Lee. faints


24th November 2014   Monday   7:39

I am so happy. Something awesome happened. Have you heard of Gustavo Albarracin? A few days ago I found his blog that has english sample writings on it. So I sent one proposal writing sample for him to check. And he posted in the blog. It was surreal to see you name published even though its not a huge newspaper website. Ok, this may seem a bit wierd and nerdy for you but its a big deal to me. Just wanted to share!

I wish I have seen it a bit sooner! 🙁


19th November 2014   Wednesday   5:43

Today I woke at 4 AM and was getting ready to go to the ‘adventure’ my friends and I planned. Unfortunately, it started raining so our plan got cancelled! Bummer. But here I am still enjoying my favourite time of the day! 😀


30th October 2014   Thursday   1535

Its a lovely rainy day and i felt like putting something in my blog. I want to write more but the an exam storm is brewing up real fast.


28th October 2014   Tuesday   1329

Today I had 2 classes relief so I went to the Library. I really wanted to read Sweet Valley University first part again. It was the book i read in grade 8 and i just wanted to read it. It was lovely. However i didnt take it home because term test is starting the following week. I dont want to indulge myself in the world of SVU.


06th October 2014   Monday   15:29

I was reading “Noomaan va Maryam”. In fact, I was reading it last night as well. And I am really amazed about the work of the author. Its totally incredible! It’s indeed romantic and I can’t help but marvel the story. It may appear boring to some people but somehow its just beautiful.

Before reading that story I also visited Amsterdam and it sure is getting interesting. I started loving it since their departure from Indiana. I have a feeling I’m going to write a review about these two.


03rd October 2014   Friday   12:10

I think I might have to throw away some old stuffs since i have to make more room. I just hate throwing away stuff. I have 6th grade stuff which you might consider as junk but I’m unable to throw it away. Well, we’ll see later today how many things I’m able to get rid of.


2nd October 2014,   Thursday   17:24

Finally read “Fault in our stars” peacefully. The past few days I was occupied and somehow, I didn’t get the “perfect time” for reading. Today a happy hour came and read a chapter. Now I’m on the 6th chapter. Well, i read during the past few days but today was a bliss.

More happy hours to come since I’m getting 5 solid holidays! Eid Mubaarik!

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