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Windmills Of The God

Published in 1987, Windmills Of The Gods is an adventure fiction/thriller by Sidney Sheldon. It portrays a female lecturer from Kansas city and the deadly journey she embarks upon when she gets selected as the Ambassador of Romania by the president of the USA himself.

Mary Ashley, 30 year old mother of two and wife of a successful doctor, teaches political science at a university in Kansas. Her keen interest in the politics and history of Romania was spotted by the newly elected President of USA and she was selected as the Romanian Ambassador to represent the USA to help him carry out the people to people project.

She manages to carry out some tasks that was thought as impossible by some people. She ended up showing people that she too, with her knowledge can do it even if she has no previous experience in the field.

 I knew that someone was out there that is targeting to kill her. But who? Is it Mike Slade, her second in command? He was described as an annoying character and all the clues pointed out to him to be the murderer, so I thought it was too obvious. That made my attention to get diverted to the French doctor that she goes away on a weekend with. He was the opposite of Mike Slade. But the twist and turns that follow will keep you guessing till the end.

Windmills of the Gods is a must! Especially for anyone who loves thrillers. It is a book that will keep you turning the pages once you start. The book does more than entertain, its informative as well. You will gain some insight into Romania and eastern and western bloc countries that lie on either side of the iron curtain.