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The Broken


Zack. He told me I was the one. He told me he never felt this way about anyone other than me. He told me that he would stick by me no matter what. He told me we would be for forever. And I believed him. I loved him. He loved me too. At least I thought he did.


I have been living in this crowded single bedroom apartment for the past 5 years. We all sleep in the bedroom except for my brother who slumbers in the living room. It wouldn’t be a lie if I say that my family is quite broken.  Because my mom and dad split up five years ago when I was 8 years old. After that, that bastard got married to some chick who is half his age. Now my mom has to look after her autistic 5 year old son all by herself. And my brother is more like a zombie than a normal human, almost always with a filter on his lips, which he claim to be Camel light, but I bet you a thousand bucks that it’s not. My sister who turned 18 this year already had two abortions in her lifetime.

I hate my mother. Cause she never seem to have any time for me now. She didn’t care about me. So an invisible wall started to build between us.

At first it hurt. It hurt like crazy. I was so used to being loved and so accustomed to being provided with whatever I asked for. It was the stupid divorce that messed everything up. Ever since then, I felt like my mother withdrew from me.

I was so lonely throughout my middle school. I withdrew myself from studies and my grades dropped, but nobody cared.

I entered high school this year, with no hope of getting a good education. I thought I will suffer like I did all these years. But everything changed. Everything started to brighten up since I met him. Zack, my first boyfriend.

I’m not sure what made me attracted to him. Was it the fact that he was so rich and handsome? Or the fact that he had a 10 story apartment?  Maybe it was because he listened. He listened to all the crap I had to share. It was as if I had been drowning for 5 years and he saved me.

Every day after school, we go to his place to hang out. His “high rank” parents were not that big of a problem since they work long hours and barely reach home. If they happen to come home when I was there, I quickly dash to the bedroom to hide. But seriously, his parents are the least of my worries. They barely talk to him. Never even check the bedroom to see if he’s home from school. We had so much fun sneaking in and out of the house unnoticed.

The best thing was, his parents let him host parties whenever he wants. So every weekend he throws a “party” and all his friends come to hang out. They were all Zack’s age, 3 years older than me. And all their girlfriends come too. I felt so excited to be among such cool group of people. It was so surreal, I felt like I was in a movie. It was from one of those parties that I met Izzy, who later became my bff.

Soon, shopping and late night walks and partying became such a frequent habit. I had never felt that alive. The great thing about having a rich boyfriend was, not having to worry about money. Heck! He gave me an S4 on my birthday!

Being with Zack made me see life in a different perspective. For the first time ever in my miserable life, I felt blissful. He made me happy. I love going on motorcycle rides with him. I love staying with him near the sea shore. I love spending time with him in his room where he will cheer me up when I get depressed about my messed up family. It was so easy for me, because unlike some of my friends, I didn’t have to worry about my mom finding out. Because she doesn’t care.

My life soared through cloud nine as days turned into months. But everything started to go wrong after one wild party. Maybe we had too much fun or too much Coke because things started to get real fuzzy.

I woke up the next day feeling extremely hung-over. My head felt so heavy, I didn’t feel like getting up. I didn’t remember much from the other night. I looked at the clock, alarmed to see it was past 9! I was more than an hour late for school. I opened my phone to see a text from Zack saying “Happy anniversary! Surprise at school today. Can’t wait to see you. ‘Xoxo’ ”. Suddenly my mood lifted and I jumped out of the bed, feeling so giddy with excitement. I was so curious to see what he got for me.

I ran all the way to school grinning. The gate was open and the security guard was nowhere to be seen, so I sneaked into the school. First I went to the bathroom and waited for the bell for lunch time since it was just 20 minutes away. And no one will notice that I came late when the corridor is filled with people.

As soon as the bell rang, I walked into the cafeteria. I looked around to spot that long spiky hair from the crowd. I had been so preoccupied with finding Zack that I started to notice that everyone was staring at me in a peculiar way; some with a disgusted look on their faces, while others tried to keep a straight face. Izzy walked over to me and cried out. “There you are! I’ve been searching all over for you. Here.” She handed me a rolled up A4 size paper. “Anniversary gift from Zack” She snickered. Everyone erupted in laughter as I stood there dumbfounded. What was going on? What was on that paper? Do I want to find out?

Curiously I took it and unrolled it. I gasped. My eyes nearly popped out of its sockets. The roaring laughter continued as I continued to stare at that horrible photo collage of myself!

I looked up to see Zack. I ran towards him but he backed away. “Get away from me you slut!” He shouted loud enough for the whole school to hear.  It was that moment that I realized that it had all been fake. Zack was such a fraud. All that time he pretended to love me. He never cared about me for a second. He took advantage of me and  my body!! My eyes welled up in tears as I realized that I could never have my dignity back.

To make the whole situation worse, someone uploaded the pictures on Facebook and it is still passing from one newsfeed to the other. I am now renowned as the “Collage Model”. I have never been so humiliated in my entire life. I regretfully waited for my worst fear to become a reality. I didn’t want to turn into my sister. I prayed to God that I won’t end up in headlines as a “13 year old pregnant girl”.

That night my mother came to my room and sat next to me. I figured she must have seen the photos on the internet. Luckily no one was there except for our grandmother who was sleeping. I glanced up and was taken aback. For the first time in 5 years I really looked at my mom. Her face was all pale, her eyes were swollen and her hair all frail. Why didn’t I notice it before?  Was she sick or was that how she always looked like?  The more I stared, the bigger the lump in my throat became. I burst out crying and my mom wrapped  her arm around me. And we both cried.

Why didn’t I realize it? Why? How could I have ever thought that she never cared? Of course she cared. In fact, all she ever did was care for the past 5 years. She took care of us all by herself! I looked at my grandmother sleeping peacefully and the countless bottles of medicines on the dressing table. She took care of our ill grandmother when she had no one to take care of her. She was so busy tending to my 5 year old brother. She was too worried about our drug addicted brother. And she had been so patient about my messed up sister.

I had been so wrapped up in my own misery and loneliness that I failed to realize that she was broken too.

“I’m sorry.” We both whispered in unison.

I know it’s going to take forever to get over this humiliation. But I’m glad I’m not alone anymore.


We live in a hectic world. Often we get lost into the hustle bustle of our lives. We get wrapped up in our own pain and misery that we feels like we are all alone and no one cares about us. We start to back away further towards one corner and cry in secret. But the truth is, you have people who care about you even if you think they don’t. The truth is that, even they are so busy and so lost that they are hiding in some corner. We are sometimes taking all the burden to ourselves and feeling the loneliness by ourselves. But in the end when we open up to someone, be it your family or your friend that you realize that you both are in the same boat. That even both of you are going through the same thing. So don’t think that you are alone. You are never alone. There is always someone who cares about you and who looks out for you.

Keep smiling. Insha Allah everything will turn out great.


(Also: I had to stick to a word limit in this story so it might seem like its a bit compressed)

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The Buried Truth

 12311829_564169293747657_1756382314_oI was so excited. Today we will be recruiting new members for our club. It was such a privilege to be the founder and the President of the Women’s Rights Club in my school. The past two years, I had accomplished so much. I had helped so many girls in my school to speak up the challenges they are faced with, in their lives. I had helped so many abused victims to step out of the shadows and face the society. I had helped so many bullied victims to stand up for themselves.

I looked at the clock, amazed to see how early I have gotten ready. So I headed downstairs to get some breakfast. But I stopped in my tracks when I heard a familiar voice coming from the dining room. It was a voice I would recognize anywhere. It was that loud, booming and irritating voice that makes my skin crawl. Before I saw the person, I knew exactly how his expression would be when he sees me.

“Good morning sweetheart. Remember Mr. Charles?” My mother said gesturing to the short fat man sitting at the table. Charles eyes fell on me, the same way it did 10 years ago. His gaze was full of lust, salacity and cupidity. He looked at me from head to toe slowly and yet, somehow, my parents failed to notice.

My father explained. “He just got here from Singapore. It’s been 7 long years since he had set foot in the country.”

“Why is he here?” I asked bluntly.

“Oh, its business, sweetheart. You won’t understand.” Charles said. And my mother laughed heartily.

I felt so sick. Sweetheart? How dare he call me that? I made up an excuse to leave early and got out of there as soon as I could. My eyes welled up with tears as I slammed the front door. It was so early that not a single soul, except the road cleaners were seen. I slowed my pace which was synched to my breathing.

“Remember Mr. Charles.?” My mother’s voice was still ringing in my ears. Of course I remember him. I remember that sly smile. I remember everything as if it was yesterday.

How big of a hypocrite am I? Day and night I write and speak about coming forward when you are abused. But I have been hiding that dark secret since a decade ago. Why can’t I just tell someone? Why? I ask myself a million times every time I think about it.

It’s not like I have never tried. There have been so many moments I have mastered all my courage and energy to open my mouth to speak when I was alone with mom. But I just couldn’t do it. All these years, I thought that I have healed, but seeing him, suddenly brought it all back.

That day I couldn’t concentrate in school. So I came early after claiming that I have a headache. When I walked into the living room, I was startled to see him still there. When he turned I saw him holding my 1 year old little baby sister. How dare he! My eyes flashed with anger as I stormed up to him and snatched her away, angrily, yet carefully.

“Don’t you dare touch her, you disgusting piece of junk.”

“Katie!” My mom shouted. “That’s very rude!!”

“I don’t care mom. I don’t want her anywhere near this stranger.”

“He’s no stranger! He’s your uncle. He was such a good babysitter when you were little.”

“Yep you looked just like her, except more beautiful.” He winked at me in a way my mom couldn’t see.

“SHUT UP!!” I walked up the stairs quickly and entered my room still holding dear Emma. I paced up and down the room with a racing heart. I have to tell her! I have to, I have to! I told myself. Otherwise he might do something to Emma.

My mom came up to the room.

“What on earth is wrong with you!?” Mom demanded.

“Is he gone?“ I asked, anxiously ignoring her question.

“Of course he’s gone. You’re not very welcoming. What’s the matter with you Katie?”

Yes this is your chance! Take it and tell her before you lose the courage!

I put little Emma down on the bed who was now sleeping peacefully. I sat down on the bed and took a deep breath. You can do it! I told myself.

“I need to tell you something.” I said looking down at my toes. I sat there for like 30 seconds.

“Well, what is it?” My mom asked with a hint of impatience.

“Will you believe me? Say you will believe me.”

“Just say it already. I have got a lot to do before she wakes up. You…”

“He abused me!” I blurted out.


“Mr. Charles. He did when I was in 2nd grade. When he was helping me with homework. When you were not in the house.” I let it all out in one breath before I chickened out.

“What are you saying? That’s not possible.”

“It is! He did it!”

“HE’s my brother!”

“He is a monster!”

She took several steps toward me, “How dare you!”

“But he did!” I sprang up.

“He won’t harm a fly! Do you have any idea how much he donated last month alone, to a children’s hospital?”

“So what? He has a good public image to show. He is a filthy…”

“Don’t say another word! He is the only family I have and I owe him everything for everything he has done for us. How could you accuse him of something like that?”


“You are just jealous of your cousin who graduated from another country.”

“I am not! This is not about..”

My mother picked up Emma and walked out of the room.

I slumped on the bed unable to believe what just happened. How could she not believe it! How could she not believe her own daughter’s words! It’s not as if I drop a bombshell every day.

That day I didn’t feel like doing anything. I lost my appetite and was unable to sleep at night. I couldn’t help think about what would happen to little Emma. At the thought of that little baby in that monster’s arms made me cry all over again.

I tried talking to my mother about it several times. But she shut me down completely. I didn’t feel like talking to a friend about it and I didn’t feel like going to school anymore. My grades dropped like crazy and I didn’t attend any of the club meetings.

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. Few weeks ago I was this confident girl who everyone looked up to. I was this courageous idol that every girl wanted to be. How embarrassing would it be when they all figure out that I was a hypocrite all along?

Mr. Charles visits my house more than ever now and spends an awful lot of time talking to my dad in his study. It sickens me to my stomach to see them working as business partners even after I told them about my secret. Every time I see him I have this strong urge to just run up to him and wring his neck. If I could kill him and get away with it I would! I prayed to God to make his life more miserable every day.

That night when they were getting out of the study, I confronted my dad. ” How could you still work with him after what he did to me?” I asked.

“Look, he explained me everything. It was all a big misunderstanding.”

“A misunderstanding!?” I gritted my teeth.

“For God’s sake Katie! You fell asleep during tuition. He carried you safely to your bedroom! You should be thankful you didn’t wake up with a sprained neck at the table.”


“Yeah, and when you woke up before I left the room, you got the wrong idea.” Mr. Charles chirped in.


“Enough Katie! That’s what happened. Your memory is too fuzzy to remember what happened at such a young age.”

I couldn’t believe my ears! How could they let him brainwash them. I felt like running away and never coming back.

Every day in school I spend endless hours fantasizing about million different ways to kill him and plotting a good way to brutally murder him. I even thought of poisoning his food next time when he comes for dinner.

That Thursday I didn’t even hear when the last bell rang. It was long after everyone was gone that I realized that I was alone in the class. I got up and walked slowly. I didn’t remember the last time I slept properly or had a good meal. I was so exhausted and depressed. The unfairness of the whole situation made me want to scream at the top of my lungs. I walked up to the balcony and looked down from the third floor.

Will I die if I jump from here? I wondered. How bad would it be? Then my mom may take me seriously. Maybe she will believe that I’m telling the truth. I put my bag down and climbed on the railing. I put one foot over and stood on the ledge. I peeked over my shoulder with my hands clutched to the metal bar. I can do this. I murmured to myself. Just close your eyes and let go and it will all be over. But when I did close my eyes, all I could see was him holding little Emma. I gasped and realized what I was doing.

During the panic, my feet slipped and I screamed. Luckily I managed to grab the railing with one hand. I held that railing with all my life and screamed hysterically unsure of whether anyone would hear me. Suddenly some people pulled me up from there. It took a while for the two teachers to get my screaming under control. When I realized there was a huge crowd gathered around us, I ran past them.  When I got to the ground floor, I saw a whole group of students gathered there as well. It was that moment I realized that some extra classes were held that day after session.

As I raced out of the school I heard clicks of cameras. I wailed hopelessly. The news of the ‘crazy suicide girl’ will travel across the country before I reach home.

By the time I burst into my room I was breathless. I controlled my urge to look at my Facebook page which will now be filled with my pictures. Or worse- my hysterically screaming videos.

That night, the news was posted in several online news websites WITH my picture. I cried in despair. How could they do that! How could they put my picture! It’s bad enough already that people knew about that fiasco. As I went through the people’s comments, it broke my heart further into million little pieces.

“Silly girl! Suicide is not the answer!”


“Still not enough publicity? You little ….”

And that was not all! Someone even edited the picture and put it up in some Troll pages!

So cruel! Why can’t they be more understanding? I didn’t know what I was doing. I was so confused. I knew suicide is bad and it won’t do any good. But…I didn’t know…

One night, my parents forced me to sit down for dinner. It was three days after the suicide attempt. They told me they had arranged a counseling session for me. I stood up angrily. “I don’t need some shrink to hear me out. I need you to believe me!! Why is it so hard?”

“Look, let’s not make a big deal out of something that happened a million years ago alright?” My father said angrily. “Just let it go. Forget about it.”

“FORGET ABOUT IT?” I shouted angrily and threw the empty water glass across the kitchen. Why are they being like this? Did Charles make some kind of business deal with them?  I grabbed a knife and rolled up my sleeve. “Forget about it?” I repeated. “Well forget about THIS you sick people!”

I slit my wrist several times. My mom screamed while my dad tried to take the knife away. But I backed away and continued doing that. I didn’t even feel pain. All I knew was I was feeling weaker and weaker every second….

I don’t know how long I had been unconscious. When I woke up, my whole arm was covered in bandages. I tried getting off the bed. Suddenly a woman came in carrying a clipboard. “Looks like you are awake.” The nurse smiled. “How are you?”

“Where am I?” I asked

“You are in a hospital”

It’s a hospital alright. It’s a psychiatric hospital for the mentally unstable people.

This is where I am right now. Somewhere I don’t belong and I don’t deserve to be. This is my story. My voice is unheard. The truth is buried and the criminal is freely roaming around hunting down other victims. You might not be able to help me. But help all those whose voices that needs to be heard. Help them come forward.  For there are a million “one in threes” out there.



If there are so many reported cases, there will definitely be an equal number of or more unreported ones. How many truths like this will be buried? How many parents will there be who refused to believe their children. How many stories are there unheard? Don’t you just wonder? Right now, at this very second, a very cruel person may be ruining some innocent child’s life.

There are a lot of people who attempts suicide. Each has their own story. The sad truth is that we judge them without knowing their full story. Without giving them a chance to explain themselves. The more they are mocked for their “silly” attempts the more they will isolate themselves. Hence, the more reason for them to repeat the attempts. So don’t judge them. Empathize with them. Hear them out and try to help them in any possible way you can.

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Life On Mars

By Noor
Photo By Noor

This is something I wrote in my English book when I was in grade 8. Enjoy 😉

I left Earth with my friends for the first time. We were heading to planet Mars. My friend’s father had arranged the trip for us.

I was really excited when the ship landed in the space station. We stayed in the station’s hotel to rest. The room was very unusual.

There were robots to serve us and a big screen TV that covered one side of the room’s wall. 200 different alien channels were available.

After a while we headed towards the mall to buy some souvenirs to take home. I noticed that it was raining. When I looked around, I saw Mars chocolate bars everywhere. I ate one and it was very tasty. When we reached the mall, there were so many aliens out shopping. There were very unusual clothes too.

There were six sleeved shirts, five legged trousers and even half meter shoes! But there was a special shop for visitors from other planets.

After we dumped our shopping in our room in the hotel, we decided to go to the stadium. I heard an Inter-Planet Basketball Competition was being held.

The game was Mercury verses Venus and the score was 10 to 0, Venus on the lead. Mercury was losing because they had a very bad sun burn. They should have applied some sun lotion.

After the game ended we ran off to get their autographs. It was really fun and exciting.

We decided to go to a restaurant because we were starving. We haven’t eaten a thing since we came here.

We went to a cheap restaurant because we had little money. There were delicious and extraordinary food, including dinosaur curry, slug salad and many more. I asked the waiter how they get dinosaurs. He said that they had a time machine which goes back to Jurassic period. I also learned that dinosaurs were extinct because these aliens had taken them to make food.

After a very delicious dinner we decided to go to the museum. But we got a letter from Earth telling that we have to come very soon. It didn’t mention a reason.

So went to the space station to go back to the Earth. One of our alien friends gave us a mobile phone that can contact Mars aliens. We were really happy and promised to come back soon.


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Mathsella- A Twist In Tale

Differentiated Version Of Cinderella


I was in ELA in grade 9 and we had to play a drama. And I kinda planned this drama. It was fun rehearsing it and playing it. Thank you everyone who took part in it. 🙂 I didnt write it back then, just planned it. But now its written so hope you like it!
Pic was taken from :


Main characters:

  • Mathsella
  • 2 stepsister, Accountella and Parabola
  • Stepmother
  • Prince Algebra
  • King (father of the prince)

Additional characters

  • Royal guard
  • Assistant of Kings who goes to the houses with invitation



Since her father’s death, Mathsella leads a very busy life. Juggling house works along with her stepsisters and step mothers office work she hardly gets any time to herself. But when she does, she loves to indulge in reading about business topics from the newspapers and do mathematical sums.

The Kingdom’s Prince a single man, in his early thirties devote his time in doing experiments and solving equations and such. Recently he discovered a new formula and started to solve a very important yet difficult equation. But he couldn’t do it so far.

The King’s worried about the prince for he fears that his only son might not settle down soon. So he arranges a Ball, inviting all the single women in the Kingdom. The prince however, shows no interests. He says “Father, I have no time for such things. I have to solve this vital equation which might lead me to invent a masterpiece to humanity.”

But the Ball was arranged and all the women gets an invitation. So as just like the old version of the story, the stepsisters jets overjoyed about the idea of meeting the prince and starts to get ready.

Mathsella asks permission to go. Stepmother who is jealous of her beauty and intelligence whip out an excuse.  “ You have got a countless amount of work to do, you haven’t finished my report that is due next Friday”

Mathsella: But I’ve already finished___

Stepmom: But there’s still a presentation that’s due tomorrow.

Parabola: And my cover letter. You promised to write that!!!

Accountella: And you still haven’t started on the balance sheet!


(Arguments continue for a few minutes)

Stepmom: You can only go IF u managed to finish all these works.

Accountella: Even if you finish there’s no way the Prince is going to fall for you with those ugly dresses you wear

Mathsella: Why are you going? You already have a boyfriend.

Accountella: Oh do I? Well, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him right?

(Both the step sisters break into fits of giggles)

Mathsella was forced to help them prepare for the ball and after they had left she started to finish all the works. She had dreamed of meeting the prince and now she’s heart broken and she cries and tell herself about how unlucky she is and how unfair it is.

Meanwhile at the ball, Prince Algebra was no where to be seen. He’s busy at his lab which is situated at the back of castle. His father comes and beg him to go to the ball just for this night. So he goes.

Miraculously, Mathsella manages to finish all the works she has. It was 2 hours past the ball opening time, but she still wanted to glimpse the prince in a really close distance so she goes to the ball wearing the best dress she has got.

But the guards won’t let her in because she was under dressed. Again, with a broken heart she turns back from her dream and walks away. Then she thought” this is a rare opportunity”

So she quietly went to the back of the castle and decided to enter the ball from the back. However, when she enters the lab she was quite awestruck. She never thought the prince was so into science and mathematics. She thought it would be horse riding and hunting and such activities. She was quite fascinated and looks around and saw the unsolved equation. She frowns and thought hard about the answer.

Meanwhile, the price got bored and decides to sneak out of the room. Since his father was nowhere to be seen, he took his chance. He walked towards the lab.

Mathsella heard footsteps and drop the marker she was holding and ran out just as the prince comes in.

He only manages to see the back of the girl. He noticed that the dropped marker and saw the equation solved!!! He was so happy!

“I should find this girl. She is a genius. Brilliant mind! I must meet her!

He talked to his father about this and when he sees how happy he is he decides to find the girl.

The next day, the palace men visits all the houses with the equation to find who can solve it.

Mathsella was the only one who could, so she solves it and marries the prince and live Mathilly Ever After!!!   : P


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Too Late For Empathy

shhhh“I hate you! Why are you always ratting me out! Go away!” I yelled at my sister and slammed the door. I slumped on my bed and hugged my pillow. My sister found out that I had been bunking my tuition class to go hang out in my friend’s place. And she told my parents that I was doing that. I have missed a week’s tuition class. Can you blame me? It’s so boring and the teacher doesn’t even care if the students understand the topic or not. So I just go there whenever I feel like it.

I hate my sister because she is always telling on me. She found out I had been eating Suparis secretly and told my mom. I also got busted when I went to school without doing my homework a few times. I mean why does she has to tell them!  I would have corrected myself.

“I told you to finish your homework several times! But you didn’t listen to me” She had said.

“Yeah that was the first time. I was going to finish the other day but you told them!”

“If I hadn’t, you would have kept doing the same!”

“You don’t know that! You never give me a chance. So you can always tell on me so I will always be the bad person!”

**10 years later***

I looked up startled. The bicycle had fallen and my niece was trying to take it. I went to help her with that and we went bicycle riding. Even though my sister isn’t my favourite person, I love spending time with my niece, mostly because she tells me I’m the best aunt in the whole wide world. We practically grew up together so she spends most of the time with me.

One evening I was helping her with her homework. While I was I rummaging her backpack for a pencil, my hand touched something soft. I took it out and held it in front of her, my mouth wide open! She snatched it immediately and looked at me guiltily.

“You are only 12 for god’s sake! And don’t you study science? You know how bad it is for your health!”

“Shhh..i will only smoke just once. Everyone else in my group does it. They say it’s fun!’

“It’s addictive! You can’t stop! Oh my god, I can’t believe you are really considering this! I have to tell your mom!”

“NO!” she grabbed my arm. “I will throw it away. I promise. You can’t tell my parents please! You are supposed to be that cool aunt who can keep a secret.”

A strange familiar sensation came over me. The following day I found a pack of cigarettes in her bag. I looked at her angrily. “I thought you threw it away.”

“Trix said to try it once before I threw it away. And I did and I liked it so she gave me a box. But don’t worry it will be just one cigarette every day. Look at people who is smoking. They are not dying, right?”

I gaped at her. I just couldn’t believe what is happening to the kids of the 21st century. When I was in grade 7 I was so naive! I stormed toward the door. “I have to tell your parents before it gets out of hand.”

She grabbed my hand again and tugged. “No please! You can’t. Don’t you dare rat out on my parents!”

I froze in my tracks. It all came back. Now I remember why it felt so familiar. Those were the exact words I told my sister a hundred times when I was a kid. I looked at my niece and thought. If I tell her parents she is going to hate me, just like I hated my sister. If I keep on telling on her, she will grow up hating me! And I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted to be the coolest aunt ever.

So I didn’t tell her parents. I watched helplessly as she smoked, every day. Before her parents come from work, she always spray the whole room with perfume. But I knew her parents would find out eventually. I thought hard about what I should do. Suddenly I knew exactly how my sister would have felt. How pressured she would have been because of me. She must have thought like this every time before she busted me. I felt so sad and guilty for realizing it too late.

Finally I decide to tell them. I waited for them to bring her from school. Suddenly I got a phone call from her mother asking me to come to the hospital as soon as possible. I rushed to the hospital, my heart thumping. I wondered what could have possibly happened.

I saw them, pale faced, outside the ICU. My sister was crying while her husband patted her back. Horrified, I asked what happened. “She had a drug overdose!”

It was as if my heart stopped beating for a second. I opened my mouth, nothing came out.

“A teacher found her body in the toilet. Thank god, it wasn’t too late.” He said, relief in his voice.

“I didn’t even know.” My sister croaked. “Did you notice her acting very weirdly?”

I looked at them. Oh no! What am I going to tell them? If I had told them the day I found the cigarette in her bag, this would never had happened.

“It’s all my fault!” I explained everything to them gloomily.

“So you knew and didn’t even stop her!” Her eyes flashed

“I didn’t know she was using drugs. I only knew she smoked.”

“And that was okay? Oh my god! How could you have been so stupid?”

“She made me promise not to tell. She begged me. She told me she would stop. So I gave her a chance to stop before telling you.”

“And look how well that turned out.” She narrowed her eyes at me. “And you know why I always ratted on you. To avoid this kind of thing! God knows what you would have done if I wasn’t there to stop you. I know you hated me for telling on you but I did it to protect you!”

And I realized she was right. I wiped away my tears. I would have ended up like that if I hadn’t had a sister who loved and cared about me. Love comes in different ways. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much someone cared about you, until it’s too late.


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Truth Or Dare

tulips-flowers-bouquet-vase-table-curtains-frame-945x708I wanted to be part of them. I wanted to impress them. Because how can you live a successful life if you can’t be popular? How can you be happy if you don’t have a cool group of people to hang out with? So I dropped out of Science club, because they said it was lame. I started cutting classes because they said it was cool. I started joining with them in pranks because they said school is about fun and the days won’t last forever.

They call me a coward and sometimes a dud. Yeah they are my “friends” and they don’t bully me in an obvious way. They are like, “ha-ha, you are such a chicken, just relax” or “whoa, you don’t have the nerve to do THAT? What a loser.” And they all burst into fits of giggles. I laugh along with them nonchalantly because if they knew I was hurt they would shrink me even more. Yeah I get hurt because of stupid stuff like that. Because everyone else in my group is so daring, impulsive, spontaneous and doesn’t hold anything back. I wanted to be part of them. This is the story of how I proved them I’m not a chicken and I have what it takes to be one of them.

It was December 5th,a lovely, windy day. The sun was shining on my face as I took in the cool salty breeze. My friends were dancing and singing along with the ‘Boduberu’ music in the boat. I whipped out an excuse to be alone so I could sit on the other side of the boat, taking pictures of the ocean.

We reached Hanimaadhoo at around 7. Even though it wasn’t my home island, the place brings out an incredible feeling every time I go there. We took our belongings and followed Susan. It was just how I remembered it from a year ago. Nika trees were huge as usual. Some kids ran around on the shore. The beached boats were supported by wooden sticks and some men were working on them. There were some middle aged men in a Holhuashi as well.

Susan’s aunt’s house was just a few steps away so it took us just few minutes to get there. We followed Susan into the front yard of the house. There were all types of trees; Stone apple, mango, breadfruit and a huge screw pine tree as well. We sat down on the Joali until Aunt Meg came. For a group of 10 people, it was certainly a fantastic place to crash on a picnic. I spotted a BBQ stove near the Stone apple tree. “Hmm, she told me she had some people over for a BBQ last night.” Susan said.

“WE should have a BBQ at the beach.” Daniel suggested. Morris agreed “Yeah, it will be different”.

“Well, hello darlings! You must be tired after a long journey! How was the sea? Rough? Come on in I was just preparing breakfast.” For a 55 year old, Aunt Susan definitely was chatty indeed. I thought. “Girls, take this room and boys that room. Behave well my dears” She pointed to two rooms facing opposite to each other.

Her husband was just leaving the Kitchen. “Hello Susan, now don’t worry, we will be out of your way. I promise. Now don’t turn the place upside down ok? And don’t go out at night.” “Don’t worry, uncle, we are very well mannered aren’t we? “She winked at Ron who was her best partner in crime.

We had our breakfast and hung out in the yard for a while. Ron started talking in a low voice. “Okay, so we’ve got only 2 days here so we should do something awesome!” Morris suggested “Let’s do prank calls” Susan scoffed” like we know any one’s number in this place.” She added, “Plus that’s a bit boring now. It has to be new and exciting!”

“We could go sightseeing in the island. There’s the agriculture Centre you know? It will be super fun.” I said brightly. “Oh puhleez, are we on a school field trip? That’s plain lame with a capital L” Ron shook his head and some of them snickered. I shrugged. Ron usually shut my ideas down like that.

“Hey!” Susan cried. “I know! How about going to the woods in the middle of the night! We could just sit there and eat stuff and talk you know.” Ron jumped up at the idea. “Yeah, we could play truth or dare or something!” Morris nodded, “It will be so adventurous! We could take flash lights. It would be so movie-like.”

Everyone chatted like crazy but I grew uncomfortable at the thought. For one thing, it was night and the other, it was the woods! How crazy can they get! I reluctantly said “umm..Your Uncle said not to leave the house at night didn’t he? Susan said. “Oh don’t worry. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?”

“Totally” Daniel agreed.

“But we may get in a whole lot of trouble you know.”

“Oh they are easy going people. I’m sure they won’t stay mad for that long.”

“But they might tell our parents. And we may never get to come here in another trip. And…

“Ok, if you don’t wanna go just stay.”

“Yeah, stop being a chicken, Lia. Live a little.” Susan said, clearly annoyed.

“Mommy might ground you for the rest of your life so I think you should stay.” They all burst out laughing.

A lump formed in my throat and I felt like going from there but luckily Aunt came out with the laundry basket so they changed the subject quickly.

So we stayed in our room that night waiting for them to go to bed. At 10 PM aunt opened the door and said, “Don’t stay up too late, children. You want to wake up to go swimming don’t you? When shall I wake you up?”

“5 will be fine. Or whenever you wake up.”

“Alright then, good night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite” She smiled a toothy smile.

“Good night Aunt Meg.” They all called out cheerfully. Then they giggled.

“Okay, so what have we got? Drinks and snacks and… oh yeah, no body have flashlight huh?”

“Who needs ‘em when we have our phones?”

“Ok so. Susan go get the key and we are outta here. Everyone be super quiet.”

I stood up to go. “I thought you are not coming.” Susan said. “Well I guess I changed my mind” I said tightly. I didn’t want them to know I am more of a coward than I already am. Maybe they will finally see how cool I am.

We crept out of the bedroom and Susan opened the living room door quietly. “Let’s go”

It was dark out in the yard and apart from the yellow fluorescent light outside the house we couldn’t see a thing. We turned our lights in our phones and made our way towards the front door.

“Oh no! I forgot the key for this door. I don’t know where they keep it.” Susan exclaimed.

“Hmm..That’s ok. Let’s climb over the wall! It will be fun!” Ron suggested.

“Cool!” Some of them whispered in unison

So we climbed over, looked around and there was not a single soul in sight. Thank God, in some islands the streets are vacant at night. Since the woods were just a few feet away we turned left and started walking towards it. It wasn’t a cold night but a chill ran down my spine. I can’t believe how they can be so courageous and fearless. Aren’t they scared even a little bit? From the gleamy looks on their faces I knew they are far from scared.

So we reached a spot near a beached boat and decided to camp there. Megan pulled out a blanket and we all sat down. “I wish we brought marshmallows so we could make a fire and roast it. “ We took out packets of chips, biscuits and chocolates. Susan passed around the ‘burn’ bottles.

Ron placed an empty water bottle in the middle and spun “let the night begin!” he said dramatically.

It came to a stop and was pointing at himself.

“Dare of course!” We all thought for a while and Daniel suddenly said, “Climb that tree!” He said pointing to the nearest tree which had a lot of branches. “No problem.” He leaped to his feet and walked towards it. First, he stepped on to a tree stump nearby in order to grab a branch. Then he went all the way up and called down. “Woohoo, hey take a pic of me!”

After he came down we spun the bottle. It pointed to Daniel. “oooh, let’s think of a good one!” Ron said mischievously. “You have to drink a mouthful of salt water.” “Eww, that’s gross.” Some of the girls snickered. “Whatever. Here I go!” Daniel got up.

We walked with him towards the shore and stood watching while he took out a handful of sea water. Some of us gagged. Then he took another and another. “Woah…stop stop, that’s freaking awesome already.” Everyone was laughing and slapping on his back.

We came back and spun the bottle again. After 4 more spins it pointed towards me. I looked around nervously. Everyone took dares and everyone did what they were told to do. “I so don’t belong here” I thought in despair. “Why did I ever come in the first place?” If I take truth they wouldn’t stop teasing me, I was sure about that. With a thumping heart, I said. “Dare”. Ron said. “Sing twinkle twinkle ryme for us.” For a second everyone was puzzled, then they burst into laughter. I scowled angrily. “Give me a real one! I will do it. I said indignantly.

“Hmm…let’s see about that miss goody two shoes!” Ron grinned. “Go into the sea, until the water is at your elbow level.”

I swallowed and gasped, “what?!”

“I would do it if it was me.” Susan said smugly

I looked at her furiously. “You think I can’t do it? You think I am a loser? You think I’m some kind of prissy? You’ll see about that!”

I strode towards the sea angrily. Without looking back I waded through the water. “This is your chance to impress them. You can do it” I told myself. When I was waist deep, I hesitated a bit but didn’t slow down. I didn’t know how to swim, but I felt pretty confident since the current wasn’t that strong. So I kept going. I didn’t stop until I was floating, my feet barely touching the ground. I looked back and gasped.

They seemed so far away. “In your face!” I shouted out triumphantly.” I wanted to do something awesome so I turned around and kept going. I spotted a row boat rocking on the waves. “This is the last day they are gonna call me a coward. I am not going to be a loser anymore.”

“Lia, come back!” I heard someone yelling as I made my way towards it.

“That’s too far! Alright, you proved your point. Now come back.!!”

I ignored them and climbed on the row boat. Adrenaline rushed through me as I prepared to dive. I felt like one of those Olympic Swimmers getting ready for a lap. As I leaped forward a wave came and hit the boat, disrupting my balance. I tried to regain it, but I fell on my back and hit my head really hard.


I woke up feeling dizzy. I squinted my eyes trying to see through the blaring white lights. I looked left. There was a huge vase of beautiful flowers. I was confused. I tried to remember what happened but everything was a blur.

Suddenly someone walked in with a clipboard. “Oh my God, you are awake!” Then I realized it was a nurse. That was a hospital. Then it all came back. The night. The sea. The fall. Minutes later, my parents walked in and was all over me. It was hard to tell whether they were crying or laughing.


It was the day I was discharged to go home. I got into the chair and wheeled it towards the window. Whole my life, all I ever wanted was to be part of a group. But today I ended up alone. Because I wasn’t content with who I was. I should have realized, that, I need not have to impress others to be someone who I am not.

The doctors said, when I fell it damaged the part of the brain that controls the balance. Not only was I in a coma for two whole years, but I lost the ability to walk as well.

Why did I take the Dare when I had the chance to be true to myself?

***The End***

Peer Pressure can be sometimes good and bad. Some of us are unknowingly a victim of that pressure. It makes us do all sorts of thing. Some people are willing to go extreme lengths just to impress their peers, so that they could be part of the group. Because they don’t feel good about themselves? It’s far too late when they realize that they are awesome the way they are.

Ok so this is a story. Just a beginner testing the wings. So don’t compare with D. Steele or N. Sparks.  It may be suitable for younger kids. Feedbacks please.

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She Sells Seashells Down The Seashore

*This is the story of that tongue-twister you hear a lot about 😉 *

shell girlKimiko lives in the East side of the beach in Chang-Ho, a small village in China. For the past fourteen years this orphan girl was raised by her caring mother. Although they were poor, they get along pretty well, by selling shells up and down the beach.

The area is a picturesque place, which consists of the rocky blue sea and white sands. Back of their cottage was covered in lush. The area wasn’t exactly cut out for swimming, so people only strolled down to take pictures and hanging around. But what Kimiko likes best is that, it wasn’t crowded, and it makes it more private for her.

There were no such things as TV, computer and stereo in her cottage. Instead, she finds it more relaxing to watch and hear the waves crashing on the rocks and the birds singing melodious songs. Also, she doesn’t feel disappointed by her life, by selling sea shells until one day……

As soon as the sun has shown its face over the horizon, Kimiko set down the beach towards the early swimmers who were not so far away. She skipped along; basket in one hand while the other straightened her wind swept black hair from her face.

It wasn’t even 7am yet, but still, people were bustling around, trying to get a good spot to spread their beach towels. Already, colourful umbrellas and volley nets were set up and Frisbees were zooming in the air. Several beach vendors, selling hot dogs and ice-creams were set up as well.

Kimiko walked up to Chinese couple sitting on a bench. She sold a few shells and earned a few Yuan. The day was going smoothly yet. Then, two English teenage boys came to see what she was selling. “Oh, I thought you are selling some goodies. Not pieces of rock!” One of them said rather impolitely. “I didn’t know they could earn a living by selling junk.” The other one also said scornfully.

They both thought she couldn’t understand what they were saying. Kimiko was so insulted and hurt by their rudeness that she ran all the way to her cottage. She thought about what they said and felt rather embarrassed. This type of incident never happened to her before.

She entered the kitchen where she found her mother preparing lunch. She couldn’t hold back the anger which was boiling up inside of her.

“How could you do this to me, mother!” She blurted out. “How could you give me such a stupid boring life? I don’t even have any friends. I would love to be a teacher but I am stuck here selling pieces of rock in a – she gestured around the room- in a pathetic little cottage with no electricity!”  Her mother stood there gaping at her, her eyes wide open. Because her daughter had never spoken like that before. Kimiko stormed out, tears in her eyes.

She sat down on a nearby rock to think. “I have got the most boring and stupid job in the whole world. Even dust man is better than this, I bet.” Kimiko started talking to herself. She looked down at the basket of shells and started throwing them one by one.

“How can I get another job? I’m not even an educated person. I won’t even be expected as a waitress.” By the time she took out the last shell, her hand brushed something else. It was hard and smooth. She looked at it and gasped. It was a beautiful pearl! She must have put it there unknowingly. “Wow, I’m such a lucky person” her anger had completely vanished.

“Yes, indeed you are very lucky, my dear.” Kimiko’s mother had come own to see her.

“I’m sorry mom, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” She apologized.

“It’s ok.” Her mother smiled. “You were upset, I know u didn’t mean any of it” She sat down beside her daughter. “How many girls out there will ever find a pearl like you did? See, our life is not bad as it looks. Something good will come out of everything.”

“Yeah, I have learned to appreciate what I have. Life is beautiful.”

“We could sell it and buy a better house, you know”

“Well, we could sell it and spend some for my education. But I love my life just the way it is. I don’t care what people say about what I do. Because I am content about what I have.  I want to live here and sell seashells.” Kimiko said happily

Moral: Appreciate what you have


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Party Or School

* Heads up! I wrote this in 2010. That’s when i was in grade 8, so it might be a little childish or english may not be THAT good *

studyEric is a very good disciplined boy. His parents and teachers are very fond of him. He obeys the school rules and gets good marks in every exam.

Unlike other boys, during interval time, before the next class starts, he usually sits in the class to read a book. Most of the students walk in the corridor or turns the class upside down.

Sam, one of his classmates, came and gave handed him an envelope. Eric opened it and took out a birthday invitation. Sam was the richest boy in his class and Eric heard he was going to celebrate his 15th birthday very brightly. Sam said,”don’t forget to come, I’m planning to show the new episode of ‘Venus Virus’ at my party.” He hi-fived Eric and joined his buddies.

Eric normally does not go out to parties very much. In fact he does not step out of his house much. But this time he decided to go since the exams will be starting next week. It would be nice to clear his head before the exams. Moreover, ‘Venus Virus’ was his favorite Series. Eric was eagerly counting the days until that Thursday. His Physics teacher, Mr. Apple announced that he was going to conduct an extra class that very Saturday.

Other students did not take much interest in the news. Eric heard them making jokes “As if we would go there”.  But Eric felt really disappointed. It wasn’t that he hasn’t studied or anything but he had never missed an extra class before. Also, he almost flunked from Physics last term. He regretfully decided to go for the extra class.

On his way out, he met Sam and said apologetically, “I can’t go to the party because of the class.”  Sam replied,” Oh come on, there’s no harm in missing one single class. You don’t know what you are missing, Rick.”

That Saturday evening, on his way to the school, he passed by his friends. They were dressed in very late fashion style clothes and were heading towards the “Party of the year”.  As he entered his class he tried not to think about the party.” Looks like you are the only one who decided to come.” Mr. Apple said after waiting five minutes for the students. “Don’t look so down Rick, they don’t know what they are missing.”

Eric decided not to look too upset.” I can always enjoy after the exams, can’t I?” he thought. Mr. Apple gave him some worksheets with past paper questions.

Three weeks later…………..Eric found himself in the middle of an applauding crowd. It was after the report giving ceremony. His classmates are congratulating him because he got the highest grade average in the entire grade. And what more, he was the only one who got an A report in Physics from his class.

Eric was glad he came to the extra class because the question paper consisted of similar questions as he did in the extra class. If he hadn’t come, he would have lost so many marks. After school that day, Sam came up to congratulate him. He handed Eric a package,” It’s the new episodes of ‘Venus Virus’. You deserve this.” Eric thanked him. He had the happiest school holidays ever.