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Any Ambiverts out there?


Couple of days back, a friend of mine sent this link, listing out why you may actually be an ambivert, but not an introvert or an extrovert. And surprisingly I found out that I could relate to almost everything. Here are the most interesting things I could relate to. The actual site is probably more interesting as it has animations  in a very interesting order. So check it out.


#16. You have a tendency to balance out whoever you’re with – if you’re with someone loud, you’ll be quieter. If they’re quiet, you’ll compensate for that.


Yeah I have to say this is true as I find myself quiet when I’m with a talkative person. And I get talkative if I’m with a quiet person.


#5. Spending too much time with other people can be exhausting.


#12. Some weekends, you just need to spend some time hanging out on your own.

Yeah sometimes I feel at unease if I spent too much time with others. I definitely need time to myself.


#3. When a topic of interest comes up in conversation, you’re more than happy to talk in great detail about it.


This is quite hilarious but true. I stay quiet but when there comes a subject of interest, I couldn’t contain myself. I just had to say what I have to say. Do you feel the same way?

#7. Asserting yourself is tricky in many situations.


#8. You can often go out and have hours of fun being the life of the party, but suddenly find that your energy has dropped, and all you really want to do is go home.


#18. Often, you just find yourself observing what’s happening around you.

Yeah, sometimes I just feel so lazy to talk to people, some days. I just sit there and listen to other people talk. My mind will join in them but I will be just too damn lazy to join in the convo.

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