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Dental Tales #02

cartoonWell I just want to ramble on and on about some stuff I learned.

About Extraction

Patient History:

It’s Important to know which type of patient it is; whether she’s a cardiac patient, diabetic, and what kind of drugs she’s taking right now. If she’s a cardiac patient and she’s taking a certain drug that liquefies the blood, the dentist would recommend getting consent from her physician. In some cases the concerned doctor would not permit the dentist to remove the tooth unless an emergency facility is available at the Clinic. So mostly they would recommend a hospital as it’s safer for critical patients.

If a patient is diabetic, the doctor would recommend you to control the sugar level for several days before removing the tooth. The healing process after the tooth removal will be easier if the sugar level is not high.

xtractIt’s important for you to be aware as well to know which questions the doctor is supposed to ask. I mean, when you are going to the doctor with an aching tooth, you don’t want the doctor to just remove your tooth without asking you any questions now do you?

After extraction:

Firstly, you should not have a hot or any hard food that day. After the bleeding has subsided (I don’t mean to imply that the blood is going to come like an open tap) you can have an ice cream or a very cold drink (without a straw).

The following 2-3 days you can rinse you mouth with lukewarm saline water (salt water).


If you have removed a tooth in between two teeth, its recommended to put a bridge. Most people don’t do it as the following effect is not quite sudden. What happens when there is a gap between the two teeth is that, the corresponding opposite tooth will come down. Suppose it’s your lower first premolar that is removed, then there is a gap between the canine and the second premolar. And the upper first premolar does not have a support when you chew or bite. Therefore, gradually the upper tooth will start to come down. It won’t be so sudden and this is why some people ignore it.


When you take an x-ray a couple of years later and compare it with your old x-ray you will definitely notice the difference. You will see that the upper first premolar is not in the same alignment as the other tooth.


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Dental Tales #01


Brush your teeth, floss regularly and visit your dentist at least every year. You may have written these three points in your little notebooks when you were in primary school. Well I have been visiting my dentist for the past 4 months but my teeth aren’t getting any whiter. Hehe, well not exactly visiting for consultations though (that’s supposed to be a joke, now laugh). I did learn a thing or two while working there.

When we were kids we always see the dentist as a person who extracts teeth. We go to him when we have cavities and pain and when we want to remove the tooth. But just because you have pain in your teeth and its decayed pretty badly doesn’t mean you have to always remove it. There is an alternative solution. You can do root canal treatment to remove the decayed part and save the tooth.

So let’s see, what exactly is root canal treatment (RCT)


As the name suggests, the procedure is about treating the canals. Basically, what is done is cleaning your tooth and taking out the dead pulp and filling it. This procedure is mainly done within 2 or 3 visits. Otherwise you would get pretty tired if you have to keep your mouth open for such a long time. Well, not only that. The doctor may give medicines to reduce infection after the first visit.
First an anesthetic is given to the area, so that you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. Then, using a small drill the Dentist would work his way into the canals. He will also use some needle like things called “dental files” to get to the canals. In some teeth, there will be three or four roots, while the others like canines have only one. But in rare cases, even in canines there could be several roots.

Dental files
Dental files

So the next step is to clean the canals. In between, the area is irrigated with saline (salt solution) to rinse it and get the debris out. Then some chemicals are applied like, root canal conditioner and chlorohexylene. Then using paper points, the canals are dried. After that, a medicine is applied using GPs (gutcha percher points).

Then heat is applied to seal the canals before putting the filling. So basically the tooth is saved and your pain is gone now. But if you don’t put a permanent cap on it, the tooth is very likely to get fractured and you will have to do a re-RCT or worse, you might have to extract it. So save yourself the trouble and get a cap before it gets broken.

There are different types of caps (crowns); metal, ceramic, facing (half metal and half ceramic) etc. The type of crowns depends on your preference.

So the wisest way here is to get dental check-ups at least once a year and see whether you have any cavities. If you fill it early enough before it deepens, you don’t have to worry about doing an RCT.

Well while we are on the subject of dental consultations; get your teeth checked up at Dento Medical Solutions, by Dr. Joe George. (you are so laughing at this post aren’t you doc?)

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A Ride Back to The Memories

10155541_885403428214747_2864150360156010314_nLast year around this time, I was seeing pictures of people riding around Male’. This really fascinated me. I really loved the idea of bringing back the bike era into the modern day. Because these are the days in Maldives where people think that engines are cool, motorcycles are way fashionable and cars are more awesome than simple bikes. The parking racks which were once over stocked with bicycles are now replaced with motorcycles. The evening rides which were dominated by bikes are now boisterous with motorized vehicles. Even the morning school rush hour has more engines than pedals.

However, nowadays the developed countries prefer cycling than driving. They are finding cycling as one of the key solution for a greener future. And I believe eventually Maldivians will adapt the same idea too. Because it always follows a similar trend. First we think doing something is uncool. Like riding a bike and when the foreign people and famous celebrities start to pick up the habit again, we start to see the beauty in it. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the Youth starts preferring cycling than driving. Just imagine, we used to go everywhere in bikes before engines took over. Why can’t we do it now? Surely the distance between two places didn’t increase over time. I don’t mean we should stop using motorized vehicles altogether but to those places where we can easily travel, why not ride a bike or take a walk? Some people are too blind to see the awesomeness of the bikes.

Tourism Day Ride

I went to my first Bike Maldives bike ride in July 26th. Yep the “Minivan 50” ride held in the morning that day. I and my sister went to “Artificial Beach” around 5:30 or 6 AM. The colourful decorative lights were still on as it was dark. The hectic streets of Male’ were extremely quite at that time of the day and it was a serene couple of minutes. The vehicle-free streets would make one wish the streets to be like that at all times.

The ride was pretty exciting. All the bikes were decorated with red, green and white balloons, flags and light sticks. Stickers and other accessories were passed around too. It was shown on TV as well.

The next big Bike event I went was the #IChooseLifeCampaign walk/bike ride. We gathered at the Social Centre to help distribute T-shirts and help around. We wore green T-shirts in that event and rode the full Majeedhee Magu as far as I remember. It culminated in “Artificial Beach” where there was something like a zumba dance session as the final number. On the way home, I strongly recall being really careful while riding. The busy streets were really scary. Even though it’s fun and safe to ride the bike in traffic controlled routes, the normal streets were a whole different story.

Me making a fool out of myself ?

The thing about riding bicycle in Male’ compared to in the island is that you have to be constantly alert. You cannot let your mind rest in the busy streets of Male’. Back in island, when I set out to go to school, all I have to do is let the legs do all the work and let my mind wander into another world. Luckily nothing disastrous happened so far. Hehe.

The next big event was the Tourism Day ride, where we wore a red T.shirt. it ended near “Tsunami Binaa” place and there were coconuts as refreshments. It was also shown live on TV. Bike stunts were also carried out by some talented people there. I remember being really tired after this event.

Bike Maldives also rides in Hulhumale’ in almost every Friday but I have never been to a Hulhumale’ ride before. It always looks so jolly from the pictures. They ride around, take great pictures and wrap it up with a big outdoor breakfast.

12003290_10153004200321587_7671640486758073401_nIn kulhudhuffishi I and my friends organized a bike ride in November 25th of last year. You might remember the orange campaign held against violence against women. Does 16 days of activism ring a bell? Yeah, so that bike ride was held in Addu, Kulhudhuffushi and Male at the same time. The experience in organizing that event was fantastic. I had a great time even though there were some setbacks. And we managed to gather a good crowd for that ride.

Recently Bike Maldives celebrated their 1 year anniversary. It doesn’t feel like one year though as they had done so much great things within such a short period. I wish Bike Maldives a very prosperous future up ahead. May they get successful by each passing year.

minivan 50 ride

Since we are constantly on the look-out for sustainable ways for a greener tomorrow, I hope the trend of bike riding starts to get caught in the Maldivian wind soon.

Happy Cycling!



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MalayVentures: Day 4


Here’s the thing. I accidentally deleted my short adventurous notes from my phone so now I’m just recalling the feelings.

So as usual we headed out to the Mall. We checked out some stuffs and bought some cool stuff. Saw a glamorous shoe shop and there were the “shoe models“ trying on different heels. It was so fun to shoe shop. Now I feel really bad for making fun of Jessica Wakefield for being so obsessed with clothes, shoes and shopping.

After a shopping spree we grabbed a bite at KFC. The burger was delicious. So was the compliment meal.

Times Square!

The roller coaster experience was one of the incredible things ever from the whole trip. It was like an opportunity to scream at the top of your lungs and not get arrested for it. Oh and how I missed my physics teacher and the physics gang as Centripetal force started messing around.  It was so stupendous that we went on it twice! And we got our stupid silly expressions captured by the sudden click of the camera as we were hurling down the track.


I was ready to go for 100 rounds on it but then we decided to check out the bumper cars. It was hilarious for the little gang but I couldn’t have much fun as I didn’t know how to drive like a pro 😛 Haha. I kept hitting on the walls and getting stuck while everyone else bumped into each other. But the next round was way better as I chased down kid who was yelling hysterically.

Then we went to Dizzy Izzy. The trouble has begun! The name itself suggest what would happen. So let me make a long story short. Nauseous volcano erupted and ruined the rest of the day. And the car ride made it even worse. Couldn’t even enjoy the Kenny Rogers dinner. Poor me. But that was so worth it haha.

20150921_181046That night I couldn’t sleep after dozing off in the nauseous evening. I remember writing something on blog that midnight. Was that “life is all about being thankful for”. Do you remember?

Oooh gotta stop now as the sun is about to rise on the next day.


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First Lhen Class

lhenn claas


The lhen class was held in July 2014. It had been ages since I wanted to post this, but couldn’t get round to doing it. So here it is now, on the occasion of “Lhenverige Dhuvas 2016”.

I had always thought it would be difficult to make Lhen, until we came across an awesome teacher who taught us how to do it.  It was a two day class with 4 sessions (which was total of 8 hours I think). We came to the first session feeling excited. The idea of learning how to make Lhen within just 2 days seemed so far fetched. So I was really intrigued. Our Usthaaz, “Kurolhi Zaahiru” was a very funny man. He carried out the class in a very interesting way. He told us to hit the desk with the palm of our hand to a beat called “Hoadhaa balaa”.

So we said that phrase to that beat, over and over again. I wondered how on earth was that related to Lhen. Then he showed some other phrases from the screen. So we read out loud “Fansuru Jahaa” to the same beat. And it continued for ages, phrase after phrase until we got the hang of it. We continue stepping our feet to the “hoadhaa balaa” beat as well.

Then we were asked to write similar phrases like that.

lhen sir


ހޯދާބަލާއަށް އެންމެފުރަތަމަ ހެދި ބަސްތައް


އޭނާ އެތާ

އިންދާ އަމާ

ރުޅިވެސް އައޭ

ރޯންވެސް ރުޔޭ

ހިނިވެސް އައޭ

It was so fun to hear out the words written by everyone. Then he asked us to put 8 phrases together. Hence, a ”lhen baithu”!! Tadaaa!

ހޯދާބަލާ އަށް އެންމެ ފުރަތަމަ ހެދި ޅެންބައިތު

ތުރުކީގަވީ ޑަކްޓަރުކޮބައި ނިންޖެއް ނަޔޭ އަހަރެންމިތާ

    މޮޔަވެސްވަނީ ރުޅިވެސްވަނީ އެކުވެރިކުދިން އަޑުވެސްލިޔޭ

(That sounds so lame when I read it now. Haha.

Next beat was “Hoadhamaa” . (Which was very fun to read repeatedly btw 😉 )

Read the following verse like how you sing “lhafathugaa ungelhemaa ”


ހޯދަމާއަށް ހެދި ބައެއް ބަސްތައް






ހޯދަމާއަށް ހެދި ފުރަތަމަ ބައިތު

މަންމައޭ މާހެފީ ރޯދައޭ މިއަދަކީ

   އަންނަނީ ޢީދެކޭ ސަންފައޭ ދެންއެކީ


(ޚިޔާލެއްގެ މައްޗަަށް ފުރަތަމަ ހެދި ޅެން (ހޯދާބަލާ

jeeluge dharin

Another lhen I later made.

lhen pic



ކޮއްކޯ މަގޭ ޖާނޭތިއީ ދެންފަހެ އުޅޭނީ ކިހިނަކުން

   ރޮއްވާލައޭ އާލާވުމުން ފޮނިފޮނި ހަނދާންތައް އިއްޔެހެން

ދޮންވެލިތެރޭ ސަކަރާތްޖަހާ އަތިރީމަތީ ފުންމާހެދިން

   ސޮންދާފިލާ ޕާރކަށްމެގޮސް މުޅިތަންއެކީ ކުޑަވެސްކުރިން

އެކުގައި ދަމޭ އިސްކޫލަށާއި ޤުރުއާން ކުލާސް އަދި ޓިއުޝަނަށް

    އެކުގައިވުމޭ ބޭނުންވަނީ ނިމިގެންދިޔަސް އެއްކަށްވަޅަށް

ޗޮކުލެޓު މެޓާ ލިބުނެއްކަމަކު ހަމަކާލުމަށް ނޭދެންމަށެއް

    އެކުގައި އުޅުން އެކޮޔަށް މަގޭ ދިއްކޮށްނުލައި ކުޑައެތިކޮޅެއް

ދެރަވެފަ ނުލާހިކު އިންނައިރު އަންނާނެޔޭ ހެއްވާލުމަށް

    ހީދެންލަމޭ ބޭނުންނެތަސް ބޭނުންމަވީ ރުއްސާލުމަށް

ޖެއްސުންފަށެށް ކޮށްލާނެޔޭ ރުޅިވެސްނިކަން އަރުވާނެޔޭ

    އެއްވެސް އިރަކު ނުރުހިފަ ބަހެއް ބުނެފައިޔަޤީން ނުމެވާނެޔޭ

ބަލިވެއްޖެނަމަ ހޭހަންކުރޭ މަންމާއެކީ ބޮޑިތާންކުރޭ

    ބަލިއެނދުމަތީ އިންނާނެޔޭ ކިޔުމުން އެނާނާ ލޯމެރޭ

ރޭގަނޑުގަޑީގައި އޮންނަމޭ ލޮލުފިޔަނުޖެހިފައި ގިސްލަމުން

ްބޭނުންވަނީ ތިޔަ ސޫރައޭ ދެކިލަންއަލުން ހުވަފެންތަކުނ

Thank You Adam Zaahir sir for your amazing effort in teaching this great gift. We really appreciate it. He told us to make lhem from time to time so that we won’t lose touch. Sadly, it had been quite a long time since I made a lhen. I did start several times but couldn’t complete it. I have included 3 lhen in this post, but there is one more about a picnic trip I went with my family once.


A lhen foi with all the students lhen compiled. It was released on 15th January 2015.
A lhen foi with all the students lhen compiled. It was released on 15th January 2015.


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Prefect Camp

11999990_887374488017641_1491228029_nWe had been planning to host a prefect day since a long time ago. In fact it was in our mind since the last prefect day that was held in our school. The challenging part was to think of a better one than the previous year. So we held a brainstorming session and sparked up lots of brilliant-silly ideas. We thought of making a children’s evening with different stalls, an ice-cream selling day, and picnic trip to a nearby island. We even thought of a “Prefect-teacher day” where all the prefects can pretend to be teachers and teach in classes. The thing we wanted to do most was to camp in an island but there were some technical problems. So at the end it all came down to a weekend camp at school! We planned like crazy to get everything done in time, juggling home works, extra classes, exams and everything else. But it all went down great.

Everyone arrived at 4:15 on Friday evening. It was so fun to see everyone coming with heavy backpacks, mats and sleeping bags with excited looks on their faces. I can still remember how thrilled I was about the fact that the three of us were going to lead this camp.

After the campers had put their belongings in their “camping site” they gathered around us.  The three of us sorted them into 4 groups and gave them ribbons to be tied on their wrist. We explained them the rules and the agenda of the camp.collage-2015-09-08 (2)

So the first event was the Treasure Hunt. The group who finds all the clues and finds the final treasure will get the prize. Treasure hunt was so fun to watch. Everyone was running around, dashing up and down the stairs, climbing the trees and turning everything upside down. We even put fake clues in places where it will be really difficult to reach. So by the time they get it, they will realize all the climbing was for nothing. Ha-ha!  Within minutes they were all breathless. They required a little bit of assistance in solving the riddles. As I recall it was the orange team who won.

The next big event was a barbeque that night. Before that we freshened up, prayed Maqrib, recited and hung out with each other. I was pranked by two of my friends. (lets not go there). We played small games in the hall like, lava baazy and miming and stuff. It was so fun, shouting and laughing and messing around.

But it was such a bummer, because it started raining and it was really difficult to get the barbecue done. But after what seemed like a million years of starvation we managed to get some chicken legs and sausages. We thank the hardworking team for preparing it including the ladies who got all the roshi prepared. Thank you!

So after dinner we all went to “sleep”. I’m not sure how much sleep they got ‘cause I slept for like 2 hours. I don’t know about the other grades but let me tell you a bit about what happened in our room. 😉

After having some midnight snacks and talking a bit, some went to sleep. I sure couldn’t because I and some friends were too busy laughing about the “Uh-uhoon” moment that evening. Plus the “Burugaa fiasco” too ;). Then my side kick and I planned to paint all their faces with lipstick before they wake up. We managed to give some great make-overs for some of them. I didn’t feel sleepy but decided to get an hour or two of sleep because the next morning there was going to be a tough exercise drill by cadets. So I dozed off, but was woken up when I felt the flash of camera on my eyes. I covered my face just in time. My evil side kick back stabbed me and painted my face too!!! Ha-ha. And some idiot kept “Bangi-govanings” all throughout the night. 😉

IMG_8166Day 2

Rise and Shine! Hurry lets go to the cadet exercise drill. Boy was that hilarious! But a bit tiring to do all that ridiculous exercises! It was fun screaming and cheering for your group members to finish the race.

After breakfast, we cleaned the hall a bit for the first aid session. It was my first, first-aid class, so I was extremely thrilled. After a bit of theory, they showed us how to put the patient in the safety position and how to do CPR. The whole session was very informative.

Then after some snacks and juice there was a life skill program by two teachers from our school. We played some games and prepared skids in that session. Going home for lunch pretty much killed the camp feeling but it was the best thing to do. After lunch, we had a fire fighting class, including the practical as well. It was so exhilarating to lay the blanket over that roaring fire!

After that, we played some games, like slow cycling, getting out of circle game and relay. Everyone was very tired and sleepy after all the activities. After having evening tea in the hall it was time to go home.

Well that’s the overview. Now let’s draw the back curtains and see what’s behind there.

Yes! We know, we know it didn’t reach up to your expectations. We know it wasn’t as cool as you had hoped. We know at sometimes you were all very bored, tired and sleepy. But we did the best we could; given the time frame we had to plan it. The three of us did it by juggling home works, extra classes, exams and everything else. We spent the whole Friday morning placing the clues all around the school, cleaning the classrooms, and preparing all the necessary things. We are really sorry for not giving you the camp of a lifetime. But hey, in every event there are positive points and negative ones right?

And I hope you don’t regret that weekend. Because everything is an experience, be it good or bad. You had all surely gotten some experience with living with different people, sharing a bathroom and sleeping place. And who knows, one day you may have to plan a camp so now you know what and what not to give importance.

Even though it was the school captain, the other deputy captain and I who arranged the whole thing, we couldn’t have done it without a lot of helping hands. For example, our beloved Abdulla Sir, for being there for us to provide all sorts of help in numerous occasions. Plus the awesome people who made the juice, roshi and the hardworking team of guys who helped with the barbecue.  Moreover I would like to thank the group of teachers who stayed on guard while we slept safely in the school. Thanks guys!


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Once Upon A Time Part 2: Adventure With Lily

bikee10/11/11 6AM


Dear Diary,

Last few nights, Lily and we played Gandufilla at night. It was really fun. Lily couldn’t stop with her moisty meaty butt theory.

Actually we played Gandufilla after we came from watching The Dhamuhingun . Lilly was too scared come so I went with mom and Lily’s mom. We didn’t stay long because Lily wanted to play.

Ok now, let me tell you about the perfect yesterday evening! I and Lily went for a bicycle ride. We often go for rides near Shonda’s house, The House and Mandy’s house etc. She begs me to go to Veligandu but I’m a chicken because there are a lot of people. But yesterday I didn’t  know what came over me, I didn’t know what changed my mind. Maybe I felt guilty or maybe I wanted to digest all the sugars I ate from the cotton candy. (oh and this Eid I did eat a lot of popcorn too)

When we went to Veligandu, I was surprised to see only a few people. So I breathed in the warm evening air and I let the sun warm the left side of my face. I let my legs do some exercise while we sang along an edited version of Taylor’s “you belong with me”

“She wears Shorty

I wear T-shee,

She’s cheer capty

And I’m on the bleachy”

The veligandu was so big but since, it connected two ends of K.ffushi, the island seemed so small. After we rode along the long road, we turned back and rode a little way near the sea (not so near). Near enough, to see its inviting blue-green colour reflecting the blue sky and the sun.

Lily convinced me to wet our feet. So we went to the shore and waded a little. Then we sat down and just stared across the ocean. The feeling I got when I was riding the bicycle was pure happiness. Before that day, I did not ride bicycles for joyrides like that, especially at the beach. It reminded me of stories and movies. We were like close sisters and we already have secrets to share. It was so fun, I’m so glad she came this time.

I hope we get to go for a swim someday soon. A Hanimaadhoo trip is likely since Zozo and others will come in December. It will be fun.

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Once upon a time Part 1: Adventure with Zozo


So I dug this up from the archives, ’cause I need to harness BlogFuel.

29th November 2012

Almost 5:30 AM

Dear Diary,

I just came from Fajuru prayer with my mom. Today Zozo didn’t come ‘cause she wanted to sleep a little more. She went with me yesterday though.

Yesterday, after we came, we went to ride bicycle. I showed her THE LIGHTPOST. We also rode on the pavement which was pretty exciting.

After riding it for about 10 minutes, we went to eat something. Actually she just drank a Milo packet and listened to R.M talking to a friend. I made a hot Milo and ate an Oreo while watching Switched At Birth.

Today I felt like writing because there is privacy. As I came walking down the road just now, I thought to myself, “wow so peaceful”. I have missed so much all these years. I saw the childhood memories when I saw Little me, walking in front of me with Lavaisdhaath, Shahy and some other kids. I wish I could have kept going to mosque all these years.


Let me tell you an adventure I had with Zozo yesterday. We went to The House. There was a rope hanging from the ceiling. We made it like a swing by putting cardboards and sacks.

It was so fun swinging it and playing there. We took Zozo’s ipod so that I won’t get bored. I played games while she swung.

That house was taking shape. They even started putting tiles. The bathrooms were beautiful. I liked the tile pattern on the ground floor. Suddenly, I remembered about the camera on the ipod. So I started snapping shots of the tile designs to show it to others.

We went to the second floor and sat on the balcony and took photos of me and Zozo. There were no railings so we just sat down with our feet dangling down.

We took photos of ourselves while pretending to fall of from the balcony.

I had a blast. It was so much fun!


Gosh! Good days they were! I’m glad I wrote about it.

PS: I think, back then, the word “selfie” wasn’t so mainstream.

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Birthday Blasts

We made a deal earlier this year. In each of our birthdays, we agreed to give a treat to all the members of our group.


The January birth day treat initiated the tradition that continued for the rest of the year. We were really excited that night. Because we were getting together for a little fun time, as well as some major colour splashing event. Haha. Sherry suspected something fishy was going on there while we were in the living room. It was hard to pretend nothing tricky was going to happen. But we kept reassuring her that we are not going to soak her with water or something. Finally, when Mandy arrived, we went to the dining area to find delicious looking spaghetti and a bowl of devil fish. It was indeed delicious. The juice and the yummy fruit cocktail dessert were just perfect as well. So after stuffing all that, we tried to think of a wicked plan to take her outside into the yard.IMG_4520

After what seemed like ages, we managed to get her outside, near the joali. Then we pounced on her like a bunch of crazy clowns, and tied her up. It was a rough battle I must say. Then there came the gooey ooey green colour. It was splashed down over her and she looked like one of those Eid Maali you see at Mashimaali parade. I am stopping myself with the details here, before I mention the sound effects. Oops too late. 😉



So as agreed, Amanda gave us a little treat too. When we arrived at her house we were surprised to see a party filled with black and white balloons and all. She said it was a surprise party planned by her family. So we had a blast! Oooh and we wore party hats too. That was so cool. After eating the yummy noodles and custards it was time for a group picture. I still remember the Colgate guy’s smile. Haha. Oh and hey guys, remember the mini heart attack we all got because of the “CCTV story”.20150706_214455



Ashley was a bit late in preparing the party due to some technical problems. The “bullies” bullied her a bit about being too late :v . But it was so worth the wait! Because the spaghetti was amazing! Just amazing! After eating we hung out in her room a little bit. Although it was very late, we didn’t feel like leaving, because a “season” kind of started.



I recall Stacy being very late. I forgive you :*. And I remember very clearly the continues chatter in the dining room. The gossip continued for hours, didn’t it! I’m still sorry I couldn’t make the treat as you have expected. But I hope you liked the bird <3



I have no idea why, but I remember hungrily waiting for Mandy’s invitation. We had so much fun that night and got a great advice from Paapaa too. The food was delicious and I think we ate up almost everything. Oh and of course there was the crazy photo-shoot as well.



Oh joyous June! Double birthday treat by Shannon and Isabella. Since their birthdays got caught up in the exam days, it was postponed to a later day. So first, we went to Shannon’s house on that Ramazaan night. It was fun and the food was delicious. We started putting food on plate in the order old to young. Poor November girl (Sofia) had to tolerate her growling stomach. We managed to finish before our hardworking guy friends came along. One of them came straight from the “gym”.


Then we waited for what seemed like ages for Isabella to make her call. When it comes to food, everyone gets impatient right? Yeah so finally, we got the invitation in another Ramazaan night to Isabella’s house. But sadly, Shannon could not make it because she was sick. We really missed her. So after dinner we made a 30 second sukooth dedicated to her, to think about her. But of course we ended up laughing hysterically or maybe it was just me who couldn’t control the laughter. Awful people we are, aren’t we?  Oh and the other fun thing about that night was packing every single thing we ate for her; the pasta, fish, juice and ice-cream. Even a supari packet too! (But she doesn’t eat supari and neither do I). We even filled up a water bottle. I bet the ice-cream was all melted by the time it reached her house.


October and November

I’m sorry I won’t be there for you guys’ birthday. But look at the bright side; more food for you!  Wish I could be there but looks like you have to make a sukooth. Laugh all through it ok? :V


PhotoEditor-1437744801598I will never forget you guys and I will always be in touch.

Just remember my song ok?

“We may be far apart,

But you’ll always be,

Right here in my heart,

Until the very end, the very end , the very end…”


Hope this friendship will last a lifetime and don’t let anyone sink this ship, ok?!


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Memories Buried In The Mosque

mosqueWhen I was a kid I used to go to the mosque, very often. “Majidul Nasru” was only a couple of blocks away. I got addicted to the mosque after one Eid Prayer. That day an old lady said to me, “Dhen annan vaane komme faharakuves.” It was these words that clicked something in me. So that afternoon I came, so did in the Asuru time as well. I had a “Mosque BFF” too. You are probably wondering it’s a girl as same age as me. No, she was an old lady, my neighbor. And she sat with me every single time in the mosque. She taught me how to pray“Vithuri” . Some nights she kept me between Maqrib and Isha to recite Quran and I remember sometimes fighting hard to keep my eyes open. Hehe yeah, it was a little sleepy. That was since Grade two.

There are no words  sufficient enough to thank her for making me who I am today. She was a great teacher and she is partly responsible for making my Imaan strong at a young age. The memory of me waking up excited to go to the mosque, early in the dawn, even before my mom some days, is still fresh. She taught me good qualities of mosque. Some kids laugh when they are in the mosque, some keep glancing here and there. I grew up being a very obedient person in the mosque and it’s all thanks to her. She used to take me to the front row and encourage me not stay behind in the last rows when there are space up front.

I wish I thanked her, and told her how much she meant to me before it was too late. Hopefully we will meet again someday. Rest In Peace. :/

Going to mosque is an excellent way to make new friends. That time, another girl of same age as me went with me too. We had so much fun together. Fun as in, the feeling of happiness when praying together. In our mosque days, it was very thrilling to go early and clean up the mosque before everyone comes. We opened up the praying mats on the front row too. It was exciting to wash our feet from the well as well. Little did I know that friend of mine will be the closest one today. Heck, she now sits right next to me in class! That is one memory we cherish dearly.