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A Page From The Past


***Dedicated to u both.****

2nd January 2013

Dear Diary,

Last night Ezra bought me a pair of beautiful earrings. It’s so cute, sparkling and beautiful. I love it. I have it on my ears. I never thought I would like earrings but I’m happy to have them. Oh yeah, which reminds me about last night.

I got ready at 7 like she told me to. But guess what? My ride wasn’t here before 8! Anyway at last, Ramzo came and dropped me off at Ezra’s apartment. We ate something which she ordered from somewhere. Her friend, Nikki also joined.

Then, we went to Usfasgandu to eat majaa because she had been wanting to eat it since forever. I actually had a fun time there. Last night was the first time I tried a hedhi bileh. Well i didn’t eat much, just tasted a teeny weensy bit from it. And it wasn’t so bad. But I didn’t want to eat more.

After that, we strolled for a while. It was so peaceful, and I enjoyed the cool night breeze. I saw Tsunami Binaa.  On the way home we entered the shop where she bought me the earrings.


Now this is the present me talking.

I really had a great time. While eating majaa, we talked about so many stuff ( remember the “murder” ?) we teased and laughed. It was so awesome. I missed that and I hope we will get a chance to go out like that once more. 🙂

PS. Hope you like your new names 😉

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