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Any HP fans?

513W1CV38ELThe first book I read in the series was the Chamber of secrets. This blue book with the flying car was there on the table one day and I took it and opened it to the first chapter. “The worst Birthday”. After reading the first page I was compelled to read the second, then the third and so it went. I got so addicted to it. It was as if J.K Rowling put a spell on me.

And that, my dear friends, is how my love story began 😉 was that grade 6 holidays? or 7th year? hmmm.. dont remember well

You know harry potter is an awesome film. There are almost equal number of people in my life who loves and dislikes harry potter. I used to feel so enraged when they say HP is stupid. But then I knew why they must hate it. It’s because the film is with so little details. They dont understand what it is all about. To be honest, I like the story book more than the films. I think. Well it’s because it’s far more detailed. And it brings out feelings and over time, a strong bond between you and the characters will be created. Simply marvelous.

I just wish the films are as detailed as the story. So many scenes are cut, especially those awesome Quidditch matches. Of course, the film will be way too long with all those parts but I don’t care. Good for us eh? About the last two parts, (movie) well, I wish the scenes were a bit lighter. It was too damn dark and maybe that’s why my –hatefans- doesn’t like it.

nice 2

I just love the fact that J.K Rowling has described the scenes with the food really well. Ha-ha. By the time I finished reading the paragraph about that food cart in the train (Philosopher’s stone) my mouth was watering. Not to mention about the huge feasts they have. I so want to use the invisibility cloak and sneak some food from there.






What subject do you like?

Charms, Potions, Transfiguration? I like charms. It would be really fun in Flitwick’s class learning all those spells. Potion is also fine but the thought of drinking the gooey disgusting muck makes me sick. Would you drink that Polyjuice Potion with hair? yuck! But in my imaginary world I love to attend all the classes. Hagrid’s magical creature classes are well, so far boring, except Buckbeak classes. I would love to go for a ride on it. Damn that would be epic. About Divination? I agree with Hermione. Its stupid. End of story.

PS. I have a feeling Im gonna get addicted writing about HP too ,,, cya

2 thoughts on “Any HP fans?

  1. My family ( i mean included my mother and father) are fan of HP 🙂 I guess you read it when all the parts were out. But we followed it weekly. Every week on monday the new part would be available in the book store. My mom bought on her way home from daily s hopping. WE fight ( i mean me and brother not mom dho) to see who read it first then passed to the other one and by evening when day ended if we couldn’t finish it we still had to pass to mom it is her turn haha then father would be the last

    As a hard core fan of HP I agree with you movie is far behind. One of the reason i stop watching HP movies only the first part. However it is the same to most of movie made from story. Story is always far better because of the writing and our own imagination.

    I love those part at school activities, daily life better than fighting story or those part of Ron house when his mother doing housework with the stick and such J.K Rowling had done a great job. Her writing is so good that could really convince me all are real not just fiction. I amazed how she made new words ” the witch world” word like mood blood and such.

    Wait for your next post about HP

    1. wow, that must be really exciting, to read part by part, eagerly waiting for the next one 😀 Hey you didnt watch the rest of the parts of the film? :/ come on,, watch it!

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