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Windmills Of The God

Published in 1987, Windmills Of The Gods is an adventure fiction/thriller by Sidney Sheldon. It portrays a female lecturer from Kansas city and the deadly journey she embarks upon when she gets selected as the Ambassador of Romania by the president of the USA himself.

Mary Ashley, 30 year old mother of two and wife of a successful doctor, teaches political science at a university in Kansas. Her keen interest in the politics and history of Romania was spotted by the newly elected President of USA and she was selected as the Romanian Ambassador to represent the USA to help him carry out the people to people project.

She manages to carry out some tasks that was thought as impossible by some people. She ended up showing people that she too, with her knowledge can do it even if she has no previous experience in the field.

 I knew that someone was out there that is targeting to kill her. But who? Is it Mike Slade, her second in command? He was described as an annoying character and all the clues pointed out to him to be the murderer, so I thought it was too obvious. That made my attention to get diverted to the French doctor that she goes away on a weekend with. He was the opposite of Mike Slade. But the twist and turns that follow will keep you guessing till the end.

Windmills of the Gods is a must! Especially for anyone who loves thrillers. It is a book that will keep you turning the pages once you start. The book does more than entertain, its informative as well. You will gain some insight into Romania and eastern and western bloc countries that lie on either side of the iron curtain.

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Hammer Of Eden

Its about a group of people who lives in Silver City Valley and their attempts to save their valley from destruction. Governor of California ordered to build power plants near the valley. And that means their commune will be flooded and they would lose their homes. So Ricky and his gang comes up with a plan to blackmail the governor by threatening to cause an earthquake. Yeah an artificial earthquake.

Then the story shows FBI agent Judy’s hard work in trying to stop them. These parts were super exciting.

As always , it’s a different book. I don’t remember reading a book like this. I thought this might be a good time to get some information about FBI or earthquakes so I went ahead. And I did end up learning quite a bit. And I was today years old when I found out that human can cause earthquakes using seismic vibrators.

They have replaced the real names of the criminals in commune with fake names which I found very interesting. Like, Star, Flower, Song, Bones..etc

Comparing Melanie and Star, I thought at first Star was going to be the main crazy evil woman but turns out its Melanie.

About Ricky Granger (also calls himself Priest)

He is a smart psychopath criminal in terms of convincing people, getting what he wants from others by deceit and how he communicates. But he’s really stupid but that’s obviously because he’s been living off the modern world in a commune for decades. A place where there are no TV or newspapers. He hates watching news. According to him, it adds stress and worries which you can’t do anything about. So the reason I’m saying he’s stupid is he calls a government building to check the time of the press conference. And he had no idea that they can trace the call in nanoseconds. And he also makes tones of mistakes throughout that make him a stupid criminal. I guess no one is smart as Scofield

I didn’t know (……) was going to die. (In case you want to read it, I didn’t want to spoil it) Actually I didn’t have time to predict how it was going to end. It went so fast. I just thought Ricky Granger (Priest) was going to get arrested at the last scene and it disappointed me to find out that he escaped even after the gun shot. But I’m glad at least he dies on the next chapter.

When the book ended it left me with such awe that I wished there was a second part. A part where Flower would grow up and become a criminal. And by that time Star would be out of jail and maybe Priest would be seen too. Maybe he failed the suicide attempt because maybe someone rescued him at the last minute. Oh and Dusty and Flower could end up together and it would end up in a terrible mess. How awesome would that be.


So which novel have you been reading lately?

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Into the Water

To be honest, I did not like this book when I first started reading it. It could be due to many reasons. Maybe because I just finished reading “Me Before You” and I was too hung up on it. Or I wasn’t too prepared to read about a story that seems a little gloomy and creepy. I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen. It started to seem that there is going to be some spiritual beings , in the story but turns out that it wasn’t like that. It’s pretty much a non-fiction realistic novel.

There are a lot of characters and each chapter narrates their story. That’s why first I got a little confused at what was really happening but later it got really interesting when everyone’s life events got inter linked. And soon I got drowned into this page turner.

Quoted from

“When a single mom and a teen girl are found murdered at the bottom of a river in a small town weeks apart, an ensuing investigation dredges up a complicated local history. After the murders a lonely fifteen-year-old girl, parentless and friendless, finds herself in the care of her mother’s sister, a fearful stranger who has been dragged back to the place she deliberately ran from, a place to which she vowed she’d never return.”


Just when you thought the mystery has been solved and the bad guy had been arrested, it is actually the last line in the story that reveals the real culprit.

I like how the author created this story. How she links the personality and behavioral changes of people because of the events that happened to them in the past. Especially in their childhood. How some memories can become so twisted in a way that sometimes the reality and imagination can be mixed up. I read something about counterfactual thinking . It’s really fascinating. It’s because of these things that the real culprit committed the crime he did. It wasn’t intentional. In simple words people can become really messed up because of what happens to them.

I like how Jules and Lena ended up getting along in the end. I like how the author highlighted a character’s thoughts about rape and how she described the victim’s thoughts and opinions about it. It was so annoying when the rapist was so convinced that it wasn’t his fault that she got raped.

Anyway it was a gripping adventure and something that I would like to reread again. Usually I don’t read a novel more than once but this one I ended reading once I finished. I wish the movie is out. I want to read “The Girl On The Train” by the same author before watching the movie. I’m sure it’s as amazing as this one.

Do you want to visit Beckford and check out this Drowning Pool?

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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

So I was just sitting the other day and thinking about random things. And out of no where I just felt like “I want to start watching Anime”. Just like that.

Now see, there are different people in my life. People who are hardcore anime fans, people who doesn’t like it, and people who have never really watched it. And I am one of those people who watched Naruto but didn’t really watch it completely. I mean I know the characters but I wont get 50% if you quiz me from it. I just watched the parts I saw from TV while some people downloaded it and watched it like True fans.  I even played the game which was really fun. My favourite characters were Ten-ten and Neji. Oh wait Sasuke too…and Naruto…and ummm everyone.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you just start finding interest in things you never really seemed interested in? So right now its Anime time. And a great recommendation from a very true hardcore anime fan is “Erased” which aired in 2016.

I tried watching One Piece. But start with I would prefer a peaceful one. I’m not in the mood to watch a very action one right now so I am choosing Erased.

It’s about this guy, Satoru who reminds me of Barry Allen even though he couldn’t run very fast like Barry. Satoru has this phenomenon called “Revival” where he goes back in 5 minutes time. It happens because a bad thing is about to take place and so every time he frantically tries to figure out what it is and try to prevent it. Remember “Final Destination”? Where the person sees the upcoming events and tries to warn everyone? Something like that. He cant really control this phenomenon but it happens once in a while.

This is entirely not what the whole series is about though. He ends up going 18 years back and tries to solve a series of “tragic” events that takes place in his town.

I don’t actually like things like this. I mean, things which involve going to past and changing timeline. Changing events that occurred in the past to preserve the good things in the future. That’s so messed up. Barry Allen taught us that nothing good will come out of running back to the past whenever some thing bad happens. It will just mess up the timeline. Whatever happened in the past happened and you are where you are for a reason. We should accept and try to make the best of the present lives.

Anyhow, I like this Anime. Let’s see how this goes. And please recommend me something else to watch after this one.


Well before I posted this I completed this 12 episode anime. And it was great! He was able to complete his “mission”. I don’t want to ruin this for those who want to watch it so I will just leave it there.

So which level of Anime fan are you?

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Me After 2 Years

So. How are you guys? How long has it been?  Well it has been quite a while since you read anything new from this. 19th june 2016 was the last post. I missed blogging very much. Even though it has been just 2 years, feels like a whole decade has passed.

Am I the only one on this planet who hasn’t read or watch “Me before You” up until yesterday? It seems so. I read before watching it first of course, because I didn’t want the movie ruining all the wonderful details like they always do. And it was disappointing to see the movie did cut some details from it. Like that scene where Georgina coming over to Traynor’s house and being all upset about Will, Lou bursting into tears at the dinner table and telling them the story, Lou walking out the house with her angry mom giving that speech etc.

I guess they had to cut it all out to adjust it into the time frame and budget. Maybe. I really don’t know those stuff. Anyway the story line wasn’t lost though.



So you know that feeling when you read the story and you imagine the characters and your characters will look a certain way to you? Nathan was the one guy in the movie I didn’t expect to look like the way he looked. I expected him to be a little older and not so attractive. But damn the first scene itself blew me away with the hot steam. At first I found myself shipping him and Lou for some reason.


Wedding dance

Oh my god. When they put Ed Sheeran’s “thinking out loud” to that scene I went crazy. That was like my favourite part.



In the book however, my favourite part was when Lou shut the door on her sister’s face after a fight and Treen came back with two Bob the builders mug and a wine bottle to hear out Lou’s story. It was just the pure love between two sisters even though they are always driving each other nuts. It was beautiful.

Mr. Traynor

He would be perfect for the role of some creepy killer person. Reminds me of some evil character in some other movie.


He reminds me of Klaus from Vampire Diaries. Because of his accent maybe.


Ugh. Congratulations. But I don’t know…she said she tried but what about being there for the other “in sickness and in health? “


Bloody ell…look at you Neville Longbottom! Running marathons outside Hogwarts, eh mate?

“Will had pneumonia”

The ending was kinda predictable mostly because everyone was telling me “ you are gonna cry after reading this.“ So I figured he was going to die. And when I found out about Dignitas I was sure. But I was not expecting to see those three words at the end of a very normal looking peaceful chapter. It literally came as a shock to me and for a minute I wondered if that’s how he’s going to die.

If it’s anything I take home from this book, its making the best out of this life and accomplishing things as much as you can before it’s too late.

What are your thoughts on this novel?

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Father’s Day

Happy-Fathers-Day-2016-Images-Dad-Papa-Images-on-Fathers-day7 (1)It was after a long day of hard work. As usual I opened my apartment door to the aroma of something amazing from the kitchen. My wife was busily making her famous chicken curry. I slumped down on the sofa and propped my feet on the table and flicked the TV open. Then I took my phone and started scrolling through the news feed.

“There’s a bunch of mails on the table. Could you sort through it?” My wife requested. She has to repeat it several times to get my attention.

As I rummaged through the envelopes, one brown colored one caught my eye. I opened it to find it addressed as….

“Dear Dad,

Today’s your day. The day that fathers are praised. The day we tell them how amazing they have been, how much they have sacrificed, how much time they have spent to make their beloved kids and family happy.

I have faint memories of you driving me to school and Quran classes in hot sunny days, and heavily rainy ones. I remember how happy I was when you first took me fishing. I can recall how overjoyed I was when you taught me how to ride a bike. My favorite day was when we went camping together and watched as the sun rose at the age of 6. Up until today, I hold those sweet memories of you and me close to my heart.

As your only child I was a joy to you. You made me feel like the luckiest kid in the entire planet by buying me all sorts of things. You wanted to give me so much that, little did you knew that you were unintentionally spoiling me. As an excited five year old boy, I accepted that flying helicopter and showed it off to my friends as they watched it enviously.

For my 8th birthday I was given a mobile phone when my friends enjoyed puzzle games from their parents. I was so happy and felt so loved.

For my 10th  birthday, you took me to Disney Land which was like paradise for me. I was so over the moon. I couldn’t have asked for a better present. My friends told me I am the luckiest kid to have the greatest dad in the world. As I kept asking for more, you kept giving me more in return.

As I started middle school things started to get different. School started giving me more works and you couldn’t sit down with me to help because of your new job which made you work longer hours. I was so disappointed that you couldn’t pick me up from school. It started to get lonely when you couldn’t be with me during dinner time. As school presented me with tougher challenges I was in the constant need of a person to talk to. I feared I was losing you. Neither you nor my mom seemed to have enough time.

But you continue to shower me with ipads, ipods and all of the coolest thing a kid in this generation could have. It was exciting at first. But when I look up after a game of “candy crush”, it pains me to see you engrossed in your smart phone, call after call and texts after texts. I used to wait until you get a free time but the endless beeps never seemed to cease.

I realized later why you were giving me expensive gifts. It was to compensate for the time that you couldn’t give me. How dare you think that money could buy happiness for me!

Days passed by without us saying a word to each other. Not because you were angry at me, but because you simply didn’t have enough time. You were so wrapped up in your work that you hired a tuition teacher to help me. Didn’t you know I would rather have you? As weeks turned into months it somehow became normal for me. The friend I once found in you was completely gone. We became just two ordinary people living under the same roof and eating at the same table.

As I made my way through secondary school, I was constantly battling my inner self. The violent little monster inside my mind made me so tired some days. Have you forgotten the mind of a teenager dad? How you wanted to push everyone away but deep inside you wanted someone to talk to? But you weren’t there. You didn’t understand me.

You started yelling when I didn’t do my works. When I got in trouble for skipping a class in high school you sat down with me and gave me a 2 hour lecture on how immature I was. You gave me an earful of how much time you work per day, how much you were earning, how much of your salary you were paying for the bills and how I was being so irresponsible and reckless to throw it all away. It was as if I didn’t know how important it was all for you. Did you know how hurt I was? Not once did you praise me for getting a good grade but when I got in trouble in school you burned me with guilt!

Do you know how many times I come home from school and wait for you to ask me how my day went? Not once you were interested. Do you know how I longed to hear a compliment from you about my progress in school? I don’t remember a single time.

All I wanted to hear was the words of praise, encouragement for the next semester filled with love and kindness. Not a million dollar worth congratulation wrapped up in a box with a bow!

So forgive me for being such a shame. Forgive me for not bringing you good name. I am sorry I couldn’t get a job like you. I’m sorry I wasn’t successful like all your friends’ children. I’m sorry for being such a failure. I’m sorry for bringing you down. And I’m sorry for ending up behind bars. The truth is I don’t exactly remember how I really got here. I was so lost. So dear dad, glance up from your screen for once in your life and ask yourself. What could you have possibly done to create a monster like me?


Once upon a time best friend.



I sat frozen after reading the letter. I didn’t even realize when my wife came and took it out of my hands.

As I thought about the past, I realized he was right. No matter how proud I was about him I have never told him that. I have never really appreciated it. I never thought it would cause this, much effect. I never thought he went through all that. When I thought back to those days, I saw a good ordinary looking kid going to school and coming home and doing his work peacefully. I thought everything was alright. I thought he would ask me if he had any thing to talk about.

“But did you give any chance for him to ask.” The question deepened the wound more than ever.

I realized this is not just a day for children to praise their father. It is a day for us, fathers to evaluate our behavior towards our children.


PS: To all 20+ “kids”: Now don’t go on a rampage and shout at your fathers for everything. They have raised you the best they could and you better be thankful for it. Respect them for it. This letter is on behalf of all the little kids who are out there silently craving for some attention from their dads.

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Dental Tales #02

cartoonWell I just want to ramble on and on about some stuff I learned.

About Extraction

Patient History:

It’s Important to know which type of patient it is; whether she’s a cardiac patient, diabetic, and what kind of drugs she’s taking right now. If she’s a cardiac patient and she’s taking a certain drug that liquefies the blood, the dentist would recommend getting consent from her physician. In some cases the concerned doctor would not permit the dentist to remove the tooth unless an emergency facility is available at the Clinic. So mostly they would recommend a hospital as it’s safer for critical patients.

If a patient is diabetic, the doctor would recommend you to control the sugar level for several days before removing the tooth. The healing process after the tooth removal will be easier if the sugar level is not high.

xtractIt’s important for you to be aware as well to know which questions the doctor is supposed to ask. I mean, when you are going to the doctor with an aching tooth, you don’t want the doctor to just remove your tooth without asking you any questions now do you?

After extraction:

Firstly, you should not have a hot or any hard food that day. After the bleeding has subsided (I don’t mean to imply that the blood is going to come like an open tap) you can have an ice cream or a very cold drink (without a straw).

The following 2-3 days you can rinse you mouth with lukewarm saline water (salt water).


If you have removed a tooth in between two teeth, its recommended to put a bridge. Most people don’t do it as the following effect is not quite sudden. What happens when there is a gap between the two teeth is that, the corresponding opposite tooth will come down. Suppose it’s your lower first premolar that is removed, then there is a gap between the canine and the second premolar. And the upper first premolar does not have a support when you chew or bite. Therefore, gradually the upper tooth will start to come down. It won’t be so sudden and this is why some people ignore it.


When you take an x-ray a couple of years later and compare it with your old x-ray you will definitely notice the difference. You will see that the upper first premolar is not in the same alignment as the other tooth.


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Dental Tales #01


Brush your teeth, floss regularly and visit your dentist at least every year. You may have written these three points in your little notebooks when you were in primary school. Well I have been visiting my dentist for the past 4 months but my teeth aren’t getting any whiter. Hehe, well not exactly visiting for consultations though (that’s supposed to be a joke, now laugh). I did learn a thing or two while working there.

When we were kids we always see the dentist as a person who extracts teeth. We go to him when we have cavities and pain and when we want to remove the tooth. But just because you have pain in your teeth and its decayed pretty badly doesn’t mean you have to always remove it. There is an alternative solution. You can do root canal treatment to remove the decayed part and save the tooth.

So let’s see, what exactly is root canal treatment (RCT)


As the name suggests, the procedure is about treating the canals. Basically, what is done is cleaning your tooth and taking out the dead pulp and filling it. This procedure is mainly done within 2 or 3 visits. Otherwise you would get pretty tired if you have to keep your mouth open for such a long time. Well, not only that. The doctor may give medicines to reduce infection after the first visit.
First an anesthetic is given to the area, so that you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. Then, using a small drill the Dentist would work his way into the canals. He will also use some needle like things called “dental files” to get to the canals. In some teeth, there will be three or four roots, while the others like canines have only one. But in rare cases, even in canines there could be several roots.

Dental files
Dental files

So the next step is to clean the canals. In between, the area is irrigated with saline (salt solution) to rinse it and get the debris out. Then some chemicals are applied like, root canal conditioner and chlorohexylene. Then using paper points, the canals are dried. After that, a medicine is applied using GPs (gutcha percher points).

Then heat is applied to seal the canals before putting the filling. So basically the tooth is saved and your pain is gone now. But if you don’t put a permanent cap on it, the tooth is very likely to get fractured and you will have to do a re-RCT or worse, you might have to extract it. So save yourself the trouble and get a cap before it gets broken.

There are different types of caps (crowns); metal, ceramic, facing (half metal and half ceramic) etc. The type of crowns depends on your preference.

So the wisest way here is to get dental check-ups at least once a year and see whether you have any cavities. If you fill it early enough before it deepens, you don’t have to worry about doing an RCT.

Well while we are on the subject of dental consultations; get your teeth checked up at Dento Medical Solutions, by Dr. Joe George. (you are so laughing at this post aren’t you doc?)


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My Dear Loving Children,

Sketchbook-Sept-2014-AI hope that this letter reaches to you in good health.

Another year has passed. Another long lonely year. Countless days full of expectations. Endless weeks of longing. For what? Hoping that you would open that front door and step in. Wishing for that phone to ring for me to hear your voices. Yearning for my lovely, adorable grandchildren to run up to me. But as much as I love to fantasize about that, I know that, that day will never come again. I know that I will never be able to see you again.

Did you know that your father passed away? While you were soaring through your blissful life far, far away from us he left this world. Now I don’t know how long I am going to be here. If it weren’t for my caring neighbors I would have passed away by now.….I don’t remember how many years it has passed since you all left me. There is no way we could ever meet face to face before we depart so I guess this is the only way left to say my last words.

Since the day you were born I was determined to be the best parent any child could ever have. Do you know I stayed up some nights, sometimes for weeks without any sleep? It was just so that you could get a good night’s sleep. Do you know I barely ate a good satisfying meal? Because I always ate the leftovers from you. Do you know how much I longed to lie down during the day? I didn’t because I wanted to be at your service all day!

Ever since you were little I nurtured you in the best ways I could ever do. You were the first priority. You always have been. I had loved you with all my heart. I had put my interests aside and have provided you with all I’ve got. It was my dream to raise you to be the most incredible, well-disciplined human beings. I thought I raised you to be the best. But how wrong was I? I guess I’ve failed.

You all left me at the time I needed you the most. Have you forgotten the way I showered you? The way I got you ready for school? The countless times I walked you to schools, parks and shops? The times I ran to your side when you fell and broke your arm? Have you forgotten the times I cooked your favourite meal? The times when I sat by your bed when you had fever? The moments when I ran to the neighbor to get the medicines?

I took care of you when you had no one to take care of. I looked after my lovely grandchildren when you were too busy having coffee dates with your friends. I did your laundry when you were too preoccupied in tending to something else. I cooked your meals all throughout your life. I cleaned the house while you slept late on weekends. I went shopping for households when you were too exhausted after the day’s “work”. Not once did I complain.

I never say a single word in return when you slash at me. I hold back the urge to sob when you complained at my cooking. I try not to look sad when you say that I smell bad. I never dropped a single tear in front of you. But every night I cry. I cry myself to sleep. I pray for you to find light. I pray for my children to walk in the right path. I wish for the day you will glance at me with love and address me as your mother. I dream about you all, taking care of me the way I did all these years since you were born!


I am sorry. I am truly sorry for whatever I have done wrong. I am so sorry for not being as “cool” as you had expected me to be. I am sorry for being too “old”. I am sorry if I hadn’t done enough. I am so sorry my children.

Maybe someday you will learn. When you grow old, you will realize it all. You will see how devastating it is. How unfair and how depressing it is. Maybe someday….someday…when your children leave you or when they start saying hurtful words to you or when they treat you like you had done to me.

I don’t wish for you to go through what I went through. I will never want your children to abandon you too. I wish, for you to learn your lesson before it’s too late. I want to save you from all that terrible heartache. But when will you? When?

This is something a parent must not say to their children. ‘Cause we never talk about our sacrifices, our struggles and hard work in raising our children. I didn’t want to do it either. But I needed you to know this.


You know very well who

PS. I’m still waiting with open arms….just in case you show up.