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Windmills Of The God

Published in 1987, Windmills Of The Gods is an adventure fiction/thriller by Sidney Sheldon. It portrays a female lecturer from Kansas city and the deadly journey she embarks upon when she gets selected as the Ambassador of Romania by the president of the USA himself.

Mary Ashley, 30 year old mother of two and wife of a successful doctor, teaches political science at a university in Kansas. Her keen interest in the politics and history of Romania was spotted by the newly elected President of USA and she was selected as the Romanian Ambassador to represent the USA to help him carry out the people to people project.

She manages to carry out some tasks that was thought as impossible by some people. She ended up showing people that she too, with her knowledge can do it even if she has no previous experience in the field.

 I knew that someone was out there that is targeting to kill her. But who? Is it Mike Slade, her second in command? He was described as an annoying character and all the clues pointed out to him to be the murderer, so I thought it was too obvious. That made my attention to get diverted to the French doctor that she goes away on a weekend with. He was the opposite of Mike Slade. But the twist and turns that follow will keep you guessing till the end.

Windmills of the Gods is a must! Especially for anyone who loves thrillers. It is a book that will keep you turning the pages once you start. The book does more than entertain, its informative as well. You will gain some insight into Romania and eastern and western bloc countries that lie on either side of the iron curtain.

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Hammer Of Eden

Its about a group of people who lives in Silver City Valley and their attempts to save their valley from destruction. Governor of California ordered to build power plants near the valley. And that means their commune will be flooded and they would lose their homes. So Ricky and his gang comes up with a plan to blackmail the governor by threatening to cause an earthquake. Yeah an artificial earthquake.

Then the story shows FBI agent Judy’s hard work in trying to stop them. These parts were super exciting.

As always , it’s a different book. I don’t remember reading a book like this. I thought this might be a good time to get some information about FBI or earthquakes so I went ahead. And I did end up learning quite a bit. And I was today years old when I found out that human can cause earthquakes using seismic vibrators.

They have replaced the real names of the criminals in commune with fake names which I found very interesting. Like, Star, Flower, Song, Bones..etc

Comparing Melanie and Star, I thought at first Star was going to be the main crazy evil woman but turns out its Melanie.

About Ricky Granger (also calls himself Priest)

He is a smart psychopath criminal in terms of convincing people, getting what he wants from others by deceit and how he communicates. But he’s really stupid but that’s obviously because he’s been living off the modern world in a commune for decades. A place where there are no TV or newspapers. He hates watching news. According to him, it adds stress and worries which you can’t do anything about. So the reason I’m saying he’s stupid is he calls a government building to check the time of the press conference. And he had no idea that they can trace the call in nanoseconds. And he also makes tones of mistakes throughout that make him a stupid criminal. I guess no one is smart as Scofield

I didn’t know (……) was going to die. (In case you want to read it, I didn’t want to spoil it) Actually I didn’t have time to predict how it was going to end. It went so fast. I just thought Ricky Granger (Priest) was going to get arrested at the last scene and it disappointed me to find out that he escaped even after the gun shot. But I’m glad at least he dies on the next chapter.

When the book ended it left me with such awe that I wished there was a second part. A part where Flower would grow up and become a criminal. And by that time Star would be out of jail and maybe Priest would be seen too. Maybe he failed the suicide attempt because maybe someone rescued him at the last minute. Oh and Dusty and Flower could end up together and it would end up in a terrible mess. How awesome would that be.


So which novel have you been reading lately?

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Into the Water

To be honest, I did not like this book when I first started reading it. It could be due to many reasons. Maybe because I just finished reading “Me Before You” and I was too hung up on it. Or I wasn’t too prepared to read about a story that seems a little gloomy and creepy. I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen. It started to seem that there is going to be some spiritual beings , in the story but turns out that it wasn’t like that. It’s pretty much a non-fiction realistic novel.

There are a lot of characters and each chapter narrates their story. That’s why first I got a little confused at what was really happening but later it got really interesting when everyone’s life events got inter linked. And soon I got drowned into this page turner.

Quoted from

“When a single mom and a teen girl are found murdered at the bottom of a river in a small town weeks apart, an ensuing investigation dredges up a complicated local history. After the murders a lonely fifteen-year-old girl, parentless and friendless, finds herself in the care of her mother’s sister, a fearful stranger who has been dragged back to the place she deliberately ran from, a place to which she vowed she’d never return.”


Just when you thought the mystery has been solved and the bad guy had been arrested, it is actually the last line in the story that reveals the real culprit.

I like how the author created this story. How she links the personality and behavioral changes of people because of the events that happened to them in the past. Especially in their childhood. How some memories can become so twisted in a way that sometimes the reality and imagination can be mixed up. I read something about counterfactual thinking . It’s really fascinating. It’s because of these things that the real culprit committed the crime he did. It wasn’t intentional. In simple words people can become really messed up because of what happens to them.

I like how Jules and Lena ended up getting along in the end. I like how the author highlighted a character’s thoughts about rape and how she described the victim’s thoughts and opinions about it. It was so annoying when the rapist was so convinced that it wasn’t his fault that she got raped.

Anyway it was a gripping adventure and something that I would like to reread again. Usually I don’t read a novel more than once but this one I ended reading once I finished. I wish the movie is out. I want to read “The Girl On The Train” by the same author before watching the movie. I’m sure it’s as amazing as this one.

Do you want to visit Beckford and check out this Drowning Pool?

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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

So I was just sitting the other day and thinking about random things. And out of no where I just felt like “I want to start watching Anime”. Just like that.

Now see, there are different people in my life. People who are hardcore anime fans, people who doesn’t like it, and people who have never really watched it. And I am one of those people who watched Naruto but didn’t really watch it completely. I mean I know the characters but I wont get 50% if you quiz me from it. I just watched the parts I saw from TV while some people downloaded it and watched it like True fans.  I even played the game which was really fun. My favourite characters were Ten-ten and Neji. Oh wait Sasuke too…and Naruto…and ummm everyone.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you just start finding interest in things you never really seemed interested in? So right now its Anime time. And a great recommendation from a very true hardcore anime fan is “Erased” which aired in 2016.

I tried watching One Piece. But start with I would prefer a peaceful one. I’m not in the mood to watch a very action one right now so I am choosing Erased.

It’s about this guy, Satoru who reminds me of Barry Allen even though he couldn’t run very fast like Barry. Satoru has this phenomenon called “Revival” where he goes back in 5 minutes time. It happens because a bad thing is about to take place and so every time he frantically tries to figure out what it is and try to prevent it. Remember “Final Destination”? Where the person sees the upcoming events and tries to warn everyone? Something like that. He cant really control this phenomenon but it happens once in a while.

This is entirely not what the whole series is about though. He ends up going 18 years back and tries to solve a series of “tragic” events that takes place in his town.

I don’t actually like things like this. I mean, things which involve going to past and changing timeline. Changing events that occurred in the past to preserve the good things in the future. That’s so messed up. Barry Allen taught us that nothing good will come out of running back to the past whenever some thing bad happens. It will just mess up the timeline. Whatever happened in the past happened and you are where you are for a reason. We should accept and try to make the best of the present lives.

Anyhow, I like this Anime. Let’s see how this goes. And please recommend me something else to watch after this one.


Well before I posted this I completed this 12 episode anime. And it was great! He was able to complete his “mission”. I don’t want to ruin this for those who want to watch it so I will just leave it there.

So which level of Anime fan are you?

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Me After 2 Years

So. How are you guys? How long has it been?  Well it has been quite a while since you read anything new from this. 19th june 2016 was the last post. I missed blogging very much. Even though it has been just 2 years, feels like a whole decade has passed.

Am I the only one on this planet who hasn’t read or watch “Me before You” up until yesterday? It seems so. I read before watching it first of course, because I didn’t want the movie ruining all the wonderful details like they always do. And it was disappointing to see the movie did cut some details from it. Like that scene where Georgina coming over to Traynor’s house and being all upset about Will, Lou bursting into tears at the dinner table and telling them the story, Lou walking out the house with her angry mom giving that speech etc.

I guess they had to cut it all out to adjust it into the time frame and budget. Maybe. I really don’t know those stuff. Anyway the story line wasn’t lost though.



So you know that feeling when you read the story and you imagine the characters and your characters will look a certain way to you? Nathan was the one guy in the movie I didn’t expect to look like the way he looked. I expected him to be a little older and not so attractive. But damn the first scene itself blew me away with the hot steam. At first I found myself shipping him and Lou for some reason.


Wedding dance

Oh my god. When they put Ed Sheeran’s “thinking out loud” to that scene I went crazy. That was like my favourite part.



In the book however, my favourite part was when Lou shut the door on her sister’s face after a fight and Treen came back with two Bob the builders mug and a wine bottle to hear out Lou’s story. It was just the pure love between two sisters even though they are always driving each other nuts. It was beautiful.

Mr. Traynor

He would be perfect for the role of some creepy killer person. Reminds me of some evil character in some other movie.


He reminds me of Klaus from Vampire Diaries. Because of his accent maybe.


Ugh. Congratulations. But I don’t know…she said she tried but what about being there for the other “in sickness and in health? “


Bloody ell…look at you Neville Longbottom! Running marathons outside Hogwarts, eh mate?

“Will had pneumonia”

The ending was kinda predictable mostly because everyone was telling me “ you are gonna cry after reading this.“ So I figured he was going to die. And when I found out about Dignitas I was sure. But I was not expecting to see those three words at the end of a very normal looking peaceful chapter. It literally came as a shock to me and for a minute I wondered if that’s how he’s going to die.

If it’s anything I take home from this book, its making the best out of this life and accomplishing things as much as you can before it’s too late.

What are your thoughts on this novel?

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Nelson Mandela- An inspiration to the civil rights activists worldwide

mandela-freedom title image







Two years ago today, an anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist  who served as the first black president of South Africa passed away. His government played a significant role in dismantling the legacy of apartheid through tackling institutionalized racism and fostering racial reconciliation. He was an indefatigable citizen who worked tirelessly to make his country a better place. During his life, he faced a lot of challenges including imprisonment. For 20 years he directed a campaign of peaceful, nonviolent defiance against the South African government and its racist policies.

He is a legacy who deserved to be remembered and we should all learn a thing or two from his struggles. For those who want an overview of his life, hope this blog piece suits your interest.

Please note that most of them are directly quoted from the website


Born as : Rolihlahla Mandela

Date of Birth: 18th July 1918

Place of Birth: Mvezo, on the banks of the Mbashe River in Transkei, South Africa.

Fathers name: Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Gadla Mandela

Served as the Principal counselor to the Acting King of Thembu people tribal chiefs for several years, but lost both his title and fortune over a dispute with the local colonial magistrate.

His father’s loss of status forced his mother to move his family to Qunu, a much smaller village.

Mother’s name: Nonqaphi Nosekeni

One website quotes that his father passed away when Nelson was 9 years old while the others say that he was 12.

When he was adopted, he left Qunu and started his life in the royal residence of Thembuland.

Adopted by: Chief Jongintabo Daylindyebo, who was the acting regent of Thembu.


Early Education

Mandela took classes in a one-room school next to the palace, studying English, Xhosa, history and geography. It was during this period that Mandela developed an interest in African history, from elder chiefs who came to the Great Palace on official business. He learned how the African people had lived in relative peace until the coming of the white people. According to the elders, the children of South Africa had previously lived as brothers, but white men had shattered this fellowship. While black men shared their land, air and water with whites, white men took all of these things for themselves.


Age 16

He entered manhood by the traditional African ritual.

Mandela attended a Wesleyan mission school, the Clarkebury Boarding Institute and Wesleyan College,

Apart from academics, he also excelled at track and boxing.

Around the age of 21 (in 1939)

  • Enrolled at the University College of Fort Hare, the only residential center of higher learning for blacks in South Africa at the time.
  • Fort Hare was considered Africa’s equivalent of the University of Oxford or Harvard University.
  • Oliver Tambo is a brilliant friend he made during this time, who later partnered with him in starting a law firm.

1st year at college: He focused on Roman Dutch Law to prepare for a career in civil service as an interpreter or a clerk. (best profession a black man could attain at that time)

2nd year at college: elected as Student Representative Council (SRC)

He could not complete his degree as he was expelled for joining in a student protest.


Arranged a marriage

Within the right of Regent Jongintaba, as the custom dictated his guardian (Jongintaba) arranged a marriage for Nelson Mandela.

Ran away

He was shocked by the news of marriage and felt trapped.

He settled in Johansenburg and attended jobs as clerks and guards. He also completed his bachelor’s degree via correspondence courses. He then enrolled at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to study law.

Around the age of 24 (1942)

Mandela joined the African National Congress and became actively engaged in the anti-apartheid movement.

Within the congress a small group of young Africans banded together forming African National Youth League. ( something like our little NGOs)


For 20 years, Mandela directed peaceful, nonviolent acts of defiance against the South African government and its racist policies, including the

1952: Defiance Campaign

1955: Congress of the people

Founded a law firm (Mandela and Tambo law firm). The law firm provided free and low-cost legal counsel to unrepresented blacks.

At around 37 years of age (1956) Mandela and 150 others were arrested and charged with treason for their political advocacy.

In 1961, Mandela, who was formerly committed to nonviolent protest, began to believe that armed struggle was the only way to achieve change. He subsequently co-founded Umkhonto we Sizwe, also known as MK, an armed offshoot of the ANC dedicated to sabotage and guerilla war tactics to end apartheid. In 1961, Mandela orchestrated a three-day national workers’ strike. He was arrested for leading the strike the following year, and was sentenced to five years in prison. In 1963, Mandela was brought to trial again. This time, he and 10 other ANC leaders were sentenced to life imprisonment for political offenses, including sabotage.

winner is a dreamer


Incarcerated in Robben island for 18 of his 27 years of prison.

  • Contracted TB
  • As a black political prisoner, received the lowest level of treatment from prison workers.
  • Earned a Bachelor of Law degree through a University of London correspondence program.

At 63 years

In 1982, Mandela and other ANC leaders were moved to Pollsmoor Prison, allegedly to enable contact between them and the South African government.


At 66 years

In 1985, President P.W. Botha offered Mandela’s release in exchange for renouncing armed struggle; the prisoner flatly rejected the offer.


At 71 years

11th February 1990

  • President P.W. Botha suffered a stroke and was replaced by Frederik Wilem de Klerk.
  • De Klerk unbanned the ANC
  • Restrictions on political groups were removed
  • Suspended executions

rise mandela


In 1991

  • Mandela was elected as president of the African National Congress,
  • His lifelong friend and colleague Oliver Tambo was elected as national chairperson.


In 1993

Mandela and President de Klerk were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work toward dismantling apartheid.


27th April 1994

First democratic elections in South Africa.


10th May 1994

  • Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the first black president in South Africa.
  • He published an autobiography “Long Walk to freedom” which he secretly wrote while he was in prison.
  • From 1994 until June 1999, Mandela worked to bring about the transition from minority rule and apartheid to black majority rule. He used the nation’s enthusiasm for sports as a pivot point to promote reconciliation between whites and blacks, encouraging black South Africans to support the once-hated national rugby team. In 1995, South Africa came to the world stage by hosting the Rugby World Cup, which brought further recognition and prestige to the young republic.
  • Mandela also worked to protect South Africa’s economy from collapse during his presidency. Through his Reconstruction and Development Plan, the South African government funded the creation of jobs, housing and basic health care. In 1996, Mandela signed into law a new constitution for the nation, establishing a strong central government based on majority rule, and guaranteeing both the rights of minorities and the freedom of expression.


Awarded the Order of Merit


Although he retired from active politics he maintained a busy schedule by continuing to serve his country:

  • Raised money to build schools and clinics in the South Africa’s rural heartland
  • Served as a mediator in Burundi’s civil war.
  • Published a number of books about his life and struggles.


His books:

  • No Easy Walk to Freedom
  • The Struggle is my Life;
  • Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales.

In 2001

Diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In June 2004, at the age of 85,

He announced his formal retirement from public life and returned to his native village of Qunu.


18th July 2009

It was declared as Mandela Day, an international day to promote global peace and celebrate the South African leader’s legacy.

Last Public Appearance at the final match on World Cup 2010 in South Africa.



5th December 2013, age 95

This remarkable citizen who advocated for peace and equality on both a national and global scale, passed away in Johannesburg, South Africa

A statement on the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory’s website reads: “Mr. Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. All we are asking is that everyone gives 67 minutes of their time, whether it’s supporting your chosen charity or serving your local community.”




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reclaimThe name didn’t scream much detail. Reclaiming what? A house? Money? It was just a word. I didn’t think about it. The movie started when the couple drove up to this city where they were meeting the foster kid. After paying what seemed like to be a fortune, they got the kid. I was wondering, what could possibly happen in this movie. They got a kid and now they are a happy little family. I looked at the cursor which has moved an inch from the screen and thought woah, something awesome will surely happen. So they were almost set to go to start a new beginning at their country. But, since they had to wait for the kid’s passport, they couldn’t just go.

The movie started taking shape when the kid disappeared from their apartment. Apparently she was reclaimed. That’s what the police told them.

See it was this “game” where fake group of people claiming to be important people make a fake, real looking website and gets money when the kids are “adopted”. The poor innocent kids are kidnapped and brainwashed to play the “game”. The movie portrays the couples’s struggles in getting back the child. Why don’t you watch it to get a better explanation. The ending is really cool. When you think all the chaos is over, it starts all over again and the bad guy keeps on coming, chasing after you. Seriously, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overall it’s a good watch. It opens your eyes to this horrible world even more and keep you pondering about the poor little kids that are kidnapped all over the world for all kinds of purposes. Just think about it. If its shown in movies, how awful would it be in real life.reclaim_deponline_6

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dltgbigt0oyayt3nywbbI have recently started watching a new series. “izombies”. If you haven’t watched it, I’m afraid there’s going to be some gruesome spoilers in this. Yeah gruesome, ‘cause they eat brains. Why do zombies always love the brain? Zombies in walking dead also ate brains right. I don’t know, never watched it. It didn’t really appeal to me. But now I’m thinking of watching it this holiday.

So this izombie is mainly about this girl Liv, who was a resident at the hospital who happened to go to a boat party that went Kaboom. That was where she was scratched and turned into a zombie. Since then her life capsized completely. She broke off her engagement, went all pale and withdrew herself from people and transferred to a morgue. Yeah a morgue! Free brain buffet pretty much all the time. She worked as a forensic analyst and helped her cop boss solve crimes. Here’s the interesting part. When she eat the brains, she gets their character and see memories of them. Pretty cool power for a zombie huh. I have a feeling everyone’s going to know about her little secret pretty soon.

So about the bad guys. The big bad one is scratching everyone and turning them into zombies. So that he could get big bucks buy selling brain food to them. His main food supply is kids from a foster home who he’s kidnaping. The biggest shock was when I found out that the Head of Police is Team Zee too. Haha, you should totally watch this. It’s so zombifying! ( that’s not a real word)

I really want to see a real morgue now.

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A Flash Back

I am bored and I really want to write about something. So here are some stories that I once read.

fearstreeFear Street

When I was in primary school I always see my brothers reading this book which they got from the Library. So when I was in grade 8 I started to read this series which was written by R.L. Stine. It was pretty exciting at first but later, after one year or so, it became a little bit childish for me. Because it was the same thing over and over again. In every part, there would be the bad guy who will appear in the first few pages of the book. He will be the last person you would expect. But it will be kinda predictable. There would be some “psyco killing spree”. Like I said, it was exciting at first and I really enjoyed it but it got outdated for me.

Goosebumps was also written by that author but I didn’t find that book that much interesting as it was written for much younger kids. However I do remember reading a book from that series. It was fun, since there were clues written at the bottom of the page and you have to choose the next page according to the instructions given.

3 investigatorsThree Investigators

This was a brilliant series. Maybe because the protagonist was intelligent as anyone can ever be. I had the first part of the series at home and my brother got me the other books from the Library. This series is about three friends who start an investigating club of some sort. It was really interesting as they each has a secret symbol to draw on walls when they go exploring different areas. Each of them draws a different coloured Question Mark as their symbol, indicating that they had been there. This was really helpful as one of them got lost and others were able to find him because of it. (forgive me for my memory is a bit fudged.)

Nancy Drew small version

*sigh* love the days I read this. I remember going through this series in the AEC library. It was on the first shelf, right next to the windows on the corridor side. Don’t know how the place is rearranged now. It was well,, how do I put it….hmm..a cute series. I still remember the author! Carolyn Keene. I read some elder version parts as well.


Then there are the Lizzie Mcguire and Michelle series too. Oh and lets not forget the glitter girls’ secret password “GG”. Haha miss you my glitter girl fan, S. Just love those stories as well. I love the reading time where we take the stories from the reading box and read for 10 minutes every day before the class starts.


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Triple Reviews


Expelled is a different movie I have watched quite recently. First I thought that this movie will mislead the mischievous teenagers of this century. They are already sharp witted and daring enough that they don’t need any more brilliant ideas about getting expelled. Indeed the Protagonist is an intelligent prankster who manage to get him suspended and expelled without even letting his parents know about it. So there I was sitting, wondering what good will come out of a movie that shows these types of behaviors. Then I realized that this is a remarkable film for the parents and teachers. Most of the parents are naïve. They think their children are too innocent to break the rules. Maybe because of this film their minds will broaden and make them think about their children more seriously. And for all the students who think that school is not cool and studying is a waste of time, Felix has something to tell you. “I don’t want to spend my whole life behind a desk, nor do I want to spend it in jail”


The Right Kind Of Wrong

This movie is mainly based on the wife who writes a blog about the annoying habits of her husband. She named it “Why You Suck”. It was quite interesting. I was like, wow, how is this going to turn out. Well the very first interesting thing that gripped my attention was the way the names of the cast were shown. It was very unique compared to other movies I have seen.

About the movie, well, the film starts with a divorce and the wife continues to pursue her writing career by writing a book about the reasons why her husband suck. It was quite a challenge for this husband to go out in public surrounded by hushed tones and judgmental looks. Imagine how you would feel if someone broadcasted all your negative traits in the very negative way. Unlike us, he was courageous to go out there. So this film depicts the path taken by the dishwasher after he falls in love with a bride at a wedding. According to him his marriage didn’t work because the wrong between them wasn’t the right kind of wrong.


Safe Haven

Unlike the other two movies, I didn’t watch this one out of boredom. Ever since I saw the ending of this movie (the part where she reads the letter) I have searched for it. It was really beautiful. It was the type of movie that is peaceful and romantic and a bit mysterious. This movie reminded me of “The Lucky One”. This is about a women who finds a safe haven after she runs away from a “nightmare”. There, she falls in love with this man who fathers two children. But will she be able to hide her deep dark secret? The fact that his wife fought cancer adds the emotion to this movie. I have to admit it’s a bit frustrating when cancer is always involved in most love stories. Later I found out that Nicholas Sparks wrote it. Oh of course, I should have known, no surprise there! By the way, in case you are interested, Robin from “How I Met Your Mother” starred in this movie!