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Thoughts Whispered To Trees…


Thoughts Whispered To Trees..

How lost you are soul.. You reach out for what you can’t hope to own.. Hold onto what you can’t hope to keep.. Wish upon godforsaken things.. Walk barren lands for signs of life.. And hope for someone to see your sorrow while you walk cloaked in a shroud of smiles.. Smiles that could fool an angel..

They are gone.. But their aura still remains.. You can still sense them.. Mingling together.. Like an assortment of heady perfumes.. Playing, laughing and frolicking as your physical selves once did.. That is how you reason the aura being heady.. What you don’t know is that the commotion in the aura you sense is that of yours trying to hold onto theirs.. Of yours being tormented as theirs rejoiced in their coming freedom.. And how lost you are soul..

You trace the footsteps you once took.. Them and you.. You’re tracing theirs too.. The ones that run beside yours.. You don’t really see them.. But, you know they are under the soil somewhere.. Beneath layer upon layer of dust that has gathered since they were first imprinted.. You cannot see them.. But they are there.. They have got to be.. The world took away them.. It can’t take away the footprints too.. What you don’t understand is that it well and truly can.. And how lost you are soul..

They will come back.. You tell yourself.. That sickening ache in your heart will go.. That taste in your mouth too.. Metallic and acidic as blood.. Perhaps even more disgusting.. And Revolting too.. What you don’t understand is that what only remains is for you to get used to that ache.. And that taste.. And how lost you are soul..

If not someone will see my sorrow.. You tell yourself.. Someone will hug me tight.. Rock me to sleep.. Share the warmth I so desperately crave.. Perhaps take away that taste.. Replace it with theirs.. Or just give you their taste and let it overpower the ones of those who came before.. But what you don’t understand is that no one is coming.. All that remains is you.. And how lost you are soul..

You give yourself hope.. Tell yourself that scorching sun makes the fruit sweeter.. Thirst makes water sweeter.. Hardship makes redemption sweeter.. And then you work.. And then you walk.. Towards the land of promised.. Where it lies.. You know not.. Just a general direction.. So you walk.. And found one day you will be oh lost soul..

And that journey to the land of promised.. Stripped of every joy it will leave you.. Stripped of every inch of skin your feet.. Stripped of everything you knew.. Stripped of everything you recognized.. And what was normal today will fade.. What will be abnormal tomorrow will be normal the next.. That is what the Earth does with every turn.. And when that normal becomes a constant.. Your journey will be over.. For the strongest swords are metal heated in fire of abnormal heat.. plucked out of it and then shucked into water of abnormal cold.. Extreme upon extreme so that it can bear all extremes.. Bending but never breaking.. And found then you will be oh lost soul..

This beautiful piece is written by a very talented, awesome person who has the potential to write so many and so much more incredible stuff. The writings he write are way better than mine and I encourage him to come forward with it.