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A battle


Life is a battle. If you have an army of supporters, helpers, people to cheer you on, it will be easier. But you can’t fight this battle of life if you don’t take initiative. You cannot win this battle if you don’t become a leader. Because, no matter how much they encourage you, how much they try to pull yourself back on your feet, it will be nothing if you don’t have the will to keep moving forward.

You cannot expect someone to be there for you every time you fall. You cannot expect people to come and save you or to pull you back on the saddle. You cannot wait for people to tell that you can do it. You cannot wait for them to say that you have what it takes. Because you need to believe in yourself. Having faith in your self is what it takes to win this battle. Faith is the sword that can break all the barriers blocking your path. If you have faith, you will be strong. You will be strong enough to keep going all by yourself.

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